Walkthrough Related Chapter 1

Walkthrough Related Chapter 1

Click on the woman’s face, and then on her right hand. Chat with a taxi driver.

Chapter 1. Everything is back

The gates to the shelter are closed. Go left and turn around the corner of the wall. Go to the left and find the nippers under the bush. All items found will be in the bag, whose icon is located in the lower right corner of the screen. Return to the gate and this time go right, again around the corner. There will be a gate. Inspect it and use wire cutters to cut the wire. You will need to point the wire cutters to the wire and click LMB several times. Cut all parts of the wire to start the cut scene.

Talk with a psychologist to find out that the main character, Jessica, has a second personality in her head – Julia. During lunch, when Jessica gets up, go left to the door and pick up a piece of bread from the table. Go through the door will not work. Click on the empty space to the right of the door (in the same left side of the screen). You will see a dispenser with a cook. Throw stale bread into it and run to the right. Enter the kitchen and examine the letter on the box nearby. Open the box itself and inspect various goodies. Go to the right and at the very end, at the window, you will see a bowl with buns. Take a bun and go right. Outside, you will see the cook throw the boy out of the shelter. Go to him and give a bun.

Chat with Thomas. You will again rule the adult Jessica. Go left to see the silhouettes of the children, and then enter the kitchen through the nearest door. Move to the left through the kitchen and pick up a board from the cook’s table. Go left to the dining room. Move to the right and at the very end, pick up the second board from the floor. Go to the right to a new location. Follow the left and find a ladder with a hole. There will be a door to the left. Go through it to see the memory.

You will again control a little girl. Go right to the head of a huge pink bear and click on the floor to go down to the cellar. A glove hangs in the box on the left. In the background, there are jars of jam, and to the left of the shelves is a box with a lever. Take both items. There is also a large box in the left corner. You can look into it (the “eye” icon). Remove the jacket sleeve and take the opener.

Go upstairs and go left to the large white cupboard. You can study the three drawers. On average, lies a knife. There is a shelf with a doll above the drawers. Examine it, open your left eye and see the subject inside. Also in the left drawer, there is a gap in the lower left corner. Apparently, the second bottom is lower, but so far there is nothing to pry it off.

In the cellar – there is another descent into the dungeon, right in the center of the floor. Follow there, inspect the code panel with the symbols on the left wall. There is a lever on the right. Pull it to remove water. Insert the second lever found in the cellar and pull it to lower the bridge. Cross the bridge and pick up the mount and the bucket. Put it on a wet spot on another bench. You will see a puzzle hint on the bucket. Pull out the white brick to the left of the stairs leading up. Open inventory, select “magnifying glass” and examine this brick. You will see a hint for the puzzle.

Go upstairs to the room, go left and move the rug on the floor near the white cabinet. Inspect the boards and apply a mount on them. You will find a strange package. Examine it with the “magnifying glass” in your inventory. Inside you will find a music box with a ballerina. You will also find a note. Examine it in your inventory. You will learn the hint for opening the casket. Keys need to be inserted where they were found.

Climb to the basement, where on the left wall are tiles with symbols. Set them as in the screenshot below:

Walkthrough Related Chapter 1
Walkthrough Related Chapter 1

You will see a heart and a key. Apply the knife to the vessels holding the heart. You will receive the first key. From the dungeon with this mystery you can go down even lower, through the hatch in the floor. Having done this, you will find yourself in the jaws where Julia is bound. Hang several times on the big fang to the left of Julia. You tear it out, and then you can pick up the second key.

Climb into the cellar and open banks with raspberry jam (there are two points for interaction). In one of the cans there will be some muck. However, something sticks out from there. Use the glove to get the tweezers. Climb into the room and examine the doll. Pull the hook out of her left eye. To do this, apply tweezers on it. Inspect the left drawer of the same cabinet and use the hook on the slot in the lower left corner of the drawer. Take the third key.

Now go down to the cellar. There is a bear’s paw on the right. Use a knife on it. Rats will fall out. One of the rats on the stairs will have a fourth key.

Now you need to apply all four keys. You need to do this at four different levels. In the room with the bear, use the key in the form of a bear on the first keyhole. In the basement, use a rat-shaped key on the second lock. At the level with the heart, use a heart-shaped key on the third lock. In the mouth with Julia, use the last key on the right hole. Watch the cut scene.

This completes the passage of Related Chapter I.

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