Walkthrough CARRION

Walkthrough CARRION

Base “Leviathan Reef” – Bridge

You will find yourself with a closed eye. Leave the biomass, fly to the right through the door and activate the lever. Go to the cubes and activate the same lever with the cobwebs. Follow the right. Grab the enemy’s mind and pull the lever. Swim on the water through the cubes to the right and activate another lever. At the top, activate the far lever. Go back, re-capturing the body of a soldier with the parasite (yes, you can even capture dead enemies if their corpses remain). You go up from this room, because now the passage is open.

Open the flask and get the new ability. By holding Q, you grow hard spikes on the monster. Activate the savepoint at the top and follow to the left. Kill enemies, you must return to an already open eye. Take advantage of it.

Frontier – Marsh

Move to the right and activate the computer to return to the person’s memories. Climb up the stairs until you find yourself next to the drone. Open the doors with the lever, go left and up for the key. Don’t worry, the drone won’t shoot! Go downstairs and open one of the two side rooms. In it you will find a stun gun. Go back and hit the robot to go right. Once done, unhook the two drones from the two chains to open the exit. Outside, run past the soldiers until the drone recognizes a monster in you. The scene ends. This is how this creature appeared.

Fly up to the right and find the sewer, which will lead the monster to a new location.

Nuclear Reactor

First fly right and down. There are two ways. Move to the left and knock out the metal plug. As you understand, such plugs can only be knocked out if you are in the back. Go down even lower and knock out another plug. Leave the biomass in the pool and head right. Activate the lever, go a little lower and activate another lever with the cobwebs. Fly down and follow through several pipes until you reach the first save point.

Capture the enemy’s mind in the toilet just below. Go left and kill all opponents. It will be easier. Move there as a monster, activate the lever to open the way back up. Do not rush to go to the screen above, but again use the pipe you went through earlier – to the right and above the last lever. Break the boards at the top and knock out the plug. Break the boards that block the path to the lever. Now reset the biomass again and activate the second lever with the cobwebs, so that it is higher. Follow through the opened opening. Open the passage with the lever and activate the second savepoint.

Swim to the right between the cubes. Kill all enemies and activate the lever to open the passage to the right. Get to the pond and swim through the pipe to the upper left room. After killing the enemy, fly to the left and drop the biomass into the red pool. Go back and activate the lever with the cobwebs. Activate the second lever to open the passage on the right. But you cannot get to it. Flip the lever; fly up to the right and into the lower room where there is some water. Take the parasite through the cubes to the corpse of the enemy and activate the very lever with it. Disconnect the parasite and fly to the right through the opening. Activate the third savepoint.

Follow further, kill enemies and the drone, fly to the left past the turret and down through the pipe. This is the only way. This will get you to the flask. Smash and get the new ability “Harpoonore“. You will see that the third form of the Monster has appeared (red HP cells). When in third form, hold E to pull objects. This way, you can pull on these metal plugs and now you don’t have to get close to them from the back. Pull the plug on the right. On the other hand, if you are in this uniform and get close to the plug in the back, you will not be able to do anything with it. From this side, it can only be knocked out in the second monster form.

Pull one plug by making your way through the pipe (you can also pull the boards) and go down. Discard the biomass and knock out the first plug from the top. Return the biomass and tighten the second plug. Fly up and pull the plug. Follow up and along the pipe above the turret. Pull out the plug on the left and get to the fourth save point. The eye is open!

Remove the plug in the lower right, kill the two robots in the corridor and fly to the left. Kill the enemies, activate the lever and take away the blue core from below. Fly up and insert it into the reactor. The path to the left will open. Follow there, fly to the left, activate the lever by pulling out the plug, and take the second core. Take it up through the pipe to the second reactor. Use the eye.

Frontier – Mountains

Remove the plug, fly to the left and return to the hall where you activated the last scene with the man. Fly again to the right and upward, pull out the plug and get through the reservoir to the sewer.

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