Walkthrough green - Bart Bonte (All Levels)
Walkthrough 2

Walkthrough green – Bart Bonte (All Levels)


Here you can find all levels of the game green Bart Bonte.

Level 1

Press a few times on the square under the number “1” until it turns completely green.

Level 2

Lower two sliders so that the screen turns green.

Level 3

There are two white figures on the screen. Click on each 2 times, closing and opening them. They will turn green.

Level 4

4 paper planes are spinning on the screen. Click on them to fly off the screen. When everyone flies away, the level will end.

Level 5

There are many Christmas trees and arrows on the screen. All arrows each time point to one specific tree. Click on it. Arrows point to another. Click on it. Repeat by clicking on the trees that the arrows are pointing at. So you clear the entire screen.

Level 6

Tap on the screen until the little man runs to the right.

Level 7

Click on the first square to fill the top row. Click a square a little higher to go down. Click on the third square to go left, and then on the fourth to go back up. Repeat the steps, but so as not to overdo it by clicking on the same square.

Level 8

Hold your finger on the two rings (of which the number “8” consists) until they burst. You don’t need to touch the cactus.

Level 9

Put the number “9” on the black platform on the left to lower it.

Level 10

You see two green and two white stripes. Move the two green stripes to white. And the green numbers, which are now hidden behind the green stripes, simply touch the white ones. The whole screen should be green.

Level 11

Click on the bottom square to the left to completely fill in the first digit “1”. Click on the top square once. One green bar will appear in the right digit “1”. Once (!!!) click on the lower right square to lower the green bar in the right digit by one position. Fill the first digit again and press the top button to move the second bar to the right.

Press once again on the lower right square to lower both strips one position. Repeat until you complete both numbers.

Level 12

Move the green letters to white. You will need to first push two E to the right, then move left G and R. Then lift up two E and move it to the right to N. Then everything is simple!

Level 13

Blow all the balloons with the letters, but in such a way that every time you repeat the word GREEN. Otherwise, the balls will appear again!

Level 14

On the left are the numbers that you must click in the column on the right. Moreover, in the column there are only “1” and “4”. However, there are other numbers, which are arranged from bottom to top from “1” to “9”. Everything is simple. Count the order of squares. Start with 1-5-3 and then figure it out for yourself.

Level 15

You need to close all white dots. In this case, you can rearrange the corners on the circles through the center point. The bottom circle should have three petals pointing down. Upper – 1 and 2, respectively.

Level 16

Press the three round buttons alternately, without stopping, clockwise.

Level 17

Paint all sides of the squares alternately. Start from the bottom. The puzzle will be reset every time you click on the white side, which does not border on the green (is not adjacent to it).

Level 18

The arrow in the center of the screen shows where the circle you click will fly. You need to remove all four circles outside the field.

Level 19

There are 5 toggle switches. Lower all. Then lift only four so that the bottom bar does not disappear! Lower all four, but raise only three. Drop three, but return two. Finally, lower two, then return and lower one.

Level 20

When you tap on the screen, the square is changed direction. And only clockwise: if it moves down, it turns left, then up, right and down. Move around the maximum circle, collecting white dots. When you collect everything, and then complete the level.

Level 21

Number the squares you want to click as follows:

1 * 2 * 3

* 4 * 5 *

6 * 7 * 8

* 9 * 10 *

11 * 12 * 13

Click on the squares like this: 1-6-2-9-13-7-3-4-11-10-8-12-5.

Level 22

Grow a cactus so that it blows both numbers “2”. For the left digit, press all the time on the left circle, and for the right – on the right. Other combinations are not suitable!

Level 23

All letters have four different directions. That is, you need to make the word GREEN from letters that are directed in the same direction. For example, everyone is looking to the right, as expected. Others – to the left, third and fourth – down and up, respectively. If you press it incorrectly, new letters will appear.

Level 24

Select the arrows so that they are pointing right or left. The circle will move where the arrows are directed.

Level 25

Here all the white dots are around the right circle. Move there four petals, and on the left circle there should be two standing next to each other.

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