Resident Evil Village Full Walkthrough

Resident Evil Village Full Walkthrough


There are only a few months remaining before the release of Resident Evil Village, but a lengthy demo of the game is already available. We will tell you how to pass it.

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Resident Evil Village Walkthrough (Demo April 2021)


The events of the Resident Evil Village demo begin with the fact that a mad woman draws a strange symbol in the mud – an image of an embryo surrounded by a nest and wings. She tells the hero: after Miranda brought Ethan’s daughter to the village, everything went awry. After the woman leaves, and under the ringing of a bell, you begin your exploration.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough (Demo April 2021)
Resident Evil Village Walkthrough (Demo April 2021)

Werewolf village

  • Someone has kidnapped Rosa, Ethan’s daughter.
  • Ethan found himself in a strange village.
  • After a short search, he met an old woman …

As soon as the mad old woman disappears, look to your left for a building that you can enter. The same embryo symbol is carved into the floor. There is a reagent and a note that reads on the table:

Exit the building and head to the main area where you will see a statue and a church. Take a look at the shield of the Maiden of War statue (possibly a reference to the Maiden demo) and see the light in the cutout of the eye. Shoot it to knock out a Сrystal Fragment. In the future, you can sell such items to the merchant – the Duke. However, in the demo, this process is limited.

There is Gunpowder on the bench near the statue, and nearby you can find a well and a tractor with Rusty Scrap on the seat. Crafting 15 Handgun Ammo requires 2 Rusty Scrap and 2 Gunpowder. Pick up whatever you can. You will meet enemies soon!

Climb to the altar to see the Goats of Warding. These are collectible items. And at the moment you can find three of them – one inside this altar, one on the roof of the church, and one on the left side of the wall, a little later, when you get to the closed gate and meet several survivors (I will remind you about this below).

In the cemetery nearby there is a small crypt with a gate behind which something is hidden. If you activate the photo mode and zoom in with increasing brightness, you can find a fragment of the gravestone with the inscription “Claudy”, but at the moment you cannot get inside. To the right of the crypt is a tombstone with the following inscription:

  • Eva
  • June, 1909 -August, 1919
  • May you slumber for only a short while.”

There is some Herb on the tombstone behind that you can pick up. When leaving the cemetery, if you turn towards the church, then to the left of it you will find a door with a lock. To open it, you need to insert the coats of arms with a maiden and a demon. There is also a road going up. Climb it to find a birdcage on the tree. You can knock it down to get rusty debris.

Return to the church (do not forget that there is a goat amulet on the roof), and look for the coat of arms with the virgin on the altar inside it. From left to right on the wall are Moro, Miranda’s mother to Lady Dimitrescu, Beneviento and Heisenberg. There is a glowing spot on the wall above the altar that you can shoot at to get a crystal shard. On the right, there is a hand-drawn map with a note indicating that the demon’s crest is in Louise’s house. Use the back door of the church, and you will see stone pillars and a passage to the fields, where you will meet your first opponents.

Before entering the fields, check the building on the left to find an M1897 Shotgun, pistol cartridges, gunpowder, and a mine. You can barricade yourself in this building using the bookcase by the door, but there is no point in doing this now. Instead, head towards a haystack and a few bags of flour. The bags can be used to stun enemies – shoot them with a weapon or stab them, causing them to release a cloud of flour.

In another building, next to the house where the shotgun was located, there are Shotgun Ammo and Rusted Scrap. About halfway down the road, there is a little more Rusted Scrap lying on the right by the fence. Next to a tall totem. When you collect all this, get ready to fight the werewolves. Or run up and interact with the closed gate to go to the next part of the location.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough (Demo April 2021)
Resident Evil Village Walkthrough (Demo April 2021)

Three werewolves can be found in the field. There is also a birdcage with money (shoot at it to get money) and two crates that can be broken to get gunpowder and pistol cartridges. You can go up and interact with the NPC to go to the next section, but you can also fight werewolves. They will drop gunpowder, Herb and a Crystal Skull, which, like Crystal Fragments, can be sold to the duke.

The best way to deal with werewolves is to lure them out onto the road so you can clearly aim for the head. You can use a mine to easily kill one of them. You can also draw enemies to the bags of flour in order to further stun and facilitate the battle. Obviously, headshots do the most damage, but they are fast opponents who often dodge as well. When you kill everyone, take the third goat amulet. Climb up and move to the left, away from the hut. The goat amulet is located in the far-left corner of the wall extending from the gate.

When you examine the gate at the top of the field, you will hear the voice “Dad, someone is there.” The door to the hut on the right will open. Go there to meet Elena and her father Leonard. Watch the video, after which you can get out through the window into the area with the hut. There is a well with a winch, which cannot be used yet, and a box of cartridges for a pistol. Take them, turn around to see the blue tarp on the boxes. Use them to climb over the hole in the wall and get inside. There’s Gunpowder upstairs.

On the other side of the wall, check the outbuilding on the right to get the Reagent, and then go to the gate and open it. You will see a shrine with the Demon’s crest inside, but you cannot open it yet.

As soon as the gate is open, the conversation will begin. In the end, Elena will try to open the door. Julian and Louise will meet her. You will find yourself in the waiting room. There is a note here that reads:

Luiza, They broke in again, got more of the livestock. I don’t think we’ll make it through winter at this rate. Ernest is still missing, too. We can’t find him anywhere. Has Mother Miranda abandoned us?

There is also a photo album here. Apparently, it is filled with locations from the game. Go to the last page if you want to see locations that are not in the demo.

When Louise returns, you will be taken to the room with the survivors. You can skip this snippet, or you can chat. Nobody knows why the monsters appeared here. Everything happened very quickly, the rest have been dead for a long time. Elena’s father, Leonard, will suddenly start transforming into a werewolf, kill everyone, and you will run into him in the hallway. You shouldn’t waste ammo on him, as Elena will appear with a shotgun and deal with him for you.

When you escape from the Lycan Leonard, you will find yourself in the garage with Elena and a battered truck. Go to the next room where you will find green grass by the fireplace and a boarded-up door that can be examined. Ethan will assume there is an exit behind her.

Go to the kitchen, where there are some Money in the cupboard (to the right of the washbasin). And next to it there is a note:


Look for the truck key in the drawer to the left of the washbasin. Examine the key ring to find a clasp that opens the item. Take the screwdriver, go to the far end of the room and find Shotgun Ammo. Go back to the truck and punch the wall with it until you get stuck. A big cut-scene will play out in which you and Elena will climb onto the roof. Her father will reappear, two will die. Jump out the window.

When you fall to the ground, go to the shrine and use the screwdriver to open it and pick up the emblem with the demon. You can now open the gate, behind which you will see mother Miranda killing Julian for the first time. She will disappear, so do not try to catch up with her or find her.

Now you can return to the church, where you will meet the crazy woman again. She will say that everyone is dead. If you return to the castle gates and apply the coats of arms with the maiden and the demon, then you will open your way further. The demo will end. Or you can take the time to explore other places.

Old Article

The article begins with a walkthrough of the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo, but after release, here’s a detailed guide to the full version.

Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo Walkthrough

At the moment, any PlayStation 5 owner can play the Resident Evil Village “Maiden” demo. Read here


The game starts in a dungeon. You are in a cell from which you need to get out. Examine the camera and find a Scrap of Paper in the wall. You can open it from your inventory and read it.

There is a hole to the right of the grate under the bench. Use it to get into the adjacent chamber. Unlike your cell, the grill in this room is open. Just go to the grate and open it. Examine the corridor and open cells. In one of the cells you will see a dead person. Remember where it is and run towards the exit. Try to open the main wooden door. At this point, you will hear something fall to the ground behind you. Return to the dead man again and remove the Bolt Cutters from his back.

Use the resulting object and cut the chain on one of the chambers. Enter the room and interact with the wooden bucket, which contains an incomprehensible liquid. This will give you a Lockpick.

Using the same principle, open the second chained cell with a corpse. It is useless now, but will be needed in the future.

Follow the locked box by the wooden door and use the lockpick to open it. Interact with the lever to unlock the door. Follow the corridor forward until you reach the dining table. Examine the fireplace and open the doors. Use the hole behind the doors to get into the next room.

In the corridor, examine the only brick protruding from the wall, which is located next to the candles. Click on it to open the passage. Pick up the second note with memories and use the passage in the wall to get into the room. Leave it and examine the corridor. Find the exit to the main hall of the estate. Go down to the first floor and find another note on the coffee table.

There are double doors to the left of the table, to which a trail of blood leads. Open it. This will take you to the kitchen. Find a glass with a ring inside on the dining table. Examine it in inventory to get an eye.

Return to the second floor and insert the resulting eye into the female-faced door. In the room, read the diary and pick up the Courtyard Key. Go down to the first floor and go to the door leading to the kitchen. At this moment, you will see a vampire in front of you. The first time the girl will catch up with you anyway, but after that you need to get into this room as soon as possible and use the key on the locked door. Watch the video concluding the Resident Evil Village demo.

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