How to Earn Money in Temtem

How to Earn Money in Temtem


Money is rare in Temtem. You’ll need all the cash to stay alive — and to acquire all those items to pump your hero. You can buy from sellers many useful items.

You can join the ‘Free Temtem Society’ to get easy cash. Release these creatures to get coins. Capture every Temtem you see to earn a lot of money. It’s a good way to get rid of all those extra Temtems.

You will find the ‘Free Temtem Society’ on the Canopath (Route 5). Leave the first island, you’ll reach Route 5. You will be available the Free Temtem Society and the Breeding Center.

Along the way Route 5, you can save Temtems. Also buy TemCards. They’re low-cost, and you can put your extra Temtems in storage until you get Route 5.

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