Walkthrough Timelie

Walkthrough Timelie


Use LMB to move. Leave the room; go forward and to the right. Hold the right mouse button to move the camera. To open the door, go to the lilac panel on the right. Try to exit the location, but the floor will collapse. Approach the luminous object on the left. Click on the “Space” and restore the bridge. Your new ability allows you to rewind time.

Chapter 1

First activate the blue panel on the left, and then the yellow panel on the right. After – the red panel. You can go further. Fix the floor and interact with the white panel. You will see how robots are activated. Watch the cut scene with the chase. In the end, the girl will fall down.

Rewind time, and then through the “Space”, repair the bridge. Then click on the Space bar to replay the scene. Go through the door on the left. Just go around the robot, which will move from left to right.

In the next room, wait. Take a moment and get to the red remote control to open the door. Having done this, you get out of the room. You can hold Space to skip repeats. Next, you just need to follow the bot. You should be there the moment he closes the purple door.

Walkthrough Timelie
Walkthrough Timelie

First click on the purple remote control to open one and close the other door. Then stand at the green console. The robot should notice you. Immediately press the green remote control to trap it. It is in this episode that you will meet a cat.

While the cat is distracting the robot, pick up a luminous object, and then move along the walls of the room to the exit. It will be necessary to repair the floor. First, pick a white cell. One white cell allows you to restore the platform once. Purple cells automatically restore purple platforms, with the puzzle starting from the beginning. First pick up the white sphere, repair the bridge to purple and take it. Then click on the blue panel, and when the robot goes left, you go right.

Take the white sphere and repair the nearest bridge on the left. When the robot goes down, stand at the green door and quickly go to the white remote. Open the door, wait for the robot to re-open the green door and run to the purple sphere. You will fix two purple bridges at once. Get to the top position behind the red door, which you must first open with the red remote control.

You will return to the central hub. Go through the next door.

Chapter 2

Run to the white sphere. Wait for the robot to pass by. Leave the room and follow down. If you do not have time, turn into the room on the right. If you have time, run to the hole in the floor. Repair it and get to the red console. Enter the opened room and hide in the upper right corner, behind the closet. Wait for the robot to arrive here (rewind time to D). A cat will distract him. And you just have to get to the exit.

First, take one sphere and run to the console. Repair a bridge for a cat along the way. Then click on the remote. Then take the second white sphere and repair the bridge to the exit. Leave the location.

Use the green remote, run forward and wait for the cat to open the purple door. Then wait for it to distract the robot. After that, take the white cell and repair the bridge to the exit.

Now you can control both the cat and the girl. Choose a cat, move through the ventilation so as to stand to the right of the robot. Meow for a space. While the robot is distracted, run to the door on the right. Stand on the red panel with your cat so that the girl can pass. Activate the green panel. Go inside the building with a cat and torment. While the robot is distracted, pick up the white sphere and get out of here. Fix the bridge and leave the level.

Walkthrough Timelie
Walkthrough Timelie

First, use cat to stand on the red platform. Walk in the hallway and activate the white remote. Come back; swap places with the cat (now the girl will be on the red panel). Use cat and go through the door to the room with a yellow button in the floor. Follow through the ventilation to get behind the robot. As a girl, go close to the robot, on the left side (since the path to the right is closed by a red door). Distract the attention of the robot and run the girl to the yellow door. Use cat to click on the yellow button. Pick up the white cell and fix the bridge. Run to the exit. Then run to the exit in the role of a cat.

The white remote does not interest you. Stand as a girl next to the yellow button, and a cat to the left of the yellow door. Meow when the robot is nearby. He will bypass. As a girl, stand on the yellow button, release the cat into the main hall and exit the button. Run to the exit (both characters).

There will be three robots in the next room. Walk around the center room as a girl. As s cat, you go through ventilation. Distract the robot at the end, and then you run to the exit as the girl. As s cat, you run to the exit through the ventilation.

In this room you must not allow the robot to step on the orange button. First activate the blue and violet panels. Then run (as the girl) behind the white sphere, and then immediately return to the blue panel. At the same time, in parallel, go through the ventilation to the right (as the cat). Get out into the main corridor. When the robot is nearby, meow and hide behind the ventilation.

The robot will look around and then return to the closed robot. This time will be enough for you run across the room behind the blue door (as the cat), and the girl will return to the blue console. Wait for the robot to be near the room. Meow. When the robot enters, close it with a blue panel. Then everything is simple: fix the floor and open the exit with a green remote control.

So you get to the last room with the artifact. Run on the white button next to the starting position of the robot (as the cat). Stand on the yellow button (as the girl). Then take away the purple sphere (as the girl). The puzzle will reset. For the second time, stand on the yellow button in the nearest room (as the cat).

Click on the white cell (as the girl). The robot will click on the blue button and you will enter the room with a cell. Take it, activate the blue panel. Go outside and quickly run to the upper right corner, to the second purple cell. The door will open; you stand on the yellow button (as the cat). And you must be in time before the robot closes all the orange doors by standing on the orange button. Repair the road and pick up the second sphere.

The puzzle will reset again. All purple bridges are repaired. Direct the girl into a room with a white cell. She will enter there as soon as the robot passes through the blue button. Stand in the room with a yellow button (as the cat). When the robot is behind the wall, lighten.

He will hear and go to this room. Go out (as the cat), use the girl to open the door for the cat and hide in one room. Open the room with a yellow button. When the robot enters there, lock it. And then repair the bridge and take the artifact (you need to stand next to both characters).

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