Walkthrough Centralia: Homecoming

Walkthrough Centralia: Homecoming

After the introductory video, you move along the road to the right to the building. There is a huge satellite dish on the roof. Go through the gate and enter the area. Turn on the flashlight. Look into the room on the left, pick up a note, cartridges and a gun from the table. The typewriter allows you to save the game.

You will encounter the first enemy in the corridor. Kill him; go through the first door on the right. Prisoner Stan is locked in the far left сell. Talk to him. He asks to find the key to the сell. Take the note next to it.

Return to the corridor and open the first door on the left. There are two notes on the table. Take them and examine them in the inventory. One of them is a search warrant for apartment number 12 of the house above the store. The code from the intercom is 5693. Read the second note. You need to find the same code and check the apartment. In a small room on the side, you will find cartridges in a wooden cabinet.

Go down the hall and open the penultimate door on the left. There is Case № 666 in a wooden cabinet. You can study it. Follow through the last door on the right, but you will find behind it only a locked white door.

Apartments above the store

Get out of the police station and walk down the street to the left. On the left hand, there will be a store with a huge sign “24”. Enter the code 5693 on the intercom and go inside. Kill the enemy and find the note behind the seller’s desk. You need to find the password for the safe. The safe is right there. On the right side, there is a room behind a white door. Open the door and save the game.

Go upstairs and kill the enemy. In apartment number 11, ammunition is hidden in the kitchen. Apartments number 12 and 13 are locked. Go up to the third floor. There is nothing in apartment 14. Follow to apartment number 15 and in the back room, you will find a note inside the locker. It contains the code for the safe – 7584. Go down to the first floor and open the safe. Inside you will find a key.

Enter apartment № 13 using the key. Select a note on the pedestal on the right: you need to get from apartment № 13 to apartment № 12. There is a first-aid kit in the bathroom next to the entrance. Go to the back room and interact with the ventilation grate in the wall on the left. Go to the kitchen and in one of the drawers find the note of the miner. Open the bedroom next to the kitchen to pick up a note from the table. You need to find evidence in apartment number 12.

Go back to grate and interact with the rug on the floor. You will find a sign of occultism. The same tattoo is on the chest of Stan. Return to apartment number 13 and answer the phone. Do not rush to leave the house. Go up to the third floor and enter apartment № 16. There are two notes in the back room. One of them contains information about the hunter from house 28/2, the other offers to visit the house to find a shotgun in it.

Return to the Station

Run back to the police station and follow the cell of Stan. He will say that he lives in house 21/2, in apartment 22, and he will also call the code for the intercom – 8881.

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