How to win the SkyWars minigame for Minecraft

How to win the SkyWars Minigame for Minecraft


Key tips for Sky Wars in the popular Minecraft game.

The SkyWars mini-game is a small but full-fledged battle that closely resembles the Battle Royale: there are no allies, but the player who remains last will win. The entire map consists of small islands at the edges, and the main island in the center. From the very beginning, the heroes teleport each to their island, on which there is already loot in several chests located on the island.

How to win the SkyWars minigame for Minecraft
How to win the SkyWars minigame for Minecraft

Game tips

Do not be afraid to leave your island

The vast majority of users immediately after the start of the battle do not try to leave their island. Perhaps, this will seem right to some, but in fact it is not. As soon as you equip all the items from the chests on your island, you need to get to the central island as quickly as possible. The fact is the best weapons in the chests on the central island, armor and potions are concentrated that will allow you to win the battle.


Effective battle tactics

It is worth noting that the most effective things and weapons are items from iron or diamond ore. As we said, they can only be found in the chests of the central island. But, it’s not enough to equip good armor and weapons; you should learn several types of strokes (clicks) that you can perform using your stationary mouse. If you learn at least one type of “clicks”, then it will become easier to win, because you can make combo hits yourself. Here is a list of the main “clicks” that we recommend learning:

  1. Jitter Click. This type of click is used very often because it is quite effective and easy to learn. All you need to know in order to learn the Jitter Click is to grab your mouse in your hand and place your index finger on the LMB. Just before the attack, start clicking on LMB as quickly as possible. The advantage of this click is that you do not need a “gaming” mouse to use it: even a regular “office” manipulator will do.
  2. Drag click. This type of click is used very rarely, as it is difficult to learn, and it requires an exclusively gaming and sensitive mouse. To learn this click, place your index finger on the LMB, and grab the mouse with the rest of your hand. Just swipe the left mouse button with your index finger from one edge to the other. In words it is difficult, but enough to practice and you will understand everything. If you want to learn this click, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the video guides on Drag click.
  3. Butterfly. This type of click is very similar to “Jitter click”, but instead of quickly clicking with your index finger, you need to use several fingers at once (for example, index and middle). Just alternately click on the LMB with your fingers.


In chests, in addition to weapons and armor, you will come across various potions. Here are the three main flasks you will find during the game:

  • Invisibility potions;
  • Regeneration potions;
  • Potions of speed.

But the fact is that many Minecraft users have “texture packs” installed, which are designed to change most of the textures in the game. If such a pack is “broken” or its version is already outdated, then the potions may visually look the same. For example, you drink a “potion of invisibility”, but in reality it is a “potion of speed”. Therefore, before using the potion, we recommend checking which potion you are using. And best of all, replace your texture pack with a more recent one.


On any server where there is such a mini-game, there are rewards. Basically, these are “Coins” (Minecraft Coins). For this currency, you can buy many different sets, such as: “Builder”, “Weaponsman”, “Farmer”, “Wizard” and many others. The more players you kill in one battle, the more coins you get for completing the battle.

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