Walkthrough CARRION

Walkthrough CARRION

Armored Vehicle Polygon

Look around, kill enemies with flamethrowers and use the lever from above. The elevator will go up, and you will be able to go up the next shaft after it. But don’t be in a hurry. Go downstairs to be at the bottom of the mine. Grab a soldier with the parasite and call the elevator down. Now follow up and you can squeeze further. Do you see the flickering device? If it catches you, it will release a spear. It will cling to the monster and explode after a couple of seconds. So don’t follow under it, but instead use the door to the right of the device. Kill enemies and lower the lever. Go back downstairs by calling the elevator and going around it.

Go down to the right and down and use the opening that opens. Once you reach the new area, kill each enemy. There are many enemies here. You can break glass. You will also find a closed eye here. It consists of six sections. We need to find 6 save points!

First, select the second shape and knock out the plug to the upper right of the closed eye. Fly right and activate the first savepoint. Move to the right and swim through the pipe in the water from below. Get to the red pool and discard the biomass to the first form. Use the pipe to go back. Follow the right and throw the web into the lever between the cubes in the middle. A passage on the right will open. Follow there.

You will be taken to a hall where propeller drones are activated. Spread cobwebs in them to stop the screws, and then grab with your tentacles and hit the walls and floor. Move higher and take possession of the nearest enemy. Lower the lever and get into the robot. Kill all opponents and only after that move here to TAB. Go downstairs and activate the second save point.

Dump the biomass to the second form, go up to the left and knock out the plug. Take the biomass and clear the hall from the soldiers. Kill the enemies in the hall on the right and activate the lever to open the doors. Go down below and activate the lever. You will see the door open. It is in the room with eye closed, to the lower left of the turret. Call the elevator to go down. Having done this, wait a little and call the elevator back. Get down and hide to the left or right of the shaft so that the elevator goes up. Climb down and swim to the left through the water to the third save point.

Drop the biomass in the pool on the right to the first shape and fly down the corridor with the turret using stealth. Disengage the turret with the lever on the right and return the biomass. Then fly up from the turret. The path to the left is blocked by a turret with a spear. Fly up and activate the fourth save point. Go down to the left of the activated point and go through the door. Activate the lever and take the last ability from the flask. The monster can now grow tough armor.

There is a charger nearby. After filling up the energy, return to the turret. It will shoot a spear. Hold Q. After the explosion, all the energy will be spent, but the monster will remain unharmed. Fly further and kill two robots. Use a new shield. Climb up. The path to the right leads to a savepoint that you have already activated. Fly higher to get to the room with the spear. Let it shoot at you, hold Q and fly up to the large barrier above. After the explosion, it will shatter into fragments, and you can climb up.

Clear the hall and activate the fifth savepoint in the upper left. Move to the right and activate the lever. You will return to a familiar place. Climb up the shaft elevator (side), call it down. You will see a spear that you could not overcome earlier. Now use Q to protect yourself from the explosion. Enter the door to the left of the spear and disable it with the lever. Exit back, swim under the elevator and up. There is no need to reduce biomass. However, you can try to operate stealthily using invisibility, but this is difficult. Instead, activate the laser and destroy all bots, including the propeller drones. Then finish off the soldiers in the room on the left. You can move into one of them. There you will find a corridor at the end of which there will be a lever. Lower it and the passage on the right will open. Fly there and activate the last save point. Lower the lever and head right. Follow to the right and below, kill enemies. Defeat the drone, stock up on energy and fly under the spear. Protect yourself with a shield and fly down to destroy the passage with an explosion.

Fly below and see an open eye. You need to destroy the passage with an explosive spear. There is a shield in the upper left room. Get energized and use the same spear. Fly into the eye.

Frontier – Mountains

Get energized, break the boards and fly down. The spear will hit you. Use the shield and blow up the passage on the right. Lower the lever next to it, and then fly into the sewer.


Go downstairs and see a door in the middle. Enter it and find an eye with six sections. You need to re-activate 6 save points. To fly to the right, you need the first monster form and invisibility. So go back. Fly to the right and down from the door and drop the biomass into the pool. In the first form and with invisibility, fly through the laser to the right of your closed eye.

Go through the first shaft of the elevator, call it up. The second elevator cannot be called because the remote control is broken. So use the parasite on the enemy below and call the elevator up. There are two ways down! First go down on the right and fly to the very end. It will be a dead end, but you can apply the parasite to the soldier. Having done this, shoot the glass on the right and jump down. Go to the left as a soldier, open the passage with the lever and in the next room shoot the glass above the lever! Having done this, stand over the lever with the monster and use the web. The elevator will go up. Climb up and use the pipe to move to the left, into the elevator shaft. Go down, you can activate the first savepoint.

Fly to the right where the soldier moved. After reaching the core, activate the lever and take the core. There is a door to containment area № 9. Go there to be able to grow an extra tentacle – with the core, return to the reactor. You will need to lift the elevator up, then call it down and go around through the save point. Activate the reactor. Follow the pipe to the left of the reactor and get out of the room with your eye closed through the left door.

You will be returned to the main hall. Many passages opened. To get started, follow the right up.

Bunker – Excavation Site

Fly through the door, hit the lasers and kill all enemies. The main thing is to destroy the robots so that the way back is open. However, you are interested in the door in the center of the location. There will be a soldier nearby. Fly through it, kill common people and collect the third form. Pull out the plug at the bottom, return to the top and in the red pool, discard the biomass to the first form. Follow where you removed the plug. Use the cobweb to activate the lever on the left, and the tentacles on the right. This must be done quickly. Activate the second save point and fly through the door on the left.

Grab any soldier and take him to the free robot on the left. In the first form, activate the lever to open the path for the robot. Kill all enemies. When the robot is destroyed, the alarm will turn off and a path to the right will open. Get to the third save point.

Return back to the main bunker hall and go down to the lower right opening.

Bunker – Pier

Follow through the room, kill enemies. In the next room, kill enemies by capturing a soldier. Activate one of the two levers with the monster, take possession of the enemy and go under the spear. The spear will fly towards you. You run to the left and blow up the concrete slab near the pipe. Disconnect the turret and follow this pipe to the left to the fourth save point. Dump the biomass to the first shape in the red pool at the top and swim to the left. Follow the top and activate the lever to disable the turret. Now fly to the main hall and return upstairs. Destroy all drones with propellers, after which a passage will open up. Fly there through the pipe and get out into the central part of the bunker.

Fly up left to a new part of the bunker.

Bunker – Outpost

You must arrive here in the second form. Knock out the plug and follow through the pipe to the left. Destroy all enemies first. You can use a parasite. Then go up. You will need to lure the drones with propellers from the station on the left and kill everyone. Only then will a passage on the upper right open, which leads to the fifth save point. Pull out the plug, another one below and fly right to the first save point and the center of the bunker. It remains to go down to the left and down.

Bunker – Caves

Use the shield and fly past the first spear through the pipe downward (the right one leads back). Kill the enemies; fly through the door and into the pipe on the left. Kill all the enemies and fly up (including the drone), where you need to activate the sixth and last save point!

Fly to the right, down and through the pipe to the left. Pull the lever to fill the room with water. Swim down and to the left. Kill the enemy, charge up with energy and activate the lever. Swim down, leave the biomass and in the first form activate the same lever with the help of the web. Take the biomass and swim into the corridor with the spear. Activate the shield, fly over the spear and to the right. The explosion won’t hurt you. Fly through the door and through the eye.

Frontier – Mountains

Activate the lever; fly down and to the right, simultaneously activating another lever. You will be taken back to the eye portal from the beginning of the game. Move to the lab where the game started.

BSL-4 laboratory

Break the glass on the left, remove the wooden planks and fly into the pipe to the left. Fly the only way, destroying glass and people.

Storage of anomalous objects

Keep moving. You need to get to the capsule. There is water on the bottom right. Remove the grate and swim through the pipe inside. Break the capsule and take the parasite. Press TAB to transform into a human. The further path is simple. Follow the right and up the stairs. Upstairs, activate the green panel and open the door to the right of the eye. Move to the exit, take the elevator and go right.

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