Walkthrough Children of Silentown

Walkthrough Children of Silentown

Click on the commands that appear on the screen. Come closer and closer. After the video, get off the bench and pick up the ball. Then remove it from inventory in the upper left corner of the screen and transfer it to the boy. Watch the cut scene, select a dialogue phrase.

Go upstairs so Lucy finds her diary. Now its icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Pick up a winding mouse. Go down to the first floor and remove the bowl hanging to the right of the front door. Pass this bowl to your mother. Next, mom will ask for firewood. Use the clockwork mouse on the cat lying on the chest. Then open the chest, take the wood and throw them into the stove on the right. You will find the sound.

Talk to your mother, she will ask to bring salami from the basement (sausage). Take the candle from the table and light it in the fireplace on the right. Go to the basement to the right of the stairs where the cat ran away. Place the burning candle from the inventory in the stand to the left of the entrance. The filed will be lit. In the background there is food. Take the sausages and take them to mom. Now you need salt. The can is standing on the closet at the entrance. Try to get it. Take the stool on the right and place it in the corner, under the cupboard. Try to get salt again.

Lucy will go for a walk. Outside, talk to the old woman who is petting the cat. The old woman will give the amulet. Go right and up, interact with the door to get a hinge. Insert it into the bell to the right of the door. You will get another sound. After that, mom will call you for dinner. Lucy will chase the cat down the alley.

The nightmare will begin. Watch the video. Lucy will be home. Mom will start playing the harp, and you will get another collectible. The demo will be completed.

To be continued…

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