Walkthrough Centralia: Homecoming

Walkthrough Centralia: Homecoming

House 21/1, Stan’s apartment

Exit the police station and move left along the street past the store with the sign “24”. At the very end you will see Shirley, who ran towards the school. Do not follow her, but open the door in front of you by entering the b on the intercom.

On the ground floor, there is a typewriter in apartment number 13. Save the game, then go to the kitchen through the far door and find the ammo in the drawer. Rise to the second floor. Apartment number 15 is closed, and you need a key. In the other two apartments (16 and 17) there is nothing, so move to the third floor. Enter apartment № 18 and in one of the rooms you find the model of the gun on the wall. Pick it up. In apartment № 19, there are cartridges in the kitchen. There is nothing in the far apartment.

Find the white door in the hallway and go up to the fourth floor. Enter apartment 22 and go to the back room to meet the stranger. Then pick up two documents. You will find out that a school watchman lived in apartment № 15. Also in one of the notes there is information about the abduction of children. Open the lower cabinet and take the key to apartment number 15.

The rest of the apartments are occupied, so go down to the second floor and open apartment № 15. Go to the kitchen and find a note in one of the curbstones on the right. Take the key to the school from the dummy.


Leave the house and move left, kill the enemy. Behind a left turn, you will find a high school. Come inside.

Turn left and see Shirley. Walk past the stairs and enter the classroom on the right. You find ammo in the back room. Return to the corridor, go right and take a note from the door on your left hand. Shirley is in this class, you need to find the key from it. The far door on the left hand leads to the restroom. In one of the booths, there is a first-aid kit in the toilet.

Return to the entrance and run to the right wing. In the red cabinets, you can find two packings of shotgun cartridges. A little further you are attacked by a new monster. Shoot him. One of the doors leads to the locker room with lockers. In one of them are cartridges for a pistol. Another door will lead you to the gym. Go into it, go to the far right corner and find a first-aid kit on the side of the seats.

Go to the second floor. Kill another monster, enter the library and save the game using a typewriter. There are two files in the same place – a note by a librarian and a hint that in house 22/1 you can find the code for the safe standing next to it. Class keys are hidden inside the safe. The code from the intercom to the desired house is 9966. Another staircase leads to the roof of the school, where there are two opponents and a first-aid kit.

House 22/1

Come out of school, kill the enemy, go forward and to the right. The house is coming up on your right. Enter the code 9966 on the intercom. You will find a typewriter in apartment № 1. Save the game, go to the second floor. There is a first-aid kit in the kitchen in apartment № 4. In apartment number 5 there will be an enemy. Enter this apartment, go down the corridor to the kitchen and find the cartridges. The phone rings. Answer the call. The stranger will call the code from the weapons room from the police station – 0291. There you will find a weapon. You can leave the house right now, return to the station and open the safe located in the penultimate room on the left. Inside it you will find an automaton.

Go to the third floor of that house 22/1. You can search the apartments, or immediately go up to the fourth floor. In apartment number 10, you will find a note on a table in which the code for the safe at school is indicated – 1516.

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