Portal Reloaded Walkthrough - Full Guide

Portal Reloaded Walkthrough – Full Guide


A detailed walkthrough to complete all levels of the free mod Portal Reloaded made for Portal 2. Requires Portal 2 to run!

The main innovation of this modification is the time portals. Through them, you can move into different dimensions – between the present time, when the premises are still intact, and the future, when the place is destroyed.

Room 1

Watch the introductory video, and when the AI ​​announces the start of testing, turn around and go through the opening that opens. Enter the first chamber. Press the red button on the remote control and go through two doors to complete the first level.

Room 2

Pick up the cube and take it behind the wall with the passage, closer to the energy barriers. Enter another dimension and see that the cube is now behind the wall near the red button. Place it on the red button and go through the opened door.

Room 3

Enter the whole reality through the passage on the right and place the cube on the nearest point. The color will light up orange. Enter the shattered reality and move to the normal cube standing on the button. Now in normal reality there will be two cubes, and you can put the second on the second button. Exit the room.

Room 4

Press the red button on the remote on the left to make the cube appear. Place it in the center of the room and enter the shattered reality. Take the cube with you to normal reality and place it on the red button. The cube from this reality should stand next to the descending / ascending platform. This must be done in advance. Stand on the platform. As soon as you pick up the cube of this reality, the second one, which you brought here from the destroyed room and put on the red button, will disappear. The platform will go up. And you can put the cube on the red button in the niche on the right and leave the location.

Room 5

In an entire room, you cannot jump onto the ledge on the side of the console. Enter the destroyed one, climb the ledge and click on the red button. Grab the fallen cube and place it on the red button. Carry it with you to the whole room, place it near a high ledge and climb onto it to press the remote control. Carry the fallen cube to a higher ledge closer to the exit. There is a small depression there, indicated by the signs. Leave the cube there, go to the destroyed room and grab the same cube. go back to the whole room with this cube and put on the red button. Climb the steps, take the cube from the hollow and place it on another red button. Exit the room.

Find a device that will allow you to create portals. Create a blue portal at the top, orange at the bottom, and go upstairs.

Room 6

Cross the hole in the same way. Look to the left and see a further path. Create a portal of the same color at the end, enter the destroyed room and create a portal in the hole ahead, in front of the barrier. Enter to be behind the barrier. Look to the left of the barrier and see the end of the corridor. Create a portal there of one color, and next to it – another. Enter to be at the exit. Look up to the left where the yellow arrow is pointing. Shoot the portal at the white walls inside the hidden room. Themselves go to the room on the right and create a portal of a different color. Go through it.

Room 7

Press the red button and enter the opening on the right to get into the whole room. Stand facing the green passage where you just came from. Shoot at the white casing at the number “7”, to the right of the time portal, in the back of the screen. Return to the destroyed room and create a portal of a different color in the side niche. Go through it to find yourself on the platform at the number “7”. Click on the remote to open the time portal. Enter it and immediately follow the whole room through the portal ahead. Create a time portal in the same whole room at the number “7”. Go through it to find yourself at the exit.

Room 8

Look to the right behind the steps for a remote control that opens a time portal. Walk through it and look up. Dee the white sheathing? Create one portal on it, go down below and create a portal in the pit. Jump into it from above in order to fly up to the ledge above with acceleration. Go to the upward-facing casing at the side of the barrier. Create a portal of a certain color on it (not the same as in the pit). Jump down, enter the time portal and look to the far left of the pit. There will be a sloped sheathing. Create a blue portal there, and yourself jump into the pit with the orange one to fly higher. Create a time portal by clicking on the red button. Enter the whole room. At the top left, there should be a blue portal you created earlier, behind a barrier. You jump into the pit with the orange portal, and you will be able to fly onto the ledge with the exit.

Towards the end of the level, a temporary portal button is unlocked on the weapon. Use the mouse wheel to create it. Create a time portal and enter the destroyed room. Create a blue portal in the room above, behind the broken glass, and an orange one on any side wall. Go through and follow to the exit.

Room 9

Use the time portal and travel to the dimension. Click on the red button on the right, grab the fallen cube and place it on the red platform to the left. Create a green time portal on the platform that appears. Above it, on the white paneling, is a blue portal. In the pit on the right – orange. Jump into the hole in the orange portal to fly through the blue one into the time portal and get to the exit. Create a time portal on the side and walk through it. Shoot the blue portal next to the cube on the red plate. Create an orange one next to it on your ledge and take a cube through it. place it on the red plate near the exit. Enter the time portal and bring the second cube with you to place it on the second plate at the exit. Leave the location. All this in a dimension.

Room 10

Jump down to the lower bridge of the technical tunnel and go into room 10. First, press the red button to drop the cube. grab it and carry it forward to the white area. Leave the cube here. Create a blue portal on the ledge on the right, jump down yourself and create an orange portal to get to this ledge. Go behind the blue barrier and you will see a red slab. Look down, create a time portal and jump into it from this ledge. There will be enough inertia to fly to the same red plate, but in a destroyed world. Create a blue portal above the cube and an orange one below it. Or vice versa. Stand at the edge of the ledge where you are, look down. Take a moment and create a blue portal at the bottom (or orange if it was created above the cube). The cube will fly out through it to you, and you must have time to pick up the item. Jump into the time portal with this cube. In the whole world, put it on the red button.

Look into the main hall of the room. All this in the whole world. There is a slanted plate on the left on the wall that looks up at the opposite wall. Create a blue portal in it and jump down, creating an orange one. You will fly to the exit. Create a portal under the cube in the center of the room to make the cube disappear on the button. This will open the exit door.

Room 11

To be continued…

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