Walkthrough 2

Walkthrough Song of Horror: Episode 1

Walkthrough Song of Horror

Collect all Dolls

Go through the same door on the second floor. Take the golden key from the cabinet on the left. Enter Julia’s room in front. Listen to the recording of Julia and Saul lying on the table. Examine the bedside table to find superglue. Enter the toilet nearby. Inspect the toilet, and then use the barbecue tongs to get the dirty doll out. Open the door to Saul’s room, however there will be an ambush. The history of Sofia is completed.

Choose a new hero. If you re-enter Saul’s room, you will perish. Things of the deceased are in front of the door to Saul’s room (marked with an exclamation mark on the map). Take things; go to the left of the balcony door to find the door with a stuck key. In the inventory, combine the metal ring and superglue, and then apply the ring with glue to the door to open it. You will be taken to the pantry. Here you will find the third letter from Isaac. Also pick up a metal hook. Go back when black mold appears. Run back to the place where the door was opened. Hide under the table in the lower left corner of the screen. Calm the hero.

Follow to the car and to the back yard, where the locked door is located.

Walkthrough Song of Horror
Open the door with the golden key and go inside

Examine the leaflets on the wall and enter the door on the left. You find Masha’s note on the table. Take the orange doll from the table on the left. Go out into the corridor and go through the next door, once in the laundry room. Find a can of solvent here. Do not lower your hands in the bathroom, otherwise you will die. Return to the corridor and open the far door. It was locked on this side, and now you have created a short way back to the house.

Return to the living room with the piano on the ground floor. Throw firewood, if you have not done so already, fill in the solvent and light the fireplace with matches. Go to the second floor, open the far door on the right to get into the pantry with a secret passage. Use a hook at the end of it (you will first need to close the door) to lower the stairs. Go up to the attic.

Go to the back and see the crying Julia. Take one more folder from her hands (you found another one inside the car). Select through the window on the roof, confirm the action. Go down the other stairs and enter the house. You will be taken to the bedroom. Go to the bed and take a note from the bedside table. Take another blue doll from the mirror.

Leave the bedroom through the door by the bed to find Isaac’s fourth letter in the bathroom. There is a third door in the bedroom. Open it (it was locked on this side) to create a short way to the second floor. Go to the basement and open the safe with code 4798. Inside you will find a green doll.

Walkthrough Song of Horror
Safe in the basement

Climb to the second floor and open the nearest door. Turn on the light to enter the room where the monsters were. Having done this, you can listen to another audio recording, and then pick up the red doll from the bed.

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Puzzle with dolls

Interact with the dollhouse in the children’s room on the second floor. You need to arrange the dolls correctly:

  • The blue doll is the bathroom in the center.
  • Dirty doll – lower left room.
  • Red doll – dining room on the ground floor, in the center.
  • Green doll – room with books.
  • Orange doll – kitchen (lower right room).

You will find the old key. Go to the dining room on the ground floor (go down, open the narrow right door). A scarecrow sits at a table. Take a piece of the old sheet from under his hand. Do not go into the room where Daniel went, otherwise the hero will die.

Go to the kitchen, where the wire sparkled to remove another piece of the old sheet from the stuffed animal. Look for the third piece of paper on a scarecrow sitting at a table on the second floor. Go left of the balcony door to find a table next to the door that previously had the key stuck in it. Look for the fourth piece of sheet in the bathroom next to the bedroom that you recently opened (on the second floor) when you were coming down from the roof. Burn the dirty doll by taking it from the house.

Now go where Daniel went at the beginning of the game. Now there is a door. Go down and open the far door to save the hero.

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    Feb 11, 2020 2:35 am

    You don’t need to kill Sophie if you just don’t look in Sauls Room after all if you choose to see it you die anyway.

  • Reply
    Mar 17, 2022 11:11 pm

    There’s no need to change characters. Just listen by the doors and avoid walking into obvious death traps

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