Walkthrough Barn Finders
Walkthrough 4

Walkthrough Barn Finders


Quiet Woods

You will need 3 cans to get to the Quiet Woods. One of them could be found under the bridge.

Take a walk around the first building and collect different things. You can buy a flashlight and a shovel in the machine. There will be an earthen mound to the left of the building, right on the road there. Dig it to find an item. Go inside the building; destroy the boards with an ax. Upstairs, you can find the key on the wall. Go down and open the door. In the next room, there will be a plot item (wheel) inside the red workbench. You can also find a comic page here. Another one is hidden in the backroom of the cleaner at your base, and the other you could find in the garage under the bridge. That is, by this time you should have 3 pages of the comic.

Go to the house from above. There is a fallen tree behind house. Climb up to it; jump onto another tree, and from there onto the rock. Climb the boards and find a platform on a tree with gold paper. Go to the building. There is a device next to him. Insert the previously found wheel into it. There is a coil inside the same building. It needs to be placed there too. Interact with the device and climb into the attic. There you will find the statuette.


The most complex items and collectibles:

  • You can dig a hole and get a golden pitchfork on the side of the first house.
  • You can dig out a refrigerator at the top of the slope (concrete slab track).
  • The house above has a place for observation. An alien will appear and disappear there, leaving a flask on the railing. Drink to see a secret cut scene.
  • Inside the first house there is a gap in the wall to the right. You can find a book behind it.

Auntie Mary’s

Buy gasoline and go to a new place. By the way, now you can buy a cleaning station (in the backyard of the store), assembly and repair. Gears are needed for repairs, but now you don’t have them. For assembly, look for details in the repository with the puzzle icon. And for cleaning, look for objects with “cockroaches.” Cleaned, repaired and collected items can be sold in the store.



To get a house, you have to win the auction. If there is not enough money, you will have to repeat the passage of previously completed levels. You will have to spend approximately $ 2500.

Enter the house and pick up the first item from the kitchen table on the right. Go ahead and remove the poster from the bathroom wall on the left. Also pick up the book on the box. Go ahead and open the door on the right, use a master key (you can buy it at a vending machine). Take the vacuum cleaner behind the box on the left. You find a musical trumpet inside a neighboring cabinet. There is a small table In another corner. There is a collectible to the right. Take the gramophone off the table. Also remove the cover and pick up the machine.

Climb to the second floor. Take away a bench and crack with a master key a door on the right. Enter the room and take the mouse and the system unit from the cabinet on the left. There are a pedestal and a picture of a dog a little to the right. Take them. And keys hang on the wall.

Go downstairs and open another door. Move to the back yard and take the gun from the box on the right. Go right and dig a hole to get another item for sale. Nearby you can dig a second hole. You find some device a little further. Go left and find the swing. Go up the edge that is closer to home. Run up and jump on the wall of the house to grab the stairs. Upstairs will be the last two items – a mannequin and the clock needed for the quest.

Finally, to get the gold paper, go back up to the room on the second floor and pay attention to the white cupboard. There is a lever on its side. Drop it and open the secret room behind the adjacent closet. Toilet paper is hidden there.

Where to Get Parts for Repairing Things

I somehow missed this moment, but it turns out you need to break boxes and other moving things with an ax to to get parts for repair.

The Bid Wars

This is a special type of level. There will be three such. You need to win auctions for several garages, houses and so on. If you defeat competitors, you will get the main prize – a car.

You need to find gold paper. Update later.

Otis’s Ranch

Pick up two items from the pier. Here you will see a scene with the appearance of a flying saucer from the water. The upper door of the house is locked, and the lower one needs a key. Go past the house on the right, at the very end of the location to pick up the item. Go around the big house and cut the lock to go down to the basement. Jump on a wooden box, open the shield and turn off the current. Take 2 items for sale from the basement.

Go to the small door of the house (the big one is locked) and sell the rug from the floor. Under it will be the key. Go inside. Pick up a globe in a large hall. Open the fireplace and pick up the keyboard. An inconspicuous high vase stands above the fireplace. In the kitchen, pick up a set of knives. Take a chair, a pot with a plant and a mask from a box (use a master key). All this is near the stairs. Peek into the bathroom next to the stairs and pick up the washer.

Climb to the second floor and smash the boards on the left to get into the room with a small globe. Break the boards in the window and get out on the roof. There will be gold paper near the chimney. Return to the second floor and break the boxes at the end to find the picture. Enter the back room with the master key. Take out a bunch of keys from a dressing table; take a ball from a case.

Go to the boat house and open the bottom door. Take the wallpaper behind the box and climb up the stairs. You will see the alien. Go outside to the balcony and drink from the flask on the table on the left. A poster hangs on the wall in the house. You can also find a joystick behind the drawers and a gas canister.

Go down, open the gate and click on the boat to cross to the other side of the lake. Go forward, chopping branches until you get to the totem. Need to find 3 parts. The first is hidden in the nearest chest. If part of the totem is nearby, you will hear the sound of the drums. Go further along the road, climb the hill to the right and break the boards in the stones under your feet to go down into the niche with the second part. Follow further and enter the cave on the right. Look up to see the branches. Cut them and the third part of the totem will fall to you. There will be tents a little further. You find a comic book page in one and a wallpaper in the other. There is also a small cave with a vase.

Go back and install the three parts. Enter the opened cave, jump on the plates and take the metal detector. This is a plot subject. Jump to the waterfall and follow it to find the ax. Also, in front of the pond with plates, you can go to the left to find a shovel excavation place. There you will find a mask. The last item, a hat, is on a rack with a lever that you lower to leave the cave.

The Evil Swamp

Go to the next place that you will need to buy. It will take $ 5,000. This is another gloomy location, so looking for objects on it is not so simple. Enter the nearest house. Apparently, some kind of spiritual ritual was held here. Take the first item in the main room and two more in the kitchen on the left. Break the boards and crack the door on the left. Remove the tissue from the cage and open it with the lever on the wall on the left. Inside is an improvement for the floor. Finally, you will find in the back room a few more items (guitar, racket and crossbow).

Walk along the broken bridge (along the ropes) to the next house. Break the boards and go inside. In the barn there are two objects on the shelves and one more on the table. A poster hangs on the wall.

Leave the house and jump on the platforms on crocodiles controlled by a chicken in a hat. When you reach the next house, break branches and enter the lower room. Break branches in the floor and pick up a coin. Enter the house through the top door and pick up the improvement for the walls. Inspect the room and pick up all the other items. Also crack the door to another room and remove the key.

Leave the house through the back door. Ahead will be a toilet cubicle. But you move along the path to the left of it, to the fire. Climb the stairs and see a tree house. Go inside using the key and take all the items. Among them will be the crocodile, which is necessary for the task.

The boat at the pier will take you back. But first, return to the penultimate house, where they found the key. Go right to the pond with a crocodile. Use it to get to a distant island with boxes. From there jump to the neighboring shore and find a fishing rod in the tent. A little further is a boat that can be picked up just like any car. Stay where the boat was. Wait for the crocodile. Jump on it and swim to the distant lantern. There will be gold paper.

M.I.K.K.O. Studios

Enter the building on the left; pick up the speaker and the poster from the wall. Now enter the big church. There is only one item on the ground floor, to the left of the table. Climb to the second floor, take a frog from the shelf on the right, and a little further there will be a device for photographing. There is an alien flask on the railing.

Exit the church and break into the gate on the left. Go forward along the building and smash the slab against its wall to find an object under it. Move around the church and dig a couple of holes to find one wheel. Go further along the fence from the closed gate. Dig the earth on the grave and pick up a stuffed toy. Take leg from the crypt a little further. There are several chairs and a stone statue behind the fence to the left. Pick it up. Go to the opposite wall and get some device from the crypt.

A little further will be a crypt with a concrete slab. Break it and take the spotlight. Next will be a crypt with an improvement for the walls. In the center is a circular crypt. Near entrance, there is a large ax on the right. You can dig a hole and pick up the hand of a zombie to the left of the entrance. Go on stage and take the sword. The gates on the side are closed, you need a key. Enter the circular crypt. Take the joystick from the shelf on the left. There is also a spotlight nearby.

Go into the room with the statue. Take the corridor on the left, break boxes. There will be a safe behind the stove in one of the cells. In the corridor opposite, there is a spotlight and a horn hidden on one of the shelves. Examine the large statue. It needs to be changed so that it looks like all the little ones. That is, raise right hand (moreover, you need to move two parts). Do not touch the left, and turn your head to the left. A large chest will open. Look inside and take the key. Exit the crypt, go around it and smash the boards. Get the guitar and zombie hand from the shelves.

Open the gate with the key and look around. Pick up the head and one hand of the statue. Another hand is in the grave on the right. There is an improvement to the left of the stage. Set pieces of the statue. Left – you turn by head to the right and raise left hand. Right – you turn by head to the left and raise right hand. Take the armor you need on task.

Return to the circular crypt. Go through the main opening and break the wall to the right. There will be a mannequin in the cache. As for the gold paper, you find gold paper inside the tombstone, behind a concrete slab and boards in the square behind the circular crypt. There is a tall stone statue in the middle. You are interested in the tall stone monument on the left. Finally, the last item, like the comic book page – you find it on the tower in the same place, to the right of the monument. Go up the stairs to it.

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    how do you fix stuff?

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      Jun 17, 2020 11:06 pm

      Hi, Buy Repair Station in Garage. Then use axe in missions to get details. Take broken item to repair station, use q&E for turn it and click on broken parts.

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    At crash site I think the item you missed was the digging spot in the trees behind the driver’s side of the truck.
    I have enjoyed this walkthrough, thankyou

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    how can i use te gun or te axe

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