Wasteland 3 - All Creepy Doll Locations

Wasteland 3 – All Creepy Doll Locations


Creepy Dolls will give permanent buffs to all members of your squad. Here’s how to find them.

  1. Doll number 1. Explosive damage + 5%. Find it in a container at the Museum (Ranger Headquarters).
  2. Doll number 2. +1 to Perception. In the Garden of the Gods, in a hidden passage on the left that leads to the computer (you can reprogram it to attack enemies).
  3. Doll number 3. +15 to Constitution. Outside the Bizarre. Find it in a duffel bag to the right of the bridge leading to the smugglers.
  4. Doll number 4. +1 Penetration. Monster Army Bunker. In the cinema, where there are 3 large robops and a film strip for one of the side quests.
  5. Doll No. 5. + 5% Damage vs. animals. In the Ruins of Denver, inside Gippers’ White House. Look for the container in the locked room to the left of the entrance.
  6. Doll number 6. + 5% to Energy damage. In the Denver Machine Commune. Follow the blue line, go outside, but before going up to the Machine Intelligence Tower, turn left. Search in the snow.
  7. Doll number 7. + 5% Damage vs. animals. In a bunker outside Broadmoor Heights. Unlock it when you take the Lords of war quest. Walk left through the gallery. The path to the right leads to the character to be freed.
  8. Doll number 8. +0.5 Seconds detection time. Department of Energy, top of the map. There is next to mines and a vending machine in the first room corridor where you kill robots.
  9. Doll number 9. + 10% healing. Aspen, in the bunker area, where you find four lockers and robots.
  10. Doll number 10. + 5% melee damage. In Aspen, near the cage in which there was a lying person (if the hostages were not killed). Apartment 2, in the right corridor with a stream of poison.
  11. Doll number 11. + 2% to hit chance. Snowed Inn Resort, in the yard with boars to the right of the beginning of the location, in the snow.
  12. Doll number 12. + 5% to sneak attack damage. Knox Bison Ranch. Near Larry’s grave, after you will kill the bosses.
  13. Doll number 13. + 5% damage vs. mutants. Abandoned Oil Well. After the disappearance of strange creatures and the Tesla coil.
  14. Doll number 14. + 5% Critical Resistance. Yuma County (Godfisher Windfarm). At the back of the Godfisher shrine area. In a chest surrounded by mines.
  15. Doll number 15. + 5% to initiative. Yuma County Speedway. In a locker with explosives (level 8). In the room where you confront Liberty Buchanan. Collision with Liberty is the point of no return. So by this point, collect all the other dolls.

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