Walkthrough Some Distant Memory

Walkthrough Some Distant Memory


Some Distant Memory is a short adventure game. The main character of the game finds a building under ground and she studies the memories of people who once lived here with the help of a special device.

After talking with the commander, go right using the WASD keys. Please note that you need to go down. Browse through the aluminum can. The main character will fall down.

Examine the bed, mobile phone and statue. Enter the building. Examine the cabinet in the upper right corner to reconnect with the commander. Go left and look at the picture. Select the “circle” to see its normal image. Go down to see the photo frame, the magazine (on the toilet) and the will. It is necessary to act in a similar way, only here there should appear a few “circles” that restored the artifacts. Then view the memories in the center of the room.

Go out into the corridor through the door to the right. There is a closed door at the top. Go down and enter the next room on the left. Explore all the objects available here by clicking on the “circles”, and then look through the memories. Go down and right along the corridor. Enter the back room. Examine the magazine and game console, and then start the memory. Climb up the room and examine the locked cabinet. Return through the corridor to the previous room where the second statue was. There is a set of tools on the floor. Take them and apply on a locked cabinet. Take the key out, enter the room on the left. Examine all objects using the scanner to find them (press TAB). View the memory, interact twice with the tree in the upper left corner and go down.

Attention! If you want to collect all the artifacts, before you jump down, go to the corridor and through the door on the left, into the vestibule. Go left and look at the magazine.

Inspect all items. One of the notes is under the bedside table, next to which a memory marker will appear. Go to the room on the left through the bottom door. Examine all subjects and look at a new memory in which grandmother reads a book to her grandson. One item will be hidden in the same room under the chair, the other – at the upper left of the memory marker.

Two doors lead from here. Go down first. Examine all objects, including a desk, and then start the memory of Ricky’s birth. Go back and left to get into the next vestibule with doors. Examine the objects, including the statue and the three artifacts below, and then the memory will start. The door at the bottom left is closed and you need a key. Climb up and go into the room on the right. Examine all objects, including a postcard on the refrigerator, and start a memory. The door on the right leads to the first room where you fell.

So go back to the corridor on the left and go through the door to the left. After examining objects, take a look at the memory. There’s a glitch again. Open the door from above. Beyond ordinary things and memories, you must find the key. Go back to the corridor and go down to open the door on the left.

You will get into the garage. Go left and look at all the things with a memory, then go back to the door on the right and go down the stairs at the bottom of the screen. Once in the basement, interact with the shield on the wall from above. Now there is electricity in the house!

Go upstairs and talk to the commander. New subjects for study appeared in the house. Examine the two in the garage and start the second memory. Now check all the rooms on this floor. Everywhere there were new objects and memories. Then go to the large hall, where you fell at the beginning, and examine the blockage in the lower right corner.

Walkthrough Some Distant Memory
Walkthrough Some Distant Memory

There is a robot vacuum cleaner in the form of a cat

And in doing so, you go to the office with the aquariums and pick up the strange device (remote control). Return to the vacuum cleaner and activate it with this device.

Go into the room on the right, examine all the objects. One of them is hidden behind the cabinet at the top, the other in the bathroom on the right. Watch the memory. Here you will find another remote. Follow the garage and interact with the door on the left. Return to the first part of the house, again inspect all the rooms. You are particularly interested in the far right, which you opened with a key. There is the desired door code. Go through the iron door at the top of the corridor and chat with Rick’s projection. Next, inspect the book and go to the cave on the right. Follow through her, listen to the memories and read her notes. In the end, you will reach the commander. Check out the last memory ending the game.

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