Walkthrough Beyond a Steel Sky

Walkthrough Beyond a Steel Sky


Graham’s messages

With the MINOS hacking over with, we can finally peer into Graham Grundy’s messages, so let’s head back to his apartment – you can throw the Bilby toy into the furnace before you leave, on Leet’s behest

Get into Graham’s bedroom and access the MINOS terminal to peek at his messages

Go through Graham’s messages, read all you want, and find the message with the attachment

Once you’ve found it, select the new mystery icon in the Holoplinth section of the terminal

Now the holoplinth in the main room will change, but be indecipherable – use the broken holoplinth gem in your inventory

Now we have a new message, and a new goal, to get into the Aspiration Gala at midnight

You can talk to Songbird and Chipworth to ask about the Aspiration Gala, but only one droid will help you, and he’s very poetic

Reginald’s Dapper Butler Tarquin will be waiting just outside the building, and he needs inspiration: exhaust his dialogue, and you’ll be tasked with finding inspiration for him from Reginald

Head to the Piazza to find Reginald and steal some inspiration

Getting inspiration poetry from the cafe

You’ll find Reginald in the VIP area of the cafe – getting in is a simple case of opening up your hacker and allowing yourself access, but getting his poetry is more difficult

Exhaust Reginald’s dialogue and you’ll find him to be secretive, and up his own arse: he deserves to have his poetry stolen, honestly

To the left of the cafe you’ll find a diagnostician, you can talk to her, but all you need to do is transfer her music to the cafe’s music system via your hacker

Since you’ve swapped around the programs on the VIP door, Reginald won’t be able to leave

Transfer the alarm from the Spankles terminal with the door system to trigger it when Reginald tries to leave

When you get confronted by the security droid, blame Reginald

Now get close to Reginald and wait for the speaker robot to approach, then use your hacker and transfer Reginald’s Aspiration Day Poem to the droid

Make sure to deactivate the alarm by setting Reginald free

Follow the speaker droid with the poem to the brooch stall, and transfer the poem to the stall

Once transferred, you’ll can change your brooch hologram, doesn’t matter what you’ll pick, and you’ll get the poem on your brooch

Finally, go back to Tarquin at the apartments and give him the brooch by using the “inspiration” option

Once all is done you’ll be given a ticket to the gala, and you can put on a set of party clothes in your bedroom, and Songbird will join you once you arrive at the monopod

Getting inside the control room at the Aspiration Gala

Once your arrive at the gala you’ll spot some shadowy types in the rafters, so our goal will be to get to them

You’ll find Alonso at the entrance to the control room, you’ll need to get inside the elevator, but first you’ll need to cause some kind of distraction

Use the nearby Spankles machine, but use the hacker to make the alarm go off, Alonso will approach to investigate, when he does the nearby hoload will change

A vermin warning only shows when Alonso is nearby, while he’s there put the vermin warning node in the main display of the hoload with the hacker

Now use the hacker to slowly move the vermin warning from hoload to hoload, leading down the stairs and towards the projector – make the projector display the vermin warning to light up a giant Gang-Gang bird

This is the distraction you need to use the elevator in the control room, go get up there

Finding the shadows

Inside the control room use your crowbar on the vent in the corner of the room, and then crawl through

Ascend the spiral ramp and follow the people you see

You will be given the option of watching the performances of Reginald and Tarquin – we used the Aspiration Gala poem to give to Tarquin, but you can also use the private poem, and the outcomes are slightly different

Follow the path and descend a ladder to find the path forward

After some happy reunions things go awry pretty badly, and you’ll need Joey to continue

Taking out the android and getting Foster back

You’ll need to take the android out, first you’ll need to use the console in the centre of the room

Deactivate the power to one of the empty chairs, this will prompt the android to press a button on the console to fix it

Make sure it can’t be fixed by flying behind the chair you chose and deactivating it by bashing into it

The android will attempt to fix it by climbing over the rail, at which point you can have Joey push him off

Return to Orana to continue

Once you regain control of Foster, follow Joey into room five

Once everything is done, follow the path you used to get here, and you’ll eventually make your way back to the recycling plant – we’re finally approaching the end of the game…

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