Syberia: The World Before - Walkthrough and Guide

Syberia: The World Before – Walkthrough and Guide


Wagen, Flower District

Actions take place in Wagena. Use the telephone directory to find three stores:

  • Pawnshop – paintings, gold.
  • Store.
  • An antique dealer’s shop.

On the map, find the coordinates of the stores – D3, E5 and C4 and put the marks. We leave for C4. Before you leave the guest house, take the wallet and the painting, which are located on the table on the second floor. Also look around and interact with interactive items. Talk to Frau Wagner. When everyone has looked around and decided to leave the guest house, go to the exit, which is located on the right side of the reception.

Before jumping on the tram, we recommend that you look around the quarter to complete side tasks:

  • Read the sign in front of the establishment.
  • Go down the stairs, inspect the street and the gate.
  • Interact with the motorcycle.
  • Look at the sign above the tram stop.

Wagen, Antiquarians’ District

You need to inspect the market stalls to complete the side objective. When you reach Muller’s trick, press the bell three times. The man will be interested in the painting that was found on the train. To start the automaton, solve the puzzle.

Examine the side parts of the mechanism. Pull the levers to reveal two buttons. Click on them and enter the combination that you will find on the back of the automaton near the Voralberg logo – 293670. The upper part will open after entering the numbers in sequence.

Near the Voralberg logo, you need to lower the shields so that the holes come together. If everything is done correctly, a button will appear and now you have a special key to the automaton.

To install Oscar’s heart, you need to insert the key into the hole from above. After the automaton runs away, look for a man in a hat on the street and talk to him. To open the chest, take the key on the chest near the books on the right side.

When Oscar escapes again, use the mop to get him out from under the closet. When you manage to find it, choose any answers, because. they don’t affect the plot. Go to Muller and exit the district.

Wagen, Camp Silberspiegel

Along the way, do introspection and interact with places and objects. In the camp, compare the drawing with the landscape. Similarities:

  • Sharp peaks
  • Railing
  • Rock in the shape of a heart

Talk to Lenny. Next, you play as Dana Rose. You need to open the doors behind the counter and interact with the barrels in the top right corner. Drinks to pour:

  • Spitze
  • Spitze + Birne
  • Nebel (2)

When Nebel runs out, you need to open the curtain from the bottom and replace the barrel. When the drinks are ready, offer them to the scientists and chat with them. You need ignore a member of the Brown Shadows.

To get achievement, look at the paintings that are on the table and take any. On the street, chat with Leni and look into the far part of the veranda. Examine the firewood near the door, they will come in handy a little later.

Inside the building interact with the fireplace and throw firewood. Take more outside. You need to turn the camera to the right and remove the valve, which is indicated in the screenshot. Use the valve on the air intake on the left side.

After interacting with the piano, watch the cut-scene. We control for Leni. We play the instrument and follow to the second floor. In the far room on the right side, you need to open the window. The game will take us to the present.

Head towards the spyglass. Use a coin and take a photo of all the sights. So, we will know the coordinates.

Inside the building, talk to the climber and go to the second floor to the utility room and Leni’s room. Pull the lever and go down the stairs. She leads to the attic.

Near the entrance is a receiving coil. To open the chest, solve the puzzle. Look at the screenshot.

To unlock the combination locks, you need to turn the panels in a certain combination (which are shown in the photo)

  • Silberspiegel (left panel) – 072.
  • Devil’s Pass (right panel) – 108.

Inside the chest, you will find a tape, a diary, and a cure. Scroll through the diary, this will allow you to play as Dana and Kate. Switch to Dana, take the key to the chest. It must be hidden in a secret place. As Kate, find the key to open the secret panel. You need to enter a certain combination (you can find it in the dark room. To do this, use the projector and insert the films in order):

  • Goat.
  • Flower.
  • The mountains.
  • Spruce.

Return to Leni. Another scene with Dana and Leon will follow. After that, return to the tram.

Before going to bed, use the computer and read the information. This will earn you the achievement. Go to bed, the events of the game will take you to the past.

You need to check all selected objects in the room. There is a book in a drawer in the closet. Pick it up and you’ll get the achievement.

Take the music box, which is located near the fireplace. Call Olivia in real time.

Music Academy

In the morning, talk to Frau Wagner downstairs. Take the tram to get to the music academy. On the way near the square, grab Oscar. On the railing in the gazebo, do some soul-searching. Inside the academy, talk to the rector. Listen to what he has to say and pick up a document that will allow you to see the square while playing as Dana.

To the left of the gazebo is the first automaton mechanism. Examine it and use the code 1937 to open it. To get the desired combination, you need to put the letter in a certain order (Screenshot). After that, pull the levers and the parts will lower. Click on the green button.

Back in the present, head to the van that’s parked in the square. Study it and pay attention to the phone number. Return to the rector and call the owner of the car. Ask him to rearrange the van. Return to the square and examine the place. Enter 9708 to open the box.

To the right and left are the registers from which you need to make a combination. Such a combination was in Dana’s time. Having made a combination, you need to switch to the center button and pull the upper lever to the right. The lower lever must be directed upwards and the button pressed.

We manage Kate and go to the coffee shop, which is located on the corner. Chat with a barista. The emergency exit is located to the right of the entrance to the coffee shop. You need to move the trash can to the door. Inside, move the rack and use the elevator.

Find the engine control mechanism. Pull the lever on the right, then lower the handle on the left. Press the button – the engine is started. Round the platform. Use the second ladder to go down. Use the valve to open the gate. Take the part from the box where the tools are.

Go to the square, to the last mechanism. Break the box. To start the device, you need to insert a part for the automaton. Head to the gazebo.

Set the notes of the anthem on the piano. To open the mechanism to start the engine, you need to press any key on the piano. It is necessary to turn the central gear so that the latches on the left and right are free. Replace the broken automaton with Oscar. Watch the cut-scene and talk to the Principal to collect Dana Rose’s dossier.

Mist Bridge

Take the tram and get to the Bridge of Mists area. Interact with all available objects and visit house №20 and the store. So, you complete an additional task – find out the latest news about Vagen.

Ask the store owner to help. She refuses to help. Head to the tram stop. Under the bus stop is an automaton. Use the coin on the machine and take the musical toy.

Head to the store and put the toy on the shelf next to the vendor’s table. Use the ladder while Frau Heigel is out of sight. Look around the second and third floors. On the third floor there is a hole in the floor. So, you will find another photo. After finding all the photos on the second and third floors, you will receive an achievement.

Leave the building and pay attention to the fire escape from the entrance on the right side. You need to select “Climb down the drainpipe [Oscar]”. Get to the mechanism and lower the ladder.

Examine the bedroom of Dana Rose and take part of the note near the piano, you will find the second part under the bed. Also, in the room you will find a diploma with a hint from which you can make a combination to open Dana’s chest:

  • Key “fa” (bass key).
  • Flat.
  • Bottom mordent.
  • Fermata.
  • Quarter note.

The combination must match the two-piece pattern. See screenshots below.

Baltayar, Mountains

Managed by Leon. Enter the tent and take all available items and backpack. Outside, approach the barrel and fill it with water to get the achievement. In another tent, use the code 0408 to open the chest. Look around the entire camp. Next, head for the Sauer. Use the machete on the tree and get to the island to the gorum. Feed him biscuits. To help him, find sticks and pieces of liana to build a tire. Go to the camp and watch the cut-scene.

Next, we play for Dana. Pack your suitcase and read the diary. After that, the game will take you to the present.

Bridge of Mists

In the corridor you will find a medical report, an inscription on the wall and a handkerchief by Dana Rose. On the street, go to the tram stop. On the table on the left, pay attention to the book and examine it.

Head to the store. Walk on the left side and go up the stairs to the monument to the dead. Use Dana’s Plateau to wipe off the dust. Read the names. Follow the tram stop and a cut-scene will start.

Baden Island

Talk to girl and select “Leave”. Head to the cemetery and use the map. Let Oscar watch the map (you can switch to him). Follow the route shown in the screenshot below.

Again, we find ourselves in the past, we play for Dana.

London, Foreign Office

Arrange troops on the map. You can study the command reports, or look at the screenshot below. Be careful, all the infantry divisions of the “Brown Shadows” are only on the shores of Europe.

Talk to girl. It is necessary to prepare the telegraph for work. On the left is a mechanism – interact with it. It is necessary to increase the pressure in the chamber on the left and lower the pressure in the chamber on the right. This will open the sidebar. It is necessary to turn the knob clockwise (several times).

Use the telegraph. Required combination:

  • Section: Resistance;
  • Topic: Networks;
  • Country: Ostertal.

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