Walkthrough Centralia: Homecoming

Walkthrough Centralia: Homecoming

House 28/2 (shotgun)

Open the map and run to house 28/2. Use a master key, break the lock and go inside. Go to the end of the corridor and open the door to the right. In the far room, a shotgun hangs on the wall. Take it, after which the trap will work, and you will be locked up. Read the note lying on the bed. Instead of a shotgun, you will need to hang a model gun, found earlier. So you open the room. When you leave home, you will come across hellhounds for the first time. Kill one of them.

Return to school

Climb to the second floor, open the safe in the library and pick up the key to the class. Go to the class where Shirley hid. Fight a huge monster using your best weapons. You can lure him under the ring so that the monster is stuck.

Stranger in a hat

Go to the police station, save the game and talk with Stan. You will find out that the stranger lives in house 26/2. There’s also a spell book to help Stan open the bars of the detention cell.

Open the map and get to the desired house. Go inside. Kill the enemy, enter the side room and find the key. There is also a note. Go to the stairs, as a result of which a stranger will stop you. You will learn about the plan. You need to find an occult seal in house 29/2, and then through the basement of house 25/2 go to the mines. Use the key (found in the stranger’s house) to unlock the store in the lower right corner of the map.

Seal and mine

Go inside the house 29/2 and go into the second room on the left. There is a seal in one of the cabinets (there must be an enemy in the same room). In another apartment, you fill find the key to the house 25/2 in the kitchen drawer.

Go outside and run on the map to the house 25/2. Go inside, go down to the basement and follow the left. Through a small room you will find yourself in a long corridor. At the very end there will be three red doors. Open the door to the right. Exit to the adjacent corridor through another red door. Find the locked gate, find the tool and remove the chain. Soon you will find a wounded stranger.

Open the red door to the right of his corpse. There is a typewriter on the table. Save the game and pick up the first-aid kit. Another first-aid kit is in the cabinet on the left. In the room on the right, you can find shotgun cartridges. Go outside and fight the son of Satan using your best weapons. Run back and shoot to avoid damage. Run to Shirley after the victory.

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