Walkthrough ParanormalHK

Walkthrough ParanormalHK

Read a detailed walkthrough of the first-person horror developer Ghostpie Studio

Follow Kathy

See the introductory video, go forward and turn right. Follow straight all the way, and then turn left. At the end of the street, you will see a locked door. Turn around and step back a little. There is a small passage on the right. Crawl under the pipes and interact with the switch. At this moment, Kathy will appear from behind, after which an unknown person will steal her.

Kathy is in danger, find her quickly

Return to the door that is already open. At this point, a prompt appears on the screen that the hero can use the run. Follow the corridor until you find yourself in a small room. Look at the photo of the girl on the right on the bed, and read the note on the table. Here you will see a small red box; you find a rusty key inside. There is a closet behind you: you can hide in such closets. Open the door with the key you found and follow along. Nothing will happen in the alley, so you can safely go to the next room. In a room with bloodied statues, first turn off the radio, then read the note on the shelf on the left. Now you need to go back to the door and open it.

Find a safe place to hide!

From this moment the real chase begins. Turn around and run forward all the time until you reach the closet at the end of the corridor. Press the appropriate key to hide and wait until the girl leaves. Exit the closet and go forward again. When you get to the table that blocks the path, read the note and examine the locked door on the left. Opposite it, there will be a passage into the room. On the right, you will see the cabinet: open it and pick up the hammer. Return to the locked door, and then use the knocker on the padlock. So you will find yourself in the treatment room. Study the first note on the table on the right, the second note in the next room and head to the exit. As soon as you get closer to the door, a girl will attack the hero again. Run to the far room and hide in the closet.

When the music subsides, exit the closet and turn left into the opened door. Now you have to hide from the girl. Crouching walk, otherwise she will hear you and begin the pursuit. If this happens, then you need to get to the closet as soon as possible and take cover there. A woman walks along one route, remember it and go around the enemy, hide behind pallets. On one of the broken beds you will find a handle for the generator. Go back to the room with the generator and activate it. We recommend that you close the metal door first. If this is not done, then the girl will catch and kill the hero.

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