Full walkthrough Iron Danger - 100% (All Secrets)
Walkthrough 1

Iron Danger – Full walkthrough (All Secrets)


Chat with Atreon during the introduction. The main characters of the game are the blacksmith Topi and the young girl Kipuna. The first is able to engage in battles with opponents, and the second hero can to control time. Listen to the conversations until the first task begins.

Chapter 1. The Death of My Hometown

Take a look around the house. We recommend that you open the “Settings” and select “Always” in the paragraph highlighting items. You will see all the objects with which you can interact. Get out of the house by breaking the door. You need to come close to the door and press LMB. Follow the guy. When you fall into the pit, you will receive the achievement “The First Shard”. Here you will learn about the ability to rewind time. Rewind time and exit the trance (“Space”). The stone will fall on the stove, breaking a hole. You just go around it.

Next will be a segment with a ballista. When she kills you, rewind time before the ballista is shot (cross on the red section). Click on the key D and select any direction. The heroine will evade the ballista right at the time of the shot (if you rewind time so that it stops right before the character’s shot and death). Overcome the ballistic section by rewinding time.

Soon you will reach a man – the second protagonist of the game. Defeat the enemies. If you miss the damage, rewind the time until it is received. Put the block (from the buttons at the bottom of the screen).

A very important moment! If the enemy attacks a little later when installing the block and starting time (that is, the hero puts the block too early), then in this case you must first press C (or select the “Wait” command from the buttons), and after that put the block. Remember that at the moment of impact the range of attack is triggered. If the enemy is outside, then you will miss. Thus, it is better to run a little, and then attack the enemy.

A good bundle is a block, kick, or heavy kick from a turn. So that, the enemy falls to the ground. Then run up and hit him again. Mechanics can be killed with one blow. Follow the only route, dealing with enemies. Search houses, select various resources. Soon you will reach the ship. Sail away from your hometown. Upon completion of the mission, you can choose one of the proposed skills (or improve an existing one).


Talk to Kipuna, and then swim to the Misty Hill.

The Hidden Path

Go forward along the path until you see the door. Navigate by the mini-map. Here is one way. Soon you will be attacked by robbers.

Just remember that by installing the block, you can block several attacks at once. In addition, a powerful strike from the turn allows you to inflict damage on several enemies at once. As a result, they will fall to the ground.

Win another battle and get to the door. Now you can switch between characters by pressing the TAB key. Wait until two stones light up and the steps to the door are appeared. Once this happens, rewind time by 4-5 cells. Order the selected character to stand on one of the two stones that should light up. Switch to another character (TAB) and rewind time. Stand on the second stone, which should begin to glow. Leave the Trans by pressing the Spacebar. Since you are standing on two stones that light up, a new step will appear. Repeat until you can get inside. Chat with the Healer. You will receive the achievementHealer Found”.

The task will be completed, and you will be able to choose new skills for both Kipuna and Topi.

Dreaming of Fire

Communicate with the Spirit of Aurolith and the Healer. Throw a fireball or spark at enemies. Then go to the gate. They are locked. Turn left from the gate (standing with your back to them) and get to where the dead soldiers were. Here you will see the first column of light. Throw a spark or ball at it. Go back and see that there is a way to the other side. There you will have to defeat several soldiers. Please note that oil and barrels will light up. Kill everyone, activate the second column, return and open the door to complete the level.

Lessons and Farewells

Go outside and follow the Healer. Fire a spark or ball into a bonfire to ignite it. Then the Healer will ask you to deal with the enemies who have invaded her land. The first couple of enemies are harmless. Topi can run away and do nothing, but Kipuna must run back and shoot at the enemies with a fireball and sparks. Then there will be another simple enemy and a strong enemy with 250 HP. Just keep running back and shoot fireballs at him (it’s advisable to unlock this particular skill). If instead of balls you choose a skill that gives the target’s weapon fire, use it on Topi and attack opponents in close combat. Remember that you can always rewind time and change actions.

The Logjam

You will be ambushed. Go outside, Kipuna kill the arrow on the tower on the left (do not forget to dodge), and with the help of Topi deal with the rest. Ahead will be a gangster town. Clean up the town is not necessary, but it’s precious experience points. You need to go to the right of the ship to see the logs blocking the path. You have to burn them. Find a barrel or canister of fuel and drop it in the middle of the logs, then set it on fire. The logs will burn, and you can sail further. One of the buildings has a blue marker. He points to a sauna that adds 10 health points.

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