Walkthrough Those Who Remain
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Walkthrough Those Who Remain



Run forward, there is only one road. Soon you will be at the sawmill. A man will fire a warning shot. Go around the fence and look at the lock on the gate. There is a truck nearby. Behind it, a generator is hidden behind the pallet. Run it and go to the illuminated lamps. Pick up the pliers and remove the lock. Go to the territory of the sawmill.

Enter the building on the left and read the two notes. Go ahead and enter the building on the right, with wash basins. In the back room, there is the key on the shelf. Take it and go further along the sawmill, keeping to the left side. Open the door to the building with the key. On the second rack on the right, there is a tractor headlight behind a cardboard box. There is a note here. Go ahead and find a couple more notes. You need to get to the far-right corner, where monsters are standing in front of the door. Install the tractor headlight on the tractor and go to the site with Jeff. This is the same foreman who drove everyone away. Depending on your choice, you will receive different achievements:

  1. Achievement “Killer”. Interact with a spotlight to light your path, but kill Jeff.
  2. Achievement “Mercy”. To the right of the fence. there is a yellow warning sign. Throw objects into the fence until it falls. Behind the fallen fence – will be a button that turns on another light source.

You can get one of two achievements at a time. In this case, you will receive it after you complete the level.

Go ahead and see Annika. You will receive the achievement.


Walk forward and see the masked stranger again. He will say that the woman in the van disappeared from the supermarket parking lot, leaving the rest of the people to die. You can do nothing (and get the “Ruthlessness” achievement) or interact twice with the driver’s door to open it and save the woman (and get the “Forgiveness” achievement). Once again, you will receive only one of these achievements, and it will be unlocked at the end of the chapter.

Enter the church and chat with the priest. Go to the right corridor and get to the door. You need to activate the items in the following order:

  • Bow
  • Fishing rod
  • Small shoulder blade
  • Pitchfork

In the next room, click on these tiles:

  • Trees (right tile)
  • Boy with flute
  • Man with a stone

Then go to the left corridor and you will see a room with a candle and a puzzle. You can study the pictures for clues. Activate them like this:

  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Spring
  • Winter

There is a note in the next room. Find another note on the side of the altar where the priest was. Return to the hall and see the appearance of Erin, Annika’s mother. Under the altar, a descent into the catacombs will open. Follow there. Go to a dead end with a statue. There are 5 tiles below. Place the cardboard boxes on the tile next to the statue and two more on the sides (that is, the boxes should not be on the middle and farthest tiles from the statue). Having done this, inspect the table, where there were many boxes. Behind them in the wall – you will find a switch. Click on it to open a secret passage.

Go forward until you find yourself in the corridor where the floor will disappear. When there is no floor, adjust the camera so that the platform you need is at the top of the screen. Then, when you see the corridor, remember the area at the top of the screen and run exclusively on it. So, you guarantee that you will be on the platform. I don’t know for sure, but on the penultimate platform, there was a spider on the column. And perhaps it will kill you. So, I picked up the moment and ran to the very end of the corridor, past this platform. Go through the door.

Annika’s House

Go through the door in front in a small corridor, you will see a photo of Erin and Annika on the pedestal on the left. A key is hidden in the same cabinet. Go back and open the last door on the left (using the key). You will find yourself in the corridor. Go forward to the pentagram. Inspect the drawers and look back. The corridor will be blocked. Look in the bathroom and go back. A corridor will appear behind the pentagram.

Soon Mother will chase after you. Run away to the first room. She will disappear. Follow back and see a bright ghost. Listen to Erin. Follow the glowing cloud to the second floor and watch another cut-scene. Then go down to the basement after him, having previously turned on the light. You will see how Erin found the spellbook. After doing this, run away from Mother. Run along the corridor with doors until Mother appears in front. Run in the opposite direction and open the penultimate door on the right to go into the luminous opening.

Climb to the top floor and in one of the dark rooms you will see a new vision of Erin. You will need to turn on the light using the button to the right of the entrance. Follow the ball to the next room and watch the second cutscene. Try to go back, but the door closes. Turn around and open the door in front. Log in to the portal.

Go down to the first floor, go to the cabinet where there was a key, and you will see the portal on the right. Enter it. Go back to the pentagram and see a new vision. Follow the ball further and you will see the second. After it, the medallion will fall to the floor. Pick it up and insert it into the grate on the right. You have three characters. Press them like this: 2 times to the left, 1 time to the top, 3 times to the right. Climb into the attic and find the hanged Erin. You will receive the “End of the Way” achievement.


Examine the two books on the table, turn around, go to the end and turn into the door on the left. You will find yourself in the corridor with the corpses. Go forward, but the door is closed. Turn around and find the salt in the cabinet on the left wall. Go through the door, run to different ends of the room until the door opens. Go through the dark room and open the door at the end. Open the door in front of you and read the note lying on the armchair.

Turn around and go back. Turn off the tape recorder and go through the opened door. Light the pentagram candles (see the screenshot):

Pick up a mirror. Go back and through the door on the left. You will be in the hospital. Go forward until the chairs go up. Go to the door on the right. It will open automatically, and a monster will appear in front. Run back and turn left to the front desk. Get behind a low screen and wait. When the monster passes, run back to where it came from. Turn right and open the second door on the left. Turn on the light and take the photo. Return to the attic, install all three objects into the pentagram.

All the Endings of Those Who Remain

Interact with the right book to conduct the ritual. You will get a good ending if you spared all the characters. If you even condemned anyone, you will get a bad ending. There is also the endingNightmare”. One of the players got it for forgiving Mark, Jack (police chief) and Ben (Post), and also killed a guy in the car, Keith (fire station), Jeff (mill) and a woman in a church van.

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  • Reply
    May 25, 2021 8:01 pm

    If we only get the good ending if the perpetrators are spared, then the developers are grossly misogynous.All except the women in the game were guilty. The women were only “accident” victims. Really a sad game concept.

  • Reply
    The voice of reason
    Oct 09, 2021 8:06 am

    Please take your shallow accusations of soggy knees somewhere else. If you believe that eternal damnation is something you have the right to condemn others to then it speaks more of your own character flaws than those anyone else.

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