Walkthrough Ghostwire: Tokyo

Walkthrough Ghostwire: Tokyo


Ghostwire: Tokyo is a new title from the studio Tango Gameworks, which is best known for the terrible series The Evil Within.

The release of Ghostwire Tokyo marks a new milestone in the development of Tango Gameworks, which is mastering a new setting for itself. Instead of survival horror, the developers have created a classic adventure action game with a third-person view. This guide will cover the passage of story chapters, side quests, search for collectibles, answers to many popular questions.

How many chapters are there in Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo has 6 story chapters. On separate pages of our site, you can find the passage of each of them:

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2 Chapter
  • 3 Chapter
  • 4 Chapter
  • 5 Chapter
  • 6 Chapter

Ghostwire Tokyo Walkthrough-Time

As for the duration of Ghostwire Tokyo, based on the time I spent, we can conclude that it is possible to complete the game without being distracted by collectibles and side effects in 8-10 hours. If you decide to free all the spirits in Tokyo, complete the side missions, and find all the collectibles, be prepared to spend around 20-30 hours. This number can be less or more depending on your skill, how much you fight enemies and whether you use fast movement around the map.

How to open a bow in Ghostwire Tokyo

The bow in Ghostwire Tokyo can be found during the second story chapter when you visit KK’s apartment during the mission “Get rid of the fog”. You can’t skip getting the bow as it happens in the story. If you haven’t received it yet, just keep following the storyline.

How to unlock fire attack

You will be able to open this attack during the second chapter, in the mission “Labyrinth of Death”. The spell can be obtained after clearing the Shiroyama Shrine, which you will enter in the first half of the chapter. Most likely, you will get here on your own. Use fire attack against the biggest enemies, including mini-bosses and bosses. Also, a charged attack is suitable against a group of enemies, including decapitated students.

How to unlock water attack

Another spell that can be obtained in the second chapter in the mission “Labyrinth of Death”. During the quest, you will have to fight a visitor using kuchisake. After the victory, clear Yashin’s shrine. A reward will appear on the altar – the weaving of water. A useful technique if you are surrounded by enemies. The charged attack is an enhanced version of the normal attack that deals significant damage.

Where to find talismans

Talismans in Ghostwire Tokyo can be obtained in one of three ways:

  • Buy in Tokyo stores
  • Receive as a reward for completing missions and side activities
  • Found as normal loot when exploring the world

The easiest way to get more taltismans is to buy them in Tokyo shops.

How to quickly earn experience points and level up

There are several ways to quickly earn experience points and level up in Ghostwire Tokyo:

  • Complete story and side missions.
  • Killing enemies.
  • Collecting spirits and rescuing them through a phone booth.
  • Cleaning corruption from trees throughout Tokyo.

The greatest amount of experience at a time can be obtained by completing tasks. But if you upgrade Katahiro to the maximum value, you can collect up to 50 spirits and exchange them for thousands of experience points. You will also gain experience for each enemy you kill.

How to earn Meika fast

There are five key ways and actions to get Meiki:

  • Completing main and side missions.
  • Collecting spirits and releasing them through a phone booth.
  • Fulfillment of Nekomata requests.
  • Search for ethereal crystals.
  • Feeding dogs.

The best options are story and side quests, Nekomata’s requests.

What is the maximum level in the game

The level cap in Ghostwire Tokyo is 50. Once you reach it, you can no longer level up no matter how much XP you earn. As soon as you do this, all the skills of the game will be available to you, and you will be able to save all the spirits.

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