Walkthrough All side Quests - Control: The Foundation

Control: The Foundation – Walkthrough All Side Quests


The Foundation’s recent addition to Control lets you return to the corridors of the Federal Bureau of Control, as Jesse, the main character of the game, must save the Eldest House from a new deadly threat.

The game has a lot of secrets, but in our guide we will focus on completing side tasks.

Found Footage

Return to the cave systems at the beginning of this new world and apply the new ability so that crystals come out of the wall on the left. You can climb the stone bridge. Go to the passage on the left, into the abyss. At the entrance, this mission is activated. Take the TV at the very beginning and move along with it through the caves. The television immobilizes all enemies who are trying to get closer to you. Therefore, no one needs to be killed. Once out, put the TV in the camera.

Jesse Faden starring in Swift Platform

In the destroyed department, get access to transit. This will happen after you move the changed item on the assignment. Go through the second rising gate and look for the stairs leading down. There will be an elevator. Go down and interact with the movie camera. This is a difficult task. Use levitation to dodge obstacles, and also jump on moving platforms. Any mods for health regeneration will be useful here.

How To Complete Pope’s Collection

To complete this task and gain access to the basement laboratory, you need to find all the ID-cards in the Warehouse. When you find one of the cards, visit Crossroads and talk with Pope. So the quest is activated. All five IDs are in stock:

  1. Lower Level Warehouse. Open the back door of the building with the elevator shaft. This can be done later when you connect all the generators inside the elevator. In general, come back here when you deal with the Warehouse key.
  2. There are four buildings at the Warehouse point. In one of them, on the table there is a card.
  3. Go up to the upper ledge to the left of the yellow houses (four from point 2) and create crystalline platforms from the walls on the left (you need to climb onto the metal structure). From the third platform, jump into the window of the elevator building.
  4. Go to the elevator and find the card in the building to the right of the entrance.
  5. Go around the building with the elevator counterclockwise and find the ID on the metal scaffolding.

Return to the room where the location of the first card is described (read point 1 in the list above). There are terminals here. You need to insert the appropriate ID into each:

  • Chief excavation engineer: in the machine to the right of the door, with tools.
  • Senior cartographer: in the far right corner, on the table with maps.
  • Security chief: in the far left corner, with a machine gun.
  • Leading physicist: on the left, on the table with a first-aid kit and a typewriter.
  • Head of Research: on the table with a photograph of the staff, right next to the front door.

Place all 5 cards in the right places so that you can get down to the underground laboratory. Open a huge door below to fight the boss. Once you find the document, take it to Pope.

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