Walkthrough Beyond a Steel Sky

Walkthrough Beyond a Steel Sky


Beyond a Steel Sky is a sequel to the classic point & click adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky from Revolution Software. This time we are waiting for a 3D game with an open world, in which there are many interesting and unusual puzzles. This guide will help you through all the most difficult moments. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section at the bottom of the article!

How to get to Union City

Go to the dead body and examine the birds. Try to scare them with a mount. Nothing will work, so apply a piece of cake on them. Examine the corpse. The main character will go to the gates of Union City. Go ahead and chat with the flying drone. Select all topics. There is a truck ahead. Go to the driver sitting nearby and talk to him. He must leave. You can once again talk with the drone following you. Talk to the technician who is standing at the barrier. Interact with the remote, but nothing happens.

Go left of the truck and talk with the child who is standing near the rusted carousel. Use mount from the inventory on the carousel chain, and then push the carousel. Push it a couple of times so that the guy comes out. Talk to him. Then chat with the girl Ember, standing nearby. Go to the right side where there is a large pedestal. Inside it is a Voxel. Talk to him. You will receive fireworks from him. There is a booth a little further. Put your hand on it so that the robot takes a picture of you.

Go to the missing bridge and interact with the help terminal on the right. Now it is activated, and you can chat with the girl. Go to the center, interact with the vending machine and pick up a can of soda. You can also activate the terminal with the remote control to the right of the vending machine and study the system. Talk to the drone, technician and truck driver again.

Go to the birds behind the truck and scare them off with a firework. Interact with the door and select Perform Ritual. The truck driver should have told you the sequence to open the door. Hit the bumper, Do a Jig, and then pull the door. You will receive a Mini-K item (packaging of sausages). Go to the bridge, where a large bird often appears, in whose beak there is something. Carefully approach her and select “Bait”. Go to the waterfall on the left and throw a sausage into it so that the bird dies from electric shock. Pick up the item and pass it to the Amber girl. Follow her to the workbench located on the playground. Interact with the panel on the workbench and watch the cutscene.

Run to the bridge and turn right into the control room. Previously, you could not get there, but now go through the identification. Use the diagnostic console on the left. Turn off the fan and pick up the scanner hanging on the wall on the right. Run to Amber and ask for her help with the bridge. Offer the girl an android finger. She will agree to help. Now you can use the scanner to hack different devices. Follow Amber to the vending machine in the center. Just swap the top two functions. Go to the terminal to the left of the bridge; swap functions so that the bridge opens when an error occurs. Click on the panel.

Cross the other side of the bridge. You can use the remote control on the left to reopen the bridge and go back. Talk to the cargo bot carrying boxes. There is the conveyor on the left, and next to it is a cooler. Hack both devices with a scanner. The cooling system has a rhombus with fast speed. Install it on the conveyor belt so that it moves quickly. Wait until the robot arrives here. When this happens, he will fall into the magnet trap. Remove the power cell from its back. Pass it on to a truck driver who can take you inside the city.

Getting to Graham’s apartment

Head into the Monopod at the back, and it will deliver you to the main plaza

Head straight forwards toward the AI kiosk, you can upgrade your U-Chip here

You can now explore, or head back into the monopod to go to Graham’s apartment

Graham’s apartment is on the second floor of an apartment complex – first door on the left from the elevator – but before that you’ll have a short, and mostly inconsequential, chat with a strange young girl

Becoming Graham Grundy

Once you’re done talking with Graham’s wife you’ll be tasked with becoming Graham. You need three things

First head into the bathroom and use the medical analysis equipment, note Graham’s health level and your own, including implants

Next check the Employee of the Month frame on the wall, also in the bathroom

Then head towards the spare room, you can find Graham’s work uniform in the closet, and his photography in the room

Finally, investigate the Ministries on his computer to discover where he worked

Once all of this is complete, you can head into the bedroom

Convincing the Mentor

You’ll be asked questions on all of the above – the only piece of information that isn’t obvious is the fact that Graham worked on trains – it was in the background of his Employee of the Month picture

What’s nice is that Graham’s wife, Songbird, will literally give you big visual hints in the background, like she’s playing charades, to remind you of any info you may have missed

Once all of this is complete, the Mentor will leave, and you can talk to Songbird about Graham to find information on Leet, your next target

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