Walkthrough Frostpunk: The Last Autumn

Walkthrough Frostpunk: The Last Autumn


Read the detailed walkthrough of the game Frostpunk: The Last Autumn.

First steps

  • Explore and build marinas.
  • Start collecting resources from the marina.
  • Build and activate a fishing pier or set up a harvesting camp.
  • Build a telegraph station and request more people or supplies.

Rotate the camera so that the shore is located at the top of the screen. All directions that are indicated in our walkthrough are connected with this camera angle. Create a workshop on the left, ignoring the trees. You will have to build here, since there is not enough space left to create a tent camp.

Sign the law on hearty food. In this scenario, motivation is very important. If it falls sharply, then the efficiency will decrease by 30%. Similarly, with high motivation, efficiency will increase by 30%. In the beginning, you have enough food. Send workers to collect resources in the inner circle, next to the generator. Pause the game. Do not worry about accidentally sending engineers: in this scenario, engineers cannot assemble by assembling resources (unless you study the relevant laws after choosing the workers branch). They will build a workshop. When it is ready, then study the marina.

Walkthrough Frostpunk: The Last Autumn
Walkthrough Frostpunk: The Last Autumn

Do nothing else on the first day. Examine Forager’s Quarters  and wait until the work shift is complete. Build several tents below (as an alternative, you can wait until the workers themselves request housing, but there is a risk of illness) and sign the Chapel Law. Create marinas near the camp. Build a medical station on the left. Steam kernels are the first resource that you will run out of. Since the Chapel Law has a radius of action, it must be placed so that it covers the maximum possible number of tents.

Explore Quick Harvest, and order timber on the first marina (a marina can produce only one type of resource). Every day, ships will bring a tree. After the construction of the pier, you will be offered to create a Telegraph station. Through it, you can contact employers from London and request workers, engineers, steam cores (hereinafter referred to as prostheses and, possibly, prisoners). This is an important building, and it takes only 1 day to get the ordered resources. Build a telegraph station on the left and sign the Evening Service law.

Telegraph station

The telegraph station allows you to request workers, engineers and steam cores. You will be able to request prostheses later. However, there is a limit. Each resource requires a certain number of logistics limit: workers – 2, engineers – 4, steam core – 20. Logistical Limit increases passively and automatically, over time. It happens every hour. After you make a request, the ship with the deliveries will arrive the next day, at the same time.

Make sure the first time you request workers. Create a kitchen and start cooking. Hearty food is advisable. Explore Profiles Manufacture buildings, which will be needed in the near future. Sign the law on the bar, explore the “Drawing Boards” (a new level of research) and send a team in search of the first source of food (into the wasteland). Most likely, you will begin to cook food from raw materials from the fishing pier, and after that you will make a harvesting camp. When the tree runs out, build an assembly post next to the marina that brings the wood.

When the first workers arrive, ask at least 5 engineers. Send the first team of procurers. Explore the fishing pier if you have not yet dispatched harvesters in search of food. Otherwise, study the loading station and sign the radical treatment law. As soon as the scouts get to the hunting grounds or you have a fishing pier, you can proceed with the construction of the generator.

To be continued…

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