Walkthrough Journey To The Savage Planet

Walkthrough Journey To The Savage Planet


Read a detailed walkthrough of the plot quests of the cosmonaut simulator Journey To The Savage Planet.

After the introductory video and interact with the computer. Choose one of ten photos of your character. Go down the stairs to the teleport and enter it. Thus, you will find yourself on the surface of the planet, which you will need to explore throughout the game.

There are several nuances: the main tasks are given only after exploring a particular part of the planet, so you will have to visit various places to activate story quests. In addition, in order to advance in the plot, it will be necessary to find alien alloys, which we will discuss below.

Landing protocol

Once on the surface of the planet, go around the ship and interact with a single button. After that, the task will be updated. You need to scan the Javelin ship to determine the damage. To do this, activate the scanner mode (TAB key by default) and find three damaged parts:

  • Pierced Hull;
  • Busted Landing Gear;
  • Torn Fuel Line.

To scan for the missing panel, enter the ice cave on the left and use the scanner on the wreckage of the ship.

Fixer Upper

Craft the Nomad Pistol

Enter the cave and examine fragile violet crystals. You need to collect ten carbon units and create a Nomad Pistol. To do this, look at the cave and find the local inhabitants – Puffbird. You can collect carbon in several ways: hit the bird, after the death of which there will be some carbon left, or feed it with bait. In this case, carbon will be obtained in a different way. To feed the bird, select the bait with the mouse wheel and press the Q key to throw.

Here you will see the plant Orange Goo. If you shoot or hit him, then you can make up for your health. Use it later on in order not to die.

When you have the right amount of carbon, go back to the Nomad and interact with the 3D printer. Create a Pistol that will destroy the crystals and go further.

Find an Alien Alloy

You can find alien alloys while investigating planet. The first such alloy is in the cave to the right of the place where you first saw the inscription with the name of the game. From this place, turn right and go along a small ledge, past the flowers that throw bombs. Find the entrance to the cave. Examine the cave to find a locked alien chest. To open it, you will need to find and scan three characters (circle, square and triangle). They are located near the chest.

To get to them, you have to use the seeds. You can find these seeds in special bags that are hung in the cave. Just throw the seed in the right place and jump on it. When all three characters are scanned, the chest will open and you can pick up the Alien alloy. Take it to the ship to begin repairs.

Walkthrough Journey To The Savage Planet
Walkthrough Journey To The Savage Planet

Alien food

Go back to the place where you saw the inscription of the name of the game and go through the frozen lake. About halfway up the ice will crack and you will fall down. Get rid of hostile creatures with a pistol and climb the hill. Here you will find a plant. This food will help you increase the level of the hero and increase his maximum health.

Explore the tower

This is a multi-stage quest to complete which you will have to find improvements and open paths. Read more below.

Jump! Jump!

From the frozen lake you need to turn left and find the portal. You will meet such portals everywhere: with their help the hero can move to the ship and to previously discovered areas. To find an improvement for a double jump, keep the cliff to the left from the found portal. This will lead you to a dead end where there is an entrance to the cave.

Examine it to find the Shrine, scan it, and then extract the required sample. To craft the Jump Thrusters on a 3D printer, you first need to find 100 carbon units. This can be done by the method described above, or you can search and break up carbon deposits. When you assemble the device, you can use the double jump and climb into previously inaccessible places.

By the way, near the entrance to the cave with the Shrine, you can find and pick up another Alien alloy. As you exit the cave, go ahead and look left. There is a small passage in the rock – climb inside. So you will find yourself in a cave with lava formations. Wait until the stones rise from the lava, and on them get to the opposite side to pick up the alloy.

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