Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Song of Horror: Episode 2

Walkthrough Song of Horror: Episode 2

Warning. If you die as a cop, then be careful, as he can shoot your next character. Enter the next corridor, if you hear a click, be careful – this is the sound of the slide.

You can find the first episode of the game here.

Episode 2. Eerily Quiet

Tip. If you need to hide, there is a table in the store on the ground floor. Climb under it. He is opposite the entrance to the gallery.

Antique shop

In this chapter you will study the antique shop. Examine the door, and then look into the pots on the right to find the key and open the building. Go to the counter and pick up the list of products. There is a clothes rack near the entrance. Remove the hanger from it. Go left from the entrance to the gallery door. Turn right and follow it to the very end until you find the toilet. Inside, you find a spray bottle in the sink. Points for interaction are in the lobby of the first floor – a machine with predictions and some kind of remote control at the seller’s desk.

Go to the large doors leading to the gallery. There is a small door to the left. Go through it into the pantry and from the shelf take the letter from Sebastian Hasher. The door to the gallery is closed. Go to the counter at the entrance and climb the stairs in the corner to the second floor. In the corner, find the statue of a Japanese warrior. You will be asked to pull something out of her mouth. Agree to do this. You can insert the received token into the machine to get the first prediction. It says that you have forgotten about something. This is a hint of reusing the key.

Go upstairs to the second floor. There is a box locked by a metal gizmo on the right. You cannot remove it yet, so go through the only door. The door on the right is closed from the inside. Run forward along the corridor until you hit the metal door. It is also locked.

Return to the first floor and go to the toilet. Nearby is a door EXIT. Open it with the same key as the front door. All three doors in this corridor are closed. You need a key. Exit through the back door to be in the backyard.


Go upstairs; go left in the opposite direction. There will be doors to apartments № 1 and № 2. is There is a trash can near the barbecue. Look into it and confirm that you want to pull something. Inside you will find a silver token. If you insert it into the machine, you will get a second prediction. It says that you need to “move to the right.”

Return to the back yard and go further to find the doors to apartments № 3 and № 4. Thus, № 1 and № 3 are locked from the inside, and № 2 and № 4 need a key. There is also a shed with tool that is locked from the inside. Next to it is the entrance to another building. Please note that it is divided by a partition. According to the prediction, go on the right path.

Try to pick up the item, but it will fall through the bars. The door on the right is locked, so open the left. Examine the button and click on it to try to call the elevator. He will fall down. Move along the corridor and on the left you will find the form that Walter (the night watchman) filled out. The door on the right is locked, and on the left there are mailboxes. You can just study them. Opposite you, there is another serving of boxes. Look through the gatehouse window to see the key.

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