Walkthrough ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights

Walkthrough ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights


ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights is a metroidvania in which you control a little girl who uses spirits to destroy desecrated methods.

Chapter 1

The game is divided into several chapters. We will divide our material according to them and the names of the bosses. The first few rooms are teaching. Get familiar with the controls and get used to dodging! Here are the keys you should know first:

  • Z – jump
  • X – the standard attack of the Dark Knight (a blow with a sword that can be performed even while running)
  • C – evasion
  • TAB – open a menu with different tabs.

Kill immobile enemies, destroy doors. Later, knights will appear, attacking with various weapons. Enemies with shields should be attacked from behind. To do this, roll in their direction. And in general, a somersault should be done in the direction of all attacking enemies. Before the attack, each opponent will “flicker”.

In the third location, you will find a resting place. Here you can save, as well as restore spent prayers. Prayer, by the way, is activated on the A key. You have three charges of prayers, and each restores health. And also, breaking the boxes, you will find an amulet shard that increases the maximum HP. Go down the hole to the left of the locked door and pull the lever. Behind the door on the right (it is broken with a blow of the sword) there will be an enemy. After killing him, pick up another shard of the amulet. Walk left and climb up the ledges to return to the iron door, which is now open.

How to defeat Sister Sigrid

Run to the right, to the fourth location, and save on the bench. Dodge Sigrid’s punches and counterattack her. Note that she can rotate the mace. She does these rotations three times in a row, and touches you, even if Lily is behind the boss. So here you need to wait out the attack at a distance. After Sigrid runs out of health, she will turn into a huge monster. Keep dodging every time you see a flicker. And do it after 1 second, since Sigrid’s attacks come with a special late.

To be continued…

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