Walkthrough Drug Dealer Simulator

Walkthrough Drug Dealer Simulator


Drug Dealer Simulator – a fascinating simulator that will allow you to get into the skin of a drug dealer. First you will be a regular dealer, and then the dealers will appear with you. Below we explain and answer the most important questions about the game.

The First Day at Work

Get out of bed, press TAB to look at the phone, and press E to answer the incoming call. Talk to Eddie. Go to the front door, but it’s closed. Return to the main room and pick up the red backpack from the table in the left corner. Search the table itself to get the apartment key. Get Out (50 Experience Points).

The First Product

Reach Eddie by navigating the “exclamation point” at the bottom of the screen. Sit next to him, choose any options. At the end of the conversation you will receive a new assignment – find 3 bookmarks with drugs and return home. You will also receive 600 experience points.

Follow the marker and cross the net fence. Examine the wall of the building near the wooden boxes. There must be a grid. Interact with it to find three sachets. You will receive 300 experience points.

First Clients

Head to your home, interact with your computer. Now you can’t order Eddie for a new stuff. But you can accept 3 orders from three clients. Select each one, click on the “Write Message” box (“Send” button does not work!) And confirm all three orders. You will receive 350 experience points.

Then three New Delivery jobs will appear. They will be actuated whenever you accept an order from customers. Take the fool to the right places, transfer the required amount to the client and earn cash. Please note that a backpack is required for transportation. The heavier the backpack, the more items in it, the slower you will move and the faster the main character will get tired.

How to divide Marijuana?

Open inventory and discard two sachets by moving them to the “basket” icon at the bottom of the screen. Then pick up from the ground only one bag and in conversation with the buyer hand over to him the right amount of drugs. You will complete the order. It remains to pick up the bag lying on the ground.

Updated. If you want to move one sachet from several, hold ALT, move ALL sachets, and release the LMB (do not release ALT). In this case, you will only give 1 sachet. The same, but with the CTRL key, will let you choose the number of sachets.

After that you will also receive the second level. Open the inventory on TAB, go to the “Character” tab and improve your desired skills:

  • Pockets – Increases the number of pockets on clothing. That is, allows you to carry more items without a backpack.
  • Endurance – Increases endurance scale. You get slower.
  • Athlete – Increases maximum running speed.
  • Stealth – Reduces the likelihood that you will be noticed by cops. In the daytime they will be less likely to search the house and at night they will not be able to see you.
  • Illusionist – there is a small chance that when you search the police will not find you drugs.
  • Huckster – improves prices for both buying and selling staff.
  • Talented student – enhances the experience you get for your orders.


Go to the gas station and talk to the saleswoman. It is absolutely not necessary to buy anything. You will receive experience points simply for attending it.

Now go home and order a new item from Eddie. Marijuana is a ganja or a weed. You can order 10 grams of both. If you have nothing to do right now, while at home, press T to go to the standby menu. When Eddie leaves the bookmark, time will stop and you will find out. In my case, the product was stopped, inside the trash can. Pick it up and answer Eddie’s call. He will say that now there will be cops patrolling the streets of the city. Just go home.


Approach the desktop and interact with it. It is located near a desk with a laptop. Choose the drug placement mode and put the bags Eddie bought. Switch to equipment mode and select banks. The small capacity holds up to 10 grams. Two jars will be enough to accommodate 10 grams of amphetamine and ganja.

Business Expansion

By selling goods, you will earn respect in the hood. The higher it is, the more reputation points you have. With these points and character level you can unlock new areas of the city. Now, most likely, you can unlock the Eastern Old Town.

Now visit the gas station and buy at least 3 cans there. At the same time, contact Eddie via laptop and say that you are ready to pay off the debt. He will say that he is waiting for you at his home. It’s on the same square where you met him. Give Eddie $ 120, then paint the walls in the square. Need to create 4 graffiti. Previously, you had to select the desired character. You can create even more graffiti, not only in the eastern but also in the western city. However, on the assignment, you need the Eastern Old Town.

Note. When you study a laptop, you see your rating in a particular area. Light blue shows the current rating. Dark blue is a level below which your rating cannot go down. You earn this dark blue level just by drawing graffiti.

Keep ordering Eddie’s merchandise and selling it through a laptop until you earn respect in the old east town and get pumped to level four. Then you can unlock the Old Market.

Also, in the daytime, when curfew ends, find any person in Eddy’s Square, talk to him (all people will be marked with a “question mark”) and pass at least 1 gram of ganja or amphetamine.


This is where the game will tell you about ATMs where you can store some of your money. These ATMs are needed so you can buy furniture and rent new refuges. Go to the Old Market area, go to a furniture store and see one of the ATMs to the left of the entrance. Put $ 100-150 in an ATM. If you put in too much money, the police will be interested in you.

If you are caught without drugs during curfew, you will be forced to pay a fine of $ 50.

The first huckster

Go home and communicate with all your customers through your laptop. One of them will offer to sell drugs. Agree to complete this assignment. The dealer will make large orders (from 10 grams and above).


Continue delivering drugs to buyers. Gradually, some of them will become addicted. Addicts can be sold to addicts (mix them with supplements sold at the gas station). The process is long.

How to unlock a new drug

A new ecstasy drug will be available to you soon. Open your laptop and at the top (on the desktop) select “Unlock” next to the desired drug.

Remove the asylum

After a while (most likely after the first ecstasy order) Eddie will contact you. He will talk about the impact of shelters in different parts of the city. Return to your home and order a new shelter through your laptop. You will have to pay the rent. By now, I needed to expand to other areas of the city that required respect in Smrad. If you have a similar situation, then if possible, remove the refuge there.

When you have purchased a shelter, visit it and press Space to place the available furniture. Then Eddie will contact you. He will say that Donald is back in town and the furniture store is now open. Just near it you could see an ATM. Go there and browse through the product list. It is in the furniture store that you can buy laptops for new refuges.

Business Expansion (Part 2)

Keep giving drugs. Over time, new dealers will appear. If you need to expand your business by unlocking a region, see the requirements. Maybe you should just pump. But if you need respect in a particular region, then go to the gas station, buy paint and leave some graffiti in the region you want. Soon you will open Sector B.

How to get into sector B

The way to this sector is through the police checkpoints. And every time you follow through such a point, you will be searched. So you either have to run away (which increases your risk factor, even if you run away), or look for alternative ways.

Walkthrough Drug Dealer Simulator
Walkthrough Drug Dealer Simulator

The hatch leading to sector B.

And here they are:

  1. Sewage (free of charge). The game has many hatches leading to the sewer and allowing you to move from the ghetto to sector B and back. Look for refueling below, there will be a hatch on the road. Note. You cannot move on the sewer with a backpack (only goods in pockets).! Then you will be in the center of sector B.
  2. Construction tunnel (fee). It is a construction tunnel south of two towers. Take a look at the screenshot below to see the exact location. You will see a builder there. Before using the construction tunnel, be sure to talk to the builder! He will ask for $ 100 to unlock the tunnel (later the value will increase to $ 250). Note. You will have to pay this money every time you enter the tunnel. That is, no matter what direction you are moving (to the ghetto or from the ghetto). You’ll find yourself near Joe’s shop.
Walkthrough Drug Dealer Simulator
Walkthrough Drug Dealer Simulator

The tunnel leading to Sector B

And here is another hatch that leads to Sector B:

Walkthrough Drug Dealer Simulator
Walkthrough Drug Dealer Simulator


Eddie will contact you shortly. He will talk about James, who is ready to do money laundering. You bring him an amount of not less than $ 500, he takes his 40%, after which all the other money is sent to your bank account. Why do this? Well, in that case, you are not interested Revenue Service, and no one will search the house.

Jay’s Shop

Eddie will tell you about Jay too. Talk to him, and when you find yourself at the top of the city, Sector B, then go through the marker to Jay’s shop. You can buy a large backpack, a sports bag, a cryptocurrency (you will have to pay for some drugs with it) or an elegant suitcase.


When sector B becomes available, you will need to open the center. It is one of its regions. You need to pump respect in the Kennel region to 550, as well as raise the level of the hero to 12. Then unlock the region through your computer.


When you get to level 13, Eddie will contact you. Answer the phone call. He will talk about a pharmacy in the city center. Go to sector B and visit this pharmacy. Drugstores (paracetamol, ibuprofen, viagra and nebilanex) and mixing equipment can be purchased at the pharmacy. As you know, in the future you will be able to make drugs from all this.

In a Big Way

In order for Eddie to talk about Keiji, the mafia chief, you need to pump the character up to level 20-22. Keep playing and Eddie will talk about Keiji sooner or later. Walk down to him, chat and find out what he wants. The gang will need to gain 500 points of reputation. Follow orders for the gang to do this. For example, my first order was 10 batches of 20 grams of meth.

The goods need to be delivered by a certain day. Press TAB to see the current time and day of the week.

When you collect the right item, return to Keiji’s home. To his right is a garage. There is a large ventilation for basements near it. In it and it is necessary to leave a bookmark. Once you’ve done that, go back home and contact Tom on the laptop. He will say that the goods received and also prepared for you money.

IMPORTANT! Notice what Tom tells you: you don’t need to bring a backpack with you. He will give you a suitcase!

So, go back to the same garage where you see Tom. Take the suitcase off the bench. If you come here, like me, with a backpack, and there will be no room in it (for example, because of money), then your character will take a suitcase in your hands and you will not be able to do anything about it.

At level 25, fentanyl will be available to you. Initially, the drug will not be available for sale.

The next goal is to earn 500 gang points. Just do the usual deliveries for drug addicts and dealers and wait for new jobs from Tom.

How to speed up time?

In each refuge you can press the T key. The rewind time starts. By default, time runs like this: every second of real time equals 1 minute in the game. But you can speed up the process. Head to the furniture store and look for beds and sofas with blue signatures in the description. They indicate that these pieces of furniture speed up time. Buy them, and then choose which refuge to add.

Only rented shelters can be selected (house is impossible)! Note that the more such furniture you install in the shelter, the faster the time will run (bonuses are added up). This is very useful. I bought a store in the old market, put in it two large beds, one sofa and four single beds. Time was swift. There he also added a laptop and a desk, and in general he transferred everything to this shelter.

How to put a new laptop?

To get started, buy a small desktop and a laptop in a furniture store. Then use the furniture menu (press Space) to set the desktop. Close the menu, interact with the desk, and use the TAB key to find the tab on your laptop.

To be continued…

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