The White Door All Achievements

The White Door All Achievements

Read How to get all the “stars” or achievements of the game.

Day 1

You can get two achievements.

Make a decision Mr. Hill

When you are prompted to do the exercises on the computer (at 3:00 p.m.), instead of an affirmative or negative answer, select “Maybe.”

The lady of the lake

When the memory of “Parting” begins, you will find yourself in a room with a red poster. It says Rusty Lake Theater presents: Lady of the Lake. You will see this poster a total of four times:

  • When you see Robert sitting at the table.
  • When Robert waits 5 minutes (you will keep LMB on your watch).
  • When the girl speaks.
  • When you try to touch the girl’s hand.

Each time you will need to click on this image so that the letters are lit. You click the poster for the fourth time; you will see a large curtain. Open it. Keep LMB on the note until you get an achievement.

Day 2

You can get two achievements.

The manager

Open the window and click on the man standing by the bench. He must leave. Perform the next task and go back to the window to see the spy manager. Click on him.


When you enter the building, enter the password 3982. Move to the left side and click on the parrot in the cage.

Day 3

You can get two achievements.

The moth

You need to find a caterpillar that will hide in different places. The sequence is as follows:

  • Pot with a plant.
  • Keyboard.
  • Plate.

Next, a butterfly will appear on the plant. Click on it.

Mental health and fishing

Before you click on the window at the beginning of sleep, wait for the white car to drive below. It will have the inscription White Door. Click and hold the machine. Wait for her to stop. A man gets out of the car. Continue through the level, and when you study TV, you will get an achievement.

Day 4

Two more achievements.

Mr. O

Your task in this chapter is to raise the alarm. There are three options – a toilet, a computer and a button. Complete the task with a toilet or a button (the computer cannot be the first). An alarm will sound, a doctor will appear. But do not go to him! Follow the schemes in the cabinet below. There will be hints that will allow you to find out the code for the personal account of a certain O. As a result, you can get the password FATE. Open the O profile and enter the password.


During this sequence, part of the beer mug stand will appear on the table. You need to click on it three times when it appears. A stand will appear in the upper left twice when you pay for a drink and a revolver. The third time, the stand will appear the time you him to get the achievement.

Day 5

Two more achievements.

Dark soul

When you collect the portrait, go to the door and open the window. You will find the CUBE code. Enter it on the safe to see the cube. Move the cube around the area to see a dark silhouette through it. Click on it. So you get the achievement.

The police station

When driving in a dream, click on the police car. When you appear in the club, click on the cop and the detective. Then click on the cop again. Continue through the level to earn achievement. If you clicked on the car and the cops, then the protagonist recognizes the detective with the head of a deer. You will see a secret episode.

Day 6

Two more achievements.

The window

You need to ask for an egg for dinner. Break it; you will see a small bird. When it flies away, go to the window. Click on the bird and then on the stars. Next, you need to click on the moon, and then click on the window in the moon and the dark soul.

The crow

When you pass the level, you need to detect and click on three ravens:

  • At the corpse on the left.
  • On a telephone box.
  • On a counter to the left of the front door.

When you are in the hallway with the doors, open the second one, with the star, and interact with Mr. Raven.

Day 7

Two more achievements.

The portrait

Look in the chest of drawers and find the passport of the protagonist. Color the photo on your passport (just click on it several times).

A place i know

At the beginning of the memory, shake the first three trees. Then drive the black parrot from the tree at the top left so that it flies away (when the hero stops when he sees the girl on the bench). Keep moving, click on the parrot that will sit next to the little bird. If everything was done correctly, then get the achievement when the girl closes the magazine for drawing.

She’s not there

You must complete Sarah’s secret level to gain this achievement. Read more in separate articles at the end of the game.

Secret achievement The Escape

There is another secret achievement in the game. It will be available later, but now you can access it. This achievement is closed by time, developers will open it later. On the site you can follow the countdown. An interactive game will be launched there, and for its passage you will be given another achievement. In our article, at the end of the game, we talked about how to open the treasured door and escape from the hospital right now!

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