Syberia: The World Before - Walkthrough and Guide

Syberia: The World Before – Walkthrough and Guide



Watch the cut-scenes and you will find yourself back in the graveyard. Follow the exit, but the gate will close. If you previously examined everything in the cemetery, then you know all the objects and dead ends and found a sign of patrons. By doing this, you will receive an achievement. After you have found the plaque of patrons, pick up Oscar. Follow the marker on the map to Kirk’s location. Use the automaton to get the tool.

Head to the shed and use the pickaxe. There you will find a handle. Head to the right side of the cemetery. Look around and use the handle when you find the mechanism.

Wagen, Mountains

Head towards the camp. Along the way, there will be fuel on the right side of the stairs. In the room you will find a photo and a key on the table.

On the street, approach the generator and pay attention to the fuel tank. Take the canister by the stairs. Pour fuel into the tank. Use the key to open the box. Use the handle to turn on the ignition. There is a hole for the handle on the front of the generator. Insert it to start the engine.

There are three corpses in the tent. Check out the medical examiner’s record. Inside the building, go to the second floor to see Ludwig. Examine his room and go to Leni.

Wagen, Camp Silberspiegel

We play Dana. Examine the painting you chose at the beginning of the game and get the achievement.

Find the old radio in the attic and find Herr Günther’s antenna. Next, talk on the veranda with other members of the Resistance. Do some introspection on the steps of the veranda and then look for the walkie-talkie on the first floor. On the cover in the pocket on the left, take the documents and tune the radio station to get in touch with London.

The backpack contains the Voralberg antenna. Study it. To install it on the radio, you need to spin the disk. Push the handle up and point the antenna to the right. Turn the lever clockwise to open the antenna.

In the documentation, you will find information for decrypting the channel for communication using Morse code:

  • 2111.12.121.21 – BARN.
  • Transmission – 6.9 kHz.
  • Reception – 8.4 kHz.

Turn on the receiver and transmitter. Use the values ​​we described above. A cut-scene will start. In the hospital we will talk with the fascist, the scientist and Leni’s father. Enter the chamber. The game will take you to the present. Let’s examine the automaton in Leni’s room.

Examine the wheelchair on the first floor. Pay attention to the armrest. Take the key and go to the automaton. You need to turn the two petals of the tie. Insert the key. Remember the design of the key, as its shape can be changed to fit a specific hole.

To open Leni’s automaton, go down to the first floor and inspect the woman’s wheelchair. In the armrest, find a special key that can change its shape. Return to the robot. Flip the two tabs of the tie over so you can insert the key.

Reaching the heart of the automaton:

  • Open the small handle on the right.
  • Wait until the circle is with the hole up and pull the handle from the top.
  • Pull the handle from below.

Replace the device with Oscar’s heart. Now your assistant is nearby. Switch to it and lower the body of the robot once. Open the drawer located at the back of the robot. Unlock the ball.

Oskar lower the body of the automaton a little lower. A secret lock is now available. Do not move the ball where the weights are located. To control the robot’s arms, use Oscar. The tubes themselves need to be adjusted with a key.

After that, change the shape of the key to open the lock in the robot’s mouth. Continue playing until you get to the final location.

Wagen, Central Station

Look around the platform and find a special device for preparing tickets – a validator. Set the date to 11/30. Punch the ticket on the table and stamp it. The ink is a little dry, you need to move the stamp back and press it. Before you start, contact Olivia. Head to carriage №3. Enjoy the final cut-scene.

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