Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – FAQ


Read the answers to all the popular questions on the walkthrough of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

What time interval

The game takes place after the Jedi Extermination as part of Order 66, and the main character is Cal Kestis, one of the surviving Padawans.

How to dive under water

For this you need an underwater mask. And it can be obtained after the second visit (in the story) to Kashyyk and a meeting with Wookiee leader Tarfful.

How to find a two-blade light staff (double-sided sword)

To get this weapon, you need to return to Bogano when the “Push” skill is available. This will happen according to the plot of the game. Go to the place where the elevator is located. Go down on it, run across the metal platform (running along the wall) and jump below where the vertical platform stands. Push it, go along the new bridge and enter the cave with water. Climb up and soon you will be able to get into the shelter of Cordova. In this case, the probe adapter for BD-1 must be unlocked (we will write about it below) so that the droid helps you open the door. Inside the workshop there will be a workbench with the necessary weapon upgrades.

What is the name of the protagonist?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - FAQ
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – FAQ

Cal Kestis is protagonist Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

How to repair the probe adapter

To get the probe adapter, on your first visit to Zeffo, go through everything that is required of you on the plot of the game. That is, you need to unlock the “Push”. Next, go deep into the planet to the place where you will need to slide down the icy slope, jump along the vines, go over the wall, kill two animals and fight a group of attack aircraft. There is a meditation point to the left of the hill; next to it is a bridge leading to the machine gunner attack aircraft. However, you do not need to climb to the point of meditation. Instead, destroy the walled wall on the left, opposite the rotating screw. Inside you will find a workbench with the desired improvement.

How to get a double sword

We wrote about a two-way sword above, and here we will talk about when Cal Kestis will be able to use a forked sword (two-handed sword). And this will happen much later in the plot of the game, when you visit the planet Ilum and find the cyber crystal.

How to get out of prison

You will get in prison on your second visit to Zeffo. To leave the prison, use the pull on the panels on the sides. There is a power outlet to the left of the locked door. And the plug with cable you will find behind the only panel on top. It also needs to be pulled. Insert the plug into a power outlet.

Ahead will be another room with a riddle. Go to the working device in the far right corner. Pull the plug out of the equipment to the left. Plug this shaker into the outlet near the aisle where you came from. Insert the cable hanging in the same passage into the wall on the right. The way will open further. And to open the camera with the BD-1, you need to pull out the plug, swing on the cable and jump up. Then insert the plug into the outlet on top of the camera. The further way is simple.

How to lower the sphere

Surely you are interested in a sphere from the second tomb of Zeffo. In the place where you need to attract candles. So, first you must rise to the second level, then pull the wire from the mechanism on the wall to the left of the sphere and fix it nearby. By doing this, you will raise a huge crystal with a sphere. Please note that the chain is held by dry branches that can be burned. First activate the pedestal nearby to turn on the magnet. This magnet was used to attract the block. Do not turn it off, jump onto the ledge on the right, pull any candle and throw it into a magnetic field. Go back down, pull this candle and throw it in dry branches. The crystal will fall down, free the sphere.

How to chop off the tongue

To chop off Oggdo’s tongue (a toad-like monster), wait for it to turn red. However, he can use different attacks, and you are interested in the one when the monster draws out its tongue. Slow down the enemy and chop off the pulled out tongue.

How to run on walls

The opportunity to run on the walls opens at the end of the first chapter on Bogano.

Kashyyk how to climb the roof

After you free all the Wookies, they will tell you that you need to climb the roof. There will be an elevator nearby. Ride it, open the nearest door leading back to the point of meditation. To do this, you have to close the panel using the BD-1. Jump on the pipe at the point of meditation and you will find yourself at a large elevator. Kill the enemy and stand on the white panel in the center of the room.

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