Control: AWE - Walkthrough

Walkthrough Control: AWE


Read detailed description of all story missions for the latest expansion of the action Control – AWE

To start the AWE add-on, you need to complete the storyline of the main game. After that, you can take the elevator and get into the new investigations sector.

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Control: AWE – Side Missions

A Dark Place Walkthrough

Look around, collect various items and move forward. There is a barricade of furniture at the beginning on the right hand. Disassemble it, find the battery on the second floor and take it to the generator below. Open the grate on the right.

Once in the hotel, inspect the two rooms that will open when you click on the call. We’ll have to turn off the TV and radio. Unplug the vending machine near the bell at the front desk and head into the back room to find the key. And then – as usual, open the door with a triangle.

Move on until you meet the first enemies. When there is a clot of darkness ahead, pull the lantern towards you and direct it towards the darkness. So you will scatter it. Climb even higher, go to the operations center and find a room with a battery at the top of the far stairs. Bring it to the generator at the beginning of the department where you came from. Go into the opened room, take the battery and insert it into the hole inside that room. Activate the panel and kill the enemies.

Use the elevator and go to the Investigations Sector. You will be attacked by Hartman. Insert the battery into the hole on the side and stand under the light. Next, you will need to find other batteries and insert them into the generator to the left, in the diagonal opposite from the first and next to it. The monster will disappear, and you can go downstairs and inspect the terminal.

The Third Thing Walkthrough

Next, you need to visit two areas and get rid of Hartman. Walk left to the Eagle Limited Awe. Take the elevator. There will be a locked gate ahead. You need to insert the battery into the generator. It is on the left, but the path to it is blocked by darkness. Look for a lantern on the right and deal with the darkness.

Kill enemies in the large hall, climb up using the platform. Break the glass of the office, pick up the lantern and go through the corridor. Destroy two clots of darkness to make the platform fall down.

There will be many generators in the next room. Look for batteries to activate all wires of the same color and open cells with loot. However, to continue, it is enough to have two batteries and activate the holes to which the two yellow cables are connected.

Once in the sector with the monster, close the door. Move from console to console, activating each one to make the car go to the end of the hall. In the same place, activate the panel that will turn on the lights throughout the hall.

Follow Hartman through the stone wall to the side of the car. There are 4 battery holes in the back room. Each battery is hidden inside small transformers. You need to destroy all red growths on the selected transformer to gain access to the battery. Please note that when you remove the battery, the light from the transformer will disappear. When you insert all the batteries into the four holes, turn on the light. This section has been cleared.

Go to Fra Mauro’s AWE. Finish off the enemies after the elevator and remove the darkness with a flashlight. Do the same with the darkness on the generator and battery in the next room. Then insert the cube into the hole on the generator. Jump down through the opened elevator shaft. Insert the battery into the generator on the right, at the console. Use the remote control to move the railway platform so that the spotlight on it points to the other generator. Insert the battery into the platform to illuminate the generator and remove the darkness. Insert the same battery into it and follow on.

Move through the dark corridor with Hartman in a zigzag manner (from one side of the room to the other). Eventually, you will get to the battery. Break the wall nearby and you will see a generator. Insert the battery into it.

Turn the large platform by activating it from the remote control in the control room opposite. Destroy the red growths that will slow it down. You will find yourself in the hall with Hartman. Click on the remote on the left so that the platform under the ceiling will approach you. The spotlight points at you.

Click again and follow under the spotlight. It will destroy the darkness and release the battery. Together with it, move to the end of the hall, starting the movement of the platform with other consoles. Insert the battery into the bottom hole to remove the darkness from the top generator. Start moving the platform under the ceiling to remove the darkness from the second battery. Insert both into the holes of two adjacent generators, take the elevator to the upper room and turn on the lights in the hall. Return to the The Investigation Sector to complete the quest.

It’s Happening Again Walkthrough

Go to the last section. When the elevator stops, find a lantern and shine on two clots of darkness. Once in the hotel, use the bell and explore the three rooms. Turn on the lamps in two rooms, and in the third, turn the projector twice. Take the key from the rack.

You need to move from one illuminated area to another, dragging the found batteries with you. Insert them into the three holes, then return to the panel near one of the inserted batteries and light the room. Attack Hartman, while you can damage him. It will then create an earthquake, causing some of the batteries to fall out of the holes. Put them back in to turn the light back on. After winning, you will complete the expansion.

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