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Walkthrough Song of Horror: Episode 1

Walkthrough Song of Horror

Second floor of the Hasher house

In the chair on the left, you find a black and white photograph of Katherine, the wife of Hasher, and his children Julia and Saul. Rotate the photo to see “Do not look at this photo” at the back. Expand the picture and you will see a scary face. Use the key to open the door closest to the stairs. Behind the next door are monsters. Try to turn on the light with the switch to the right of the door. There is no electricity.

Open the next door to the second floor and take a dirty rag from the sink. The next door on the right is locked, on the left – is covered with black mold. The far right door leads into the pantry. There are footprints on the floor at its end. Apparently, a hidden door is located here, but so far it cannot be opened.

Go to the balcony through the door at the end of the second floor. There is a spotlight nearby, there is a battery near it, but you need a cable to connect the two devices. From the barbecue, get the tongs for coal. In the back of the balcony, there is a table with a note with best wishes. Return to the corridor of the second floor and go right. Take Isaac’s second letter from the cabinet on the left. Open the first door on the left and take the plan for the elevator in the Hasher’s mansion from the curbstone. The door nearby does not open, and behind it is heard the cry of a child.

Go to the left side of the second floor. Pick up the device for controlling the garage door from the table in the corner. Examine the door near the table. A key is stuck in a keyhole.

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Turn on the electricity

Go down to the first floor. In the second kitchen with sparkling wire, use a dirty rag to wipe the water. The wire will no longer sparkle. Run into the garage with a boiler (door near the entrance) and try to use the remote control. Again, electricity is required. Return to the corridor and study the large clock near the front door. Since you mopped the floor, now the clock is going fine. Go through the right of the two doors at the beginning of the house. Open the door at the bottom left of the screen to go down to the basement.

There is a safe in the basement. Remove the note with a hint from it. It lists everything that you need to know in order to get a password from a safe. Go to the back of the basement to find the fuse box. In the inventory, combine a screwdriver and a metal box to get fuses. Solve the puzzle arrange the fuses in the correct order:

  • 25/15
  • 20/10
Walkthrough Song of Horror
Solving the fuse puzzle

Go to the garage where the boiler stands. Use the remote control from the gate, but the doors will not open as water falls on the panel. Examine the sign hanging on the wall to find out: for emergency shutdown, hold down the blue button for 4 seconds. Do this and you will see that the water is gone. Use the remote control to raise the gate.

Walkthrough Song of Horror
Go outside and take the cable to charge the battery from under the hood of the car

Look through the rear window and pull out the folder. Inspect the rest of the backyard. There is a door here, but it requires a special key.

Go back inside the house and open the door to the kitchen where the wire sparkled. Behind it you will find a pantry with firewood. Take the firewood and place them in the fireplace of the living room on the ground floor, where the piano stands. Unfortunately, you can’t set it on fire yet.

Climb to the second floor when suddenly something will chase after Sofia. She will hide in the nursery. Climb into the wardrobe and reassure Sofia. Click on the “Space” after the heart hits. If you press the key correctly, the circle will turn white. Remove the second drawing of Saul from the wall. On its back, the boy’s age is 7 years. Go to the balcony and use the cable found in the car, connect the battery to the spotlight. Use the spotlight to remove blackness from the door. To do this, use the LMB to focus, but as soon as the spotlight starts blinking, release the LMB to cool, and then immediately clamp.

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    Feb 11, 2020 2:35 am

    You don’t need to kill Sophie if you just don’t look in Sauls Room after all if you choose to see it you die anyway.

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    Mar 17, 2022 11:11 pm

    There’s no need to change characters. Just listen by the doors and avoid walking into obvious death traps

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