Walkthrough Beyond a Steel Sky

Walkthrough Beyond a Steel Sky


Solving the Qdos puzzle in the recycling centre

Enter the Recycling centre and follow the walkway from before to briefly interact with Jimmy

Enter the Furnace room where you found Leet before – he’s gone, but the hostile security droid from before is here, and you can put the Joeyboard in it for a nice “upgrade”

Go further into Leet’s lab to find his body – Leet is dead, and his death happened very recently

Sit down in Leet’s special LINCspace chair again, it’s time to go back into the digital world

Once inside, use the Navigator again and you’ll be led to the Qdos allocation system

In the next room you’ll find a digital recording from Leet, who knew his death was coming

Leet will charge you with saving Poppy, the innocent girl he was taking care of

Now you’ll have to undertake a puzzle involving Qdos, it shouldn’t be too difficult…

All you need to do is find the division symbol, and the number 0 – pick those up

Once that is done, find the display with the Qdos of All Citizens, place the division symbol in the left slot, and the 0 in the right

And now everyone in the city should have infinite Qdos, allowing you to travel outside of the city with the children you rescued and Poppy

Getting past the androids

Once you try to leave the main furnace room you will spot hostile androids on the way to take you down, which is not good – you will need to sneak past without getting spotted

Turn on the tap for the moonshine distillery

Ask Joey to set fire to the moonshine on the floor, which he’ll gladly do with his new security droid shell

This will get you back through to the main recycling centre room, and you’ll find Poppy hiding in a locker

The furnace room and the moonshine distillery will explore as you ride the monopod into the sunset, a beautiful end

Opening Union City’s gate

Finally, you are reunited with the best members of the cast, Wendell, Orana, and Milo I guess

Your goal will now to be to get the main gate open so you can all drive off in Wendell’s truck

Since everyone is here you can talk to everyone and take your time – once you’re done hack the door to the elevator and get into the next room, then leave via the door

Follow the walkway down and you’ll find that devious Alonso holding a gun to Songbird

Get your hacker out, and walk away from the door slightly until you see the gun control option

Swap the green icon into the Gun control node, and then swap the shutter options – this should close the shutters and get Alonso’s attention

Alonso will question you a bit, it doesn’t seem to matter how you respond

Honestly, I never liked Alonso, but he was hardly an antagonist – despite this, Joey assists Foster, and you kill Alonso before moving into the control room

Head to the right corner of the room, near the screens, and use your hacker with the signal system and the land train doors

Swap the Land Train and Main Gate options

Now head towards the toaster, and hack both the toaster and the satellite – NOTE: you may need to restart from an autosave for the satellite object to appear as hackable, it appears to be bugged

Now bare witness to a big chunky cutscene as we try to escape Union City

Taking down the council

I have always wanted to take down the council, and video games are once again fulfilling fantasies

After the tragic cutscene with Joey we find Foster and Orana heading towards the citadel – head straight towards it

The doorway will be closed, but you’ll see a cleaning droid shell which resembles Joey’s – approach it to continue

The council will justify their evil actions, and it’s up to you to tell them off

As it turns out, the council are all holograms and the only real enemy is Joey the Saviour

Once the cutscene is over, it’s time for swift action – use your hacker and edit the androids

Have androids attack one another, and have them warn you once they see other androids

Orana tells Foster to run, and now you have to put an end to things before they get out of hand…

Taking down Joey the Saviour

Time to save the world – start down the linear path you’re on and you’ll find a haunting ruined room

This room will be familiar to Foster and fans of Beneath a Steel Sky – sit in the Overmann’s chair

You will need to convince Joey and his multiple personalities

Rotate the cube until it displays a picture of Milo being kidnapped

Rotate the next cube to show Graham and Songbird – simple since you just need to rotate until it is stood flat

Next rotate the three sides of the cube to show a picture of Graham on his knees – this is tougher, but you’ll make it through

Rotate the next to show a man falling – this one is easier than the last

Next you want a man on his knees before the city – rotate the top once, and the bottom three times

With the ministers down, Joey falls, and reveals everything was based on the last misconstrued instruction from Foster before he left

With his job done, Foster leaves Union City in the hands of Orana and Danielle, and saunters off back into the Gap to take Milo home – that also means you’ve finished the game! Well done, and thanks for using our guide. Let us know in the comments below if you made it this far!

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