Walkthrough Those Who Remain
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Walkthrough Those Who Remain



Go ahead and see how reality changes. If darkness and enemies are ahead of the ordinary world, wait until you find yourself in a maze and run past them. Sometimes there will be a fence in front, so you have to go back and look for passages on the sides. In the end, you have to get to the supermarket.

Once inside, look around. In the hall, there is a statue of a wolf without a handle. Go to the room on the right. Read the note in the cabinet to find out that the lion is looking at the window. Turn the lion statue with the handle so that it looks at the window. Then open the cabinet and enter the luminous opening.

In a parallel world, go out into the hall and go into the room on the right. On the right, there is another door where a note hangs on the wall. It says that the owl is looking at the flowers. There is an owl in the previous room. There is a switch on the wall. Turn on the light. Then lower the pallets on the forklift while interacting with it.

There is a handle on the drawers. At the end of the same warehouse, there is a regular note. Go out into the hall and go right, into the room to the side of the entrance. There you will find a note about a wolf who is watching the sunset. Return to the room with a luminous opening and go through it. Go to the wolf, insert the handle and turn on the wall, where you can see the sunset. Go to the owl and turn it to the picture on the right behind the boxes, in the direction of the flowers.

Once you install all three pictures correctly, you will find yourself in the corridor. Follow it. Doors will automatically open. At the very end, you will be taken to a room with a masked stranger. Listen to him, turn around and see the dead man in the loop. Read the note, turn around and see Erin. Do not approach her, but instead examine the picture on the left. Having done this, turn around and see the passage. Run along the corridor, dodge furniture (you need to look for passages). Several times you have to remove the chairs from the path. There will be several doors at the very end, but you are interested in the last door on the left side.


Go forward along the road to learn about Rosie. Then follow the path until you see two cars. Inspect the people sitting inside. Go in the opposite direction and see how Carol, the driver of the second car, turns into a monster. Move back and there will be a door on the left. Go through it.

Fire Station

Go to the garage with fire engines. Move between the two of them. When the red light comes on, run to the door, open it and go into the corridor. The masked stranger will say that you need to find someone in this world. Go left and enter the first door on the right. Turn on the light using the button on the right. Find a note one of the lockers. Another door of this floor is locked, you need a key.

Climb to the second floor next to this closed door. In the room on the left, there is a note about the appearance of creatures. There are many lockers in the other room. In one of them, you will find the key. There is a note in the break room. Go down to the first floor and open the locked door with the key. Remove the drawers on the left and open the door to go into the luminous opening.

Go down the stairs and see how reality begins to switch. It is necessary to choose the time so as to run across the platforms that remain when the floor disappears. You need to get into the back room on the left. There is a valve in the cabinet on the left. Pick it up and go back upstairs. Install the valve on a wall next to another. Turn to burn the monster on the stairs. Then turn the left valve. When the fire goes out, move to the third floor.

Enter the room in front, a little to the right. In the study, go around the table and open the top drawer. There is a note. After reading it, go back and see a luminous opening on the right. Go into it. Follow the platforms until you see two barrels. Place the barrel on the platform behind you. Take the second and stand on the lowered platform. RMB – throw it in the first barrel. Push it, you will lift the platform on which you stand.

There will be three barrels at the top. First, set one of them to the right symbol so that the board appears on the right. Carry a second barrel over it so that another board appears. Carry the third barrel to the last platform. Go back with two barrels (first and second). Put one on the symbol on the left, go through two boards with the second and set it on the symbol.

Follow on. Click on the button in the center and you will see red and green cells. Place the barrel on a metal platform on the left or right and press the button. If another green symbol lights up, then everything is correct. If there are more red ones, then remove the barrel and put it on another platform. You need to light up all the green cells. After doing this, grab the barrel and go forward. Set it to the symbol at the end to expand the bridge. Go straight and stand on another symbol. The platform will rise. Go down on it.

On the side, there are plates with numbers and figures below. Set the numbers on the plates corresponding to the number of faces of the figures. The diamond has 4, the hexagon has 6 and the triangle has 3. Read the note that appears and go to the door. It is necessary to decide the fate of the head of the fire station – a man of honor who was forced to hide the crime.

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  • Reply
    May 25, 2021 8:01 pm

    If we only get the good ending if the perpetrators are spared, then the developers are grossly misogynous.All except the women in the game were guilty. The women were only “accident” victims. Really a sad game concept.

  • Reply
    The voice of reason
    Oct 09, 2021 8:06 am

    Please take your shallow accusations of soggy knees somewhere else. If you believe that eternal damnation is something you have the right to condemn others to then it speaks more of your own character flaws than those anyone else.

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