walkthrough of the horror Dawn of Fear

Walkthrough Dawn of Fear


Read the detailed walkthrough of the horror Dawn of Fear.

Start the game; take a look around the house. The first door on the left leads into the corridor, at the end of which there is a door for the blue key. There is nothing interesting in the library. There is a chessboard to the right of the entrance to the library. Something is missing from it. Open the large door on the left to enter the living room. There is a Checkmate Note and a Gold King. There are candles above the cain. You can save. Each save is lighted one candle. If you light everything, then you will no longer be able to save.

Return to the hall and go down the screen to the very end. There are two doors on the side. Open the left to enter the bathroom. Here is a first-aid kit. Exit through the other door. You can immediately go around the corner to the right to open on this side the door leading back to the hall. In the previous corridor, there is a door for the blue key. Go left to find two more doors. In one bedroom there is nothing interesting, and you will see zombies in the other. Run out. Do not hurry. There are candles for saving at the end of the corridor. Also you find a Jack’s Letter. When you run away from the zombies, then, return back and hear a shot. Run to the very beginning and find the corpse. Pick up the gun below. To use it, you need to open the screen and equip weapons. There is no reload button in the game. The hero will reload the weapon in the event that the cartridges in the clip run out and you have a spare in your inventory.

Return to the bedroom where the zombie was. Kill him and pick up Suicide Note from the floor. There are a Silver King and a clip for a pistol on the table. Return to the hall and examine the cabinet to the right of the entrance to the library. Standing near it, apply both chess pieces through the inventory. Now you need to make the right move. There are two white horses. Move the left one so that it stands to the left of the right (and in front of the yellow pawn). This is check and checkmate. A secret passage will open in the library.

Go through it and find yourself in a room with a locked door. It lacks three characters. There is a safe to the left of this locked door, and a smeared inscription on the wall. There is Key 1 on one table, and on the other is Diary Jessica p.1.

Exit the library and run to the stairs that lead to the second floor. Climb up there and at the beginning of the corridor; find a first-aid kit under the table. There is a Letter Fragment on the pedestal on the right. There will be several doors. The second one can be opened with key 1. It is noteworthy that, unlike other items, keys in the game are applied automatically. Behind the door, there is a room with books and three zombies. Kill them is optional! Just get out onto the balcony and climb the wooden planks. Approach the corpse, but it will fall down, and with it some object.

Go down to the next balcony and get ready to kill the monster running on four legs. Then remove the knife from the statue. It can be equipped instead of a gun. So you can save ammo: shoot twice at a zombie, he falls, switch to a knife and beat a zombie when he gets up. There is also a grate with corpses, you find a blue key (Key 2) under it. Take it, exit through another door. In a long corridor with strange statues, kill several zombies. At the very beginning of the corridor, near the door opposite lies a clip for a pistol. In the second part of the corridor, where there are several statues, there is a Prisoner’s Note on the right. In the closet with the flickering light, find Piece puzzle for the library door. The elevator does not work. Go to the end of the corridor and open the door to return to the second floor.

Go down, head to the hall with a corpse pinned to the door. Go through the door on the left, run to the end of the corridor and find the door for the blue key. Unlock it and find yourself in the courtyard with a fountain. Go to the statue and break off the Fist with Key. Nearby, there is the clip for the gun. The adjacent door is locked, so go back to the house. Run down from the door with the corpse and go through one of the two doors on the left (through the bathroom or straight to the desired corridor). There will be a second door for the blue key. Unlock it, kill the enemies in the dark corridor and open the nearest door. Go to the back of the room and remove the first-aid kit from the cabinet.

Take a look around. There is a workbench for cutting metal, but it does not work. There is the yellow remote to the left. Interact with it. You need to turn the toggle switches so that the arrow is exactly in the green zone. Number the toggle switches from left to right from “1” to “6”, and then turn the tumblers No. 2, 3, 5, 6 to the right side. Exit the approach and use your fist with a key on the workbench to cut it. You will receive Key 3.

Return to the hall and again go into the courtyard with a fountain. This time there will be two zombies. Run around them and open the far door with the key 3. Kill enemies; look into the closet in front. You will find the second piece of the puzzle. A little further, there is a table for saving. There is the Corpses note and a clip for a pistol to the right. Exit through the metal door to the greenhouse.

In the greenhouse itself, there are two zombies on the left. Kill them and go inside. In the far part, look for the first-aid kit and Solvent. Get out of here; go down and to the right. The door is guarded by a zombie. Kill him and return to the house. Run into the room behind the library, insert the two parts found in the door and apply a can of cleaner to the stained wall. You will see the code from the safe. Use it to open the safe on the left and get explosives.

Follow through the door of the greenhouse, but do not go outside. Remember the open pantry where you found one of the puzzle pieces? It turns out that there is a narrow corridor to it right. Follow it and find yourself in the basement. Take the first-aid kit from the well, and then install the explosives near the brick wall next to the stairs. You will get to the prison block. You can kill all enemies or go around each. In any case, here you can find a note, two clips for the pistol (in the cell, on the bunk) and a first-aid kit from the wall. There are also two doors with red levers. One does not work, and you can open the other. In the chamber to it right, there is the third part of the puzzle in the washbasin.

Take it, open the door with red levers. Pick up a clip for the gun in the corner, and a little further – the first-aid kit. By doing so, at the end of the corridor you will find a skeleton in a wheelchair. See the cutscene and take the shotgun.

Behind the next door you will find yourself in a large hall with corpses. Go down to them so that the first boss attacks you. There is no need to shoot him. Just run nearby, the enemy will to attack you. If you dodge, you will temporarily immobilize it. There is a remote control in the corner of the door. Click on it to call the container. It will come and drive back. You lure the boss under container. Repeat several times. You will need to run away from the remote control to lure the boss. After three successful attempts with the container, you will kill the enemy. Take the shotgun cartridges and open the door near the console. Interact with the remote control on the left to lower the container, and get out of here.

Take the elevator to the first floor (0) and go into the room behind the library. Insert the third part of the puzzle into the door and begin to rotate the circles. First, press the lower left button so that the shallow circle is aligned with three lines with the central part. Then click on the button in the lower right to combine the middle circle with the small one. After that – the top one to combine the big circle with the middle one (the crescent should be at the top).

Go through the opened door; get to the room with bookcases. There are four statues here. You find a note and a control panel next to the central bookcase. Interact with the latter. In the upper left corner, place the skeleton with the ball, in the upper right – with the weapon, in the lower right – with the violin, in the lower left – the rest. If everything is correct, a bowl will appear. Take Key 4 from it.

Exit the library and find that the corpse on the door is no longer there. But we do not recommend now to follow the corpse! Instead, climb the stairs to the second floor. Zombies will break one of the doors. Kill three opponents. First, use the door on the left, opposite the one through which the zombies passed. There will be a note, shotgun cartridges and Shears.

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