Walkthrough Shenmue 3

Walkthrough Shenmue 3


Read the walkthrough of the game Shenmue 3.

Bailu Village

Interrogate residents

Your first task is to interrogate the villagers about Yuan and his bandits. You will find out a lot of useful information about local people and their place of residence. The main character will be in the village square.

Run down the path to the bridge until the video starts. Then follow Shenhua until you reach the square. Chat with Mai Yuefang at the expense of Yuan. The character is near the well. Lin should know more. You are interested in a girl who paints something in the dirt next to martial arts students.

She will offer to chat with her father, who is a mason. He will be back home tonight at seven o’clock. This is your first time exploring the time rewinding system. Hold the appropriate key to fast-forward the time, and then knock on the door. Watch the video, use the same system to return to Shenhua’s house.

The protagonist of the game

Chat with the character and explore all the lockers. In the bedroom, which is located at the end of the house, you can see young Shenhua on the dresser on the left, and there are several drawings of the Phoenix mirror in the right drawer. You can go to bed right away.

When you are ready, go to bed. Leave the house the next morning to see the video. Shenhua will join you. Follow her to the village; watch a few videos about the career and the place where you can train during downtime.

You fight a monk. Defeat him. Press the desired keys until the battle is over. After that, you will be taken to the battle room of the lowest rank. Do not worry about it now. Follow Shenhua to talk about the store behind the bridge. You can use it.

Continue to follow Shenhua to hear the explanations of other systems. You will learn about Uncle Tao’s store, which sells stamina food, collecting and selling herbs, and the village bell tower.

In the square, ask residents about the thugs. Before this, speak with Su on the right, teaching children martial arts. You will be able to sparring, increasing the level of ownership of Elbow Assault. Chat with Mao at the well. You will find out that the bandits went to Wang Wen.

Wang Wen and Shiren

You can search for Wang Wen and the Shiren after completing the interrogation of the villagers about Yuan and the thugs. These two characters should inform you of the bandits who are terrorizing the village of Bailu. In both cases, detective skills will be required.

As soon as you learn about Wang Wen from Mao standing at the well, talk to her again. She will say that Wang Wen is in the Toa store. Follow the bridge, up the path, and find a character near the entrance to the store. Next, you will need to talk with Shiren. Some local people will tell you that he is guarding the bridge. Go there and talk with Liu. You will learn that Shiren is patrolling Langhuishan.

To get there, go back along the path to Shenhua’s house and turn left at the first fork. You will see a sign with the desired location. On the left will be a herd of cows, next to which stands a man in blue – this is the Shiren. Talk to him, after which you will have to find a bookmaker with a scar on his face.

Bookie with the facial scar

To find the character, go to the village and look for the sign “Games” on the left. Chat with Xuan. To get the necessary information, you have to defeat him. But first you have to prepare. It is best to buy in the store Tao “Snake Power”. This potion will allow you to restore HP directly in battle.

The problem is that it costs a lot – 270 yuan. And you don’t have that kind of money. You can cut wood for the store to save financial resources. Otherwise, we recommend training to increase strength, as recommended in the game. In the second case, it will take a little longer, but will be useful in the future.

For training, go to the battle room in front of the bridge. You can sparring, increasing attack power and improving techniques, as well as use wooden mannequins to strengthen stamina. We recommend using both methods to increase the level of kung fu to the second. In our case, we had to go through four training sessions with mannequins and participate in two sparring sessions.

Also, before the fight you need to stock up on full stamina. Eat something so that the green indicator is at maximum. It is best to eat black garlic, which is required much less than the rest of the meal. The cheapest place to get it is the Tao store. There it costs 9 yuan, and in the market – 12.

When you are ready, and then fight with Xuan. Training or using Snake Power will be crucial. Remember to retreat whenever he uses powerful attacks. Attack the enemy when he is knocked down. Instead of random attacks, try using more meaningful movements.

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