Walkthrough The White Door

Walkthrough The White Door


Read the detailed walkthrough of the drawn quest The White Door, which is part of the Rusty Lake universe.

The game consists of several levels, divided into 7 days. Among the collection and secret items, we highlight the presence of 14 hidden stars and a bonus level that opens upon completion of the main plot.

Day 1

At the beginning of the first day, pull the blankets off the main character. Use the touch or hold LMB to interact with objects. Click on the frame below the clock. This is a to-do list. This is followed breakfast. Click on the table in the center of the room to eat. Drink water by moving the mouse cursor over the level of the glass. Do the same with coffee, and then eat the gingerbread.

Look your schedule and see that now you need to freshen up. Click on the sink with the mirror in the lower left. Brush your teeth by moving the brush, wipe your face. Check the tablet and interact with the button to the right (to the left of the front door). Press the red button and chat with the woman. She will ask what your name is. Click on the cabinet at the bottom right of the screen, pull out the bottom drawer and look in the passport. The main character’s name is Robert. Answer the nurse. Next, she will ask the current year. You need to look into the bedside table to see the calendar. Answer is 1972. Date is 14.

Look back at the your schedule. Now you need to do memory training. Interact with the computer on the left, press Enter (a curved arrow pointing down and left). Use the remaining arrows, select the correct answers. Agree to take the test. Choose what you see: donut, box, plant, frame, column, coin, bird. The test is completed; a trolley will be delivered to your room.

Now you need to have lunch. Interact with this cart. Eat pasta, then take a pill and drink it with water. Next you need to relax. Select a small cabinet at the bottom of the screen, under the bed, to the left of the large. Take a dumbbell and lift it 10 times. It is time to sleep. Click on the bed and cover the hero with a blanket.

The Break-Up

Click on the diner, move the screen to the right and examine the table at which the protagonist sits. Turn the sugar pack so that the label is positioned correctly. The spoon should be pointing up, and the handle from the cup of coffee should be pointing down. Click on the face and drink coffee. Eat a donut; hold LMB on the clock to rewind time. Move the chair with the girl closer to the table. Turn the pupils of her eyes to the right. Extend your hand to the girl’s hand. Try to drink coffee, but the cup will break.

Day 2

Follow the usual actions. Answer the questions of the nurse: 41, Owl Nest, Johnsson. Choose what you want for dinner. Look out the window to the left of the door, click on the bird and the black figure. Proceed to the test. This time it will be necessary to choose extra shapes: a bitten donut, a square, a lighter, a broken frame, a curved element from Tetris, a figure with even sides, and the second figure on the top line. Before dinner, look out the window to get a star. Otherwise, everything is simple.


Follow the arrows. In the red light of a traffic light, lower the window and give the beggar a coin. Switch the traffic light to green. Pull the black smoke from the chimneys, go to the entrance, interact with the panel and enter the password 3461. Go right to the boss in a yellow helmet. On the first machine, dump cookies in the upper box, sachets in the middle, and corn in the lower. On the second platform, look at the drawing on the box and load grains from the corresponding pipes into it. Note that there may be composite shapes: for example, a triangle and a circle. Next, go to the third platform and click on the red button (must not be pressed). Go to the boss, he will fire the hero. Take things from the locker, including photos.

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