Train Station Renovation Walkthrough

Train Station Renovation Walkthrough


We tell about all the storyline tasks of the simulator of the master who repairs stations and trains – Train Station Renovation

Chapter 1

First, start learning mode. Go to the indicated location and buy a trash can. Open all of its compartments to see how trash should be sorted. You will receive money for sorting waste. Collect the nearest glass bottles, take the bag and drop it into the corresponding compartment. Empty the container, which costs money.

Sell ​​it and buy a other container. You can throw any garbage there, but you will not receive money for it. Collect the highlighted boxes and discard them. Then go to the building, hold down the mouse wheel and select the sponge. Clean the image by holding LMB and moving the sponge.

A paintbrush is needed on the other corner of the building. Paint over the cracked walls. Use a trowel to remove any sticky paper from the wall, and use sandpaper on the rails to remove any rust. Apply a pry bar to the sleeper to replace it. Disassemble the ruined bench with it. The L key allows you to turn on the flashlight, and the ax – to destroy large debris.

Take the bolt cutter in the car and cut the lock on the warehouse door. Go inside, select the wrench and fix the light switch. Sweep the trash in the corner with a broom, and then press TAB to open the store. Buy a bench, go outside, click on “1” and place the item where the broken bench was.

Buy paint in another section, then select it in tools and repaint the wall. The training is complete, but you can continue to reach 100%. Сlear the room and stop of broken things. Install one urn and three more benches. Clean the rails and replace the sleepers. Clear the station. Paint over the white spot (choose a brush, not paint) and pick up any debris. If something doesn’t collapse, throw it into a container. When you press Q to activate the scanner, labels appear in the upper right corner of the screen. They indicate what else you can do. For example, pick up an object or paint a wall.


Train Station Renovation Walkthrough
Train Station Renovation Walkthrough

Select the map by the window next to the tutorial and start the first activity outside of the tutorial. Your tasks:

  • Clear the train station.
  • Cut off the lock.
  • Insert fuses.
  • Turn on the electricity.
  • Repair the outlet.
  • Turn on the lights at the station.
  • Open the door to the hangar.

Take the bolt cutter from the body, enter the small building near the rails, push aside the wooden pallet, and cut off the lock on the electrical panel inside. Open it and insert the two fuses into the top. You don’t need to buy anything! Be sure to lower the large yellow lever. Next, go about your usual activities: repair windows, remove debris, clean walls, and so on.

Now go to the main station building. In a small utility room, you need to fix the socket with a wrench (actually a switch). Once done, use this switch to turn on the light. You have completed the main tasks!

Among the new tasks – you need to fix wheels on a carriage with wood, replace two doors of an ordinary building, collect large debris (pieces of concrete). If there are no tasks in the upper right corner, then they are not in this place.

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