Walkthrough Beyond a Steel Sky

Walkthrough Beyond a Steel Sky


Getting a travel waiver at the Aspiration Platform

Once at the Aspiration Platform you’ll be confronted by a concerned droid who needs you to clean up the place

You don’t actually have to worry about all the mess quite yet, instead you’ll need to make a bigger one

First go into the control room on the right, and use the control box near the door to turn off the sprinklers around the big tree

Next, lure the Gang-Gang bird at the back of the stage, to the right when exiting the control room

Throw a MiniK at the tree in the centre, and then go back and turn on the sprinklers to cause a massive mess

Collect the bunting from the tree to attract Orana

Talk to Orana about the Recycling centre to get the travel waiver

Get Joey’s chip out of the cleaning droid, and then head back to the monopod to the Recycling centre

Finding Leet’s moonshine

Go inside the Recycling centre and head down the stairs to the right to meet Leet, he’ll demand you find his moonshine

It’s in another building, but you’ll need to get past a hostile security droid first

First go further into the building and use the Crusher control console to turn it off

Now, get onto the conveyor belt and use your crowbar on the crusher

Now go and turn the crusher back on, and quickly hide within the locker nearby

Only come out when the droid is investigating the crusher, and turn it back on again

That’s the droid dealt with, make sure to pick your crowbar up off the floor

Now you can head back up the stairs and follow the walkway into the next building

Stick to the right to find the furnace, and use the glass bottle using the tap at the bottom of the stairs, and head back to Leet

Finding the real Leet

Talk to Leet about your U-Chip and you’ll discover he’s not Leet, he’s a murdering psycho

Use the Empty glass bottle on the table to free yourself

Take the unicorn from Jimmy’s table and the cleaver on the floor before heading back towards the walkway the droid was guarding

This time stick to the left, but don’t go up the ladder

Use your crowbar on the Rusty box to open it, and turn off the switch

Head over to the gas control valve and turn it to break it off

Head up the ladder from before and use the cleaver on the tether for the sign to take it down

Head back to the gas valve and use the plastic unicorn on the broken light that has been knocked down

Head back to the switch and turn it on for an explosion

Now head back into the furnace room where you found the moonshine

The furnace will have died out and you can head up a ladder at the back, where you will find the actual real Leet, and a small child

Hacking MINOS

Finally we’ve found the real Leet – exhaust his dialogue options to keep moving forward

Foster’s retro Schriebmann Port allows him to enter LINCspace, and hack into MINOS using a digital avatar

Sit in Leet’s chair and enter the digital world, and you’ll have to solve some very simple puzzles before deleting Leet and Graham’s data from MINOS to make them free men

Walk into the floating icons here to teleport – enter the first one, and then collect the two items on the pedastals

Use the repair tool on the broken stairs back in the last room, go up

Enter the floating icon on the left, use the repair tape in the new room, and then collect the item and return

Use the Blind tool on the giant eye in the last room

Enter the room to the right of the eye, collect the Divine Wrath tool and return

Go back into the room with the eye and use the chess knight icon

Use the Divine Wrath icon on the virus, then return and take the icon to the left of the eye

Use the repair tool on the damaged cog to complete the path, and take the decrypt tool

Head back to the room with the safe, and use the decrypt tool to open it

Back in the main room, use the fire extinguisher to open the final path and access MINOS

You can use the converter in this room with the core log you picked up, then use the Navigator to complete the path

Solving the data puzzle with Elliot, Graham, and Greta

In here you’ll meet the Greta AI again, and she’ll allow you to move data around in this puzzle

Essentially you need to move all of the data and programs onto the Greta AI

You can only stack them according to height – programs can be placed atop one another but the one underneath must be larger – focus on moving the largest onto the AI first, and then work from there step by step

Follow these instructions

  • Red data to AI
  • Yellow to Graham
  • Red to Elliot
  • Yellow to Elliot
  • Blue to AI
  • Yellow to AI
  • Red to Graham
  • Yellow to Graham
  • Green to AI
  • Yellow to Elliot
  • Red to AI
  • Yellow to AI
  • That should be everything complete!

Once you’re out of MINOS you’ll find Joey with a new droid body, and a new goal – head back to Graham’s apartment and view the messages on his terminal

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