Walkthrough Bee Simulator 2019

Walkthrough Bee Simulator


Bee Simulator is a fascinating bee simulator in which there are several game modes and a story campaign.

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  • W – forward;
  • S – back;
  • A – sideways movement to the left;
  • D – sideways movement to the right;
  • Q – down;
  • E – up.

In addition, to rotate – move the mouse around the table. Moreover, for effective turns, we recommend that you advance to the game settings and increase sensitivity. Fly along the golden markers until you find yourself outside. You will be ordered to collect pollen with color. You need to fly through 20 circles, which marked the flowers.

After collecting 20 units of pollen, you can take a new task. You will learn about “bee vision”, which is activated by pressing the “1” key. During bee vision, you see the rarity of flowers. The rarer the flower, the better pollen you will receive:

  • White is an ordinary flower.
  • Green is special.
  • Yellow is rare.
  • Red is epic.
  • Violet is legendary.

Using eyesight, find red flowers and collect pollen from them. It is required to pollinate four such flowers. Take a new task and take advantage of bee acceleration by holding Shift. You will see a message that a feat has become available. Press Esc, go to the “Advanced” menu and select “Archive”. There is a corresponding section – “Feats”. Think of them as in-game achievements. Next, you will need to hand over the collected pollen by touching the honeycomb in the hive. Talk to Alice outside, then inside the hive, and then fly to meet the Queen of the Bees. Then get out.

Collect pollen from 25 common flowers, and then use bee vision to collect pollen from four yellow flowers. Fly to the wounded bee. Chase bee flying through the green rings. If you make five mistakes, you have to start again. Collect icons in the form of “Arrows” to fill the scale for acceleration. If at the end of the chase you fly to a bee, but nothing happens, then perhaps there is a ring nearby that you did not fly through.

Walkthrough Bee Simulator
Walkthrough Bee Simulator

Your first opponent

In battle, you need to press on the RMB and LMB – the block and the attack. Moreover, RMB need to be reaped when the slider passes through the blue areas, and the LMB – red. If you make a mistake with pressing RMB, then miss the damage, LMB – just do not attack the bee. When the energy scale is full, in the next turn you will not need to defend, but only attack. After the victory, return to the hive.

Flower girl

Fly to the honeycomb to hand over the collected pollen. Fly to the library to find out where to look for epic flowers. Then follow out. Once out, fly up to the old bee and dance. Repeat her movements using the WASD keys. There is nothing complicated about it!

From this moment, various tests are available to you. You will see pillars of light of different colors. Red color – you need someone to win the battle, purple – to dance, white – side quests. Nearby there is all this. An additional quest is associated with the squirrel Cicco, who lost his mother. In order to complete the “Foster family” side quest, fly around the nearest territory (within the pen) and talk with different squirrels, which will be marked by a yellow pillar of light. Sooner or later there will be that protein that will take the squirrel in the family.

Follow the marker. Periodically turn on bee vision and do not miss the opportunity to collect pollen from purple flowers!

Take another side quest, Lisa’s Responsibilities. You will need to collect five nuts that are lying on the ground and marked with blue circles.

Walkthrough Bee Simulator
Walkthrough Bee Simulator

You can take only one nut at a time, and it is impossible to accelerate.

Tip. To replenish the energy scale, take the test of dance, collect purple flowers in the hands of a flower girl, win the battle or eat sweets.

Fly to the zoo and explore several animal enclosures. In the end, you will have to find a woman in whose hands there are purple flowers. Pollinate them and then fly to meet the fast bee Jordan. You will need to catch up with the bee. Consider the correction for wind, be sure to collect acceleration. Until you get close to the bee, don’t even expect to end the episode. The track will simply be repeated in a circle.

Walkthrough Bee Simulator
Walkthrough Bee Simulator

Fly to a nearby building and use bee vision to find and collect pollen from five red flowers. Return to the hive and fly to the trophy room above the exit. Unlock the honey bee model to complete the quest.

Winter Is Coming

As always, start by unloading pollen into your honeycomb. Fly outside, collect pollen from any 50 colors and go back to drop it into a honeycomb. After that, a marker will appear inside the hive (see above). Find the white pillar of light to take the Maternity Side quest. Take food from the blue bowl and carry it to the blue larvae, from green to green. It doesn’t matter how many larvae you feed. The main thing is at least one.

Next, you will need to collect outside 25 units of special, green pollen. Do this using bee vision. Try to get outside from the hive, but Harry’s hornet will appear. Defeat him. The battle will be difficult, but try to at least promptly put the block on RMB. The tаsk is completed.

Right now we are writing a continuation of the game Bee…

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