Walkthrough Mira

Walkthrough Mira – Full Game


Read the detailed walkthrough of point-and-click adventure Mira, inspired by Slavic mythology.

Click on the blue swallow to fly away from the main character. Click on the heroine to get on her feet. Do you see the creature under the roots on the left? Click on it. This is a Drowner. Inspect the passage on the right and go into the forest. Examine the statue on the left. Mira will say that she looks strange, but she was definitely made by a man. Take a look at the book on the stone on the right. Mira will remember something from the past.


After the second world war

Enter the shelter on the right side. Click on the window and Mira until she says that it is time to return to the children. Click on the window again. Look in the nightstand on the right to find a photo of one of the children. You can inspect the old toy on the right. Click on Mira, then turn on the three lamps around the girl and continue to remember. Choose a beautiful and young girl to learn about Folk Healer. Then you will learn about Wyrm. Next, follow the road.

Next location

Click on the stones to make a strange creature appear. Chat with him. Now you need to activate different objects in a certain order:

  • Mushroom on the left
  • Bell on the right
  • A flower near the mushroom on the left

Two mushrooms on the right do not interest you. Now click on the bell, mushroom and flower (selected objects). The stones move apart, and you learn about creatures called Bulds. Chat with the creature in the background to get information about Bzonec.

Look at the sign on the branch at the top of the screen. Mira will say that she saw him somewhere (on a statue in the forest). Take a look at the document lying on the ground. This is someone’s passport.

Orphan’s house

Chat with the children by clicking on Mira, then cover the boy and click on Mira to return to the children. A man will enter the shelter. The agent will require medication. Return to the boy, examine all the medicines: two piles on the windowsill, on the pedestal, inside the pedestal, on the shelves above the pedestal. Click on Mira, she will say that if she gives the medicine to the agent, the boy will die. Select the medicine on the shelf on the wall and decide what to do:

  1. Give the medicine to the agent. The boy will die, but you will remain in the shelter. Our choice.
  2. Give medicine to the boy. He will survive, but the agent will drive you along with the children from the shelter.


Return to the forest, talk to Bzonec. Then remove the foliage from the statue on the left and inspect it to get information about Svetovid. Follow the road on the right.

A Big Bear

This is the Forest Lord. Talk to him. You will receive a record of the Forest Lord. Keep talking. You will learn about the costume. Then you will need to light a fire. Pay attention to the stones. Each has a certain number of sticks. You need to click on the stones as the number of sticks increases: one (upper right corner), two (lower left), three (triangle), four (rhombus) and five. Click a few times on Mira.

Walkthrough Mira
Walkthrough Mira


And again you will find yourself in a shelter. Click on Mira sitting by the bed. Walk along the street and stand on the bridge. Jump in


Talk to the Forest Lord. You will get some kind of sign. Keep talking and learn about Mokosh. After that, move forward on the stones. Talk to Bzonec to learn about Light Ghosts. Click on 5 wooden sheets to arrange them. Listen to the legend to learn about the dragon. Say it’s a trap. You will learn about Weles. Then move on between the stones on the right.

Talk to Bzonec to learn about Wawel. Click on Mira and move on, under the bridge. Talk to your fellow traveler again to learn about oak. Go to the door in the oak, try to open it, but nothing will come of it. Click on the three characters on the door. Mira will tell her companion that she has only one locket. Two more are needed!

Talk to the librarian. Examine the three books on the left. You will need to click on 3 selected symbols on each book to find out who is shown on the pages. Then talk to the librarian again. A library entry appears in your vocabulary. Then the librarian will start asking questions. He will ask who Mokosh is. Choose the answer – mother goddess. You will learn about the daughters of Mokosh. Get out of here by clicking on your companion.

Chat with a huge creature, then look at the stones on the right and talk to Bzonec (it may not have a marker on it, but you just click on the companion). You will receive a Surveyor entry. Keep communicating with the huge creature. Start a conversation twice. Examine the stone to the left of Mira. Change the parts of the picture so that you get an image with four rhombuses.

Walkthrough Mira
Walkthrough Mira

Talk to the creature again. Inspect the opened passage, talk with Bzonec.

You will find yourself at the shelter. Interact with your cat to get a record of Frisky. Go to the shelter, talk with the children and find yourself in a room with a sick boy. Press Bzonek several times to light the room. Take a look at the boy. Then click on the hero again. A window will open with the preparation of the medicine. Choose any three ingredients, resulting in a talisman. Talk to the children, move the suitcases behind them and return to Mira.

Chat with your companion. Go to the oak door and open it. You will find yourself in a cage. Examine the agent in the cage on the right. Examine the lock on your cage. A girl will appear. You will learn about nymphs. When she leaves, talk to the agent in the cage. You will need to inspect the lock and crack it by clicking on the green, orange and light green buttons. First click on the right, light green button. Adjust the lower right part of the puzzle (in the center you should get a circle). Then click once on the orange button, then on the green button on the left to adjust the upper left part. Then press the orange button again to combine the elements.

Walkthrough Mira
Walkthrough Mira

After opening the cage, talk with the agent to get information about the fern flower. Choose what to do next:

  1. Release the agent. Our choice.
  2. Leave him locked up.

Get out of here by clicking on Mira. Chat with the agent. You will find yourself at the wall with different images. You can rotate parts of the calendar. There are three moving parts in total. The background does not move, so use it as a hint. First, adjust the large ring, then the middle, and then the center circle. Click on the four images of the gods in a circle. You will receive a record of Svarog. Click on Mira a couple of times to get out of here. Keep moving; remove the foliage from the aisle, when suddenly someone will attack Mira.

Click on Mira so that she stands on her feet. Go downstairs and speak with the Soul Hunter. You will receive a Soulcatcher entry. You will need to choose who to save:

  1. Bronzec
  2. Agent

Go to the oak tree and open the door by clicking on both symbols. Go inside to see the descent down. There are several steps. 7 stones can be pushed forward. Number these stones counterclockwise (as you move down) from “1” to “7”.

  • The first stone – dumps everything and pushes the seventh.
  • The second stone – dumps everything and pushes the third one as well.
  • The third stone – dumps everything, the fifth also puts forward itself.
  • The fourth stone – puts forward the sixth and seventh in turn.
  • Fifth stone – puts forward alternately the second + fourth and sixth.
  • Sixth stone – puts forward the first and fourth, dropping the rest.
  • Seventh stone – does not drop anything; the first also puts forward itself.

Imagine that all the stones are pushed in. You can do it easily. Now click on them in the following order:

  • Third
  • Fifth
  • Seventh

Follow down by clicking on Mira. Next will be another puzzle with a plate and symbols. There are eight different inscriptions. Click on them in the following order:

  • Top left
  • Above
  • Down below
  • Bottom left
  • Top right
  • Left
  • Bottom right
  • On right

Go to the four huge statues on the right. Click on the swallow, then on Mira. Take away the stone and talk with the creature that was hiding behind it. Pull out the sticks and ask him to move away. Go forward. Examine Mokosh on the throne. Click on the bodies of the girls who are lying around her. Talk to Mokosh. You will again need to choose:

  • Take the place of Mokosh.
  • Leave.

The game will end on this, and the ending that you get will depend on the decisions made earlier.

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