Walkthrough Backbone - Game Guide

Walkthrough Backbone – Game Guide


Read walkthrough Backbone. The space bar allows you to skip cut scenes. To move, use A and D or the left and right directional arrow keys. To interact, press the E key. The detective menu opens with the TAB key.

Act 1. Prologue

Go to the kitchen on the left side and take a jar of reagents from the stove. Return to the room on the right and place the jar on the stand under the board with the data on the investigation. Take the dirty dishes from the table on the right, go to the kitchen and put it in the sink. Go to the door on the right and chat with the woman. The selected phrases do not affect anything! You need to track down Jeremy Green and find evidence of his betrayal. Exit through the door on the right to go to Granville.

Move to the right and talk to the security guard at the entrance to The Bite bar. Go to the alley to the right of the bar and talk to Larry. You need to find a certain Johnny. Move right and search the trash can near the diner to find a pass to The Bite. Follow the street to the left to find a squirrel. Talk. This is Johnny. Ask for help, return to the entrance to the bar and talk to the brute at the entrance. Pay his attention to Johnny, and then make your way inside the bar.

Talk to Clarissa at the bar. You will be escorted out. Return to the alley, talk to Larry and the girl standing by the truck on the right. Take a look inside the truck. You can study the radio and read the newspapers in the glove compartment. Exit to the main street and head right. Chat with Sid at the clothing store. Walk right and talk to Bo, the newspaper seller. Return to Sid, talk to him. Talk to Bo again and he will leave. Climb up the hill behind the press bench. Run along the rooftops to the left and go inside the bar.

Exit the dressing room and move left. Use CTRL to sneak. Run up to the enemy and hide behind the sofa in the foreground. He will pass by. Follow the left, enter the private room and explore everything. Then take the elevator down and exit to the kitchen on the right. The intercom is located here. You can talk to someone on the intercom. Then bend down and move through the ventilation on the right. With the intercom, you will grab the attention of one chef. Go through the ventilation, turn on the mixer to distract the second, and then run all the way to the right. Go through the door. Examine the locker to determine the combination. Enter 0451 on the door.

To be continued…

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