Walkthrough Barn Finders
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Walkthrough Barn Finders


Comic Collection (River Rock Barn)

First of all, you have to buy a barn. I managed to get it for $ 6500. Go through the barn and pick up the tractor. Dig up a vacuum cleaner in the paddock. Go inside and find a concrete mixer in one of the stalls. Take the hat from the skeleton and the side chair. Go upstairs and pick up the stuffed fox. You will also see a flying saucer.

Exit the barn and climb up the hill. First, turn right and dig up two holes to get two objects. The grate in front is closed. Go back and follow the left path. Break all the stones and open the hatch to get into the bunker.

Take the first item from the shelf in front. Go left and you will see two doors for the key card. You do not have it. Open the cabinets in front and lower the knife switch. Go to the bars on the left. There is a pit with a comic book page on the left. There are cracks on the wall behind the device. Break this part of the wall and take the key card. Turn on the power with the same switch.

Go to the right of the two doors and insert the key card (you need to interact with the device slot). Search the shelving unit. You will find another key card and three items. There is also an improvement for the floor. Go to the next room and open it with a key card. Take the bottle to the left. Climb through the pipes on the tank and remove the third key card from the box. You can open door in the next room.

Take the table on the right. Destroy the sofas and find the key card. Enter the room on the left, without a key card. Take the typewriter off the table. There is a rack with a jug and a vending machine in the back of the main hall. There are no objects in the shower. Open one of the doors with a key card. Take the key card from the cabinet on the left. Another you can find under the grate in the floor. That is, in this room with garbage there are 2 key cards at once!

Go out and go right. Open the door with a green card and search the room. Find purple key card in one of the pedestals. You will also find three items here. Open the door with the purple terminal and find a story magazine in one of the booths. Open the massive door with a red card and go through the cave. Take the item from the trolley. There is a container nearby behind the drawers. Open and take the key. You can unlock the exit from the cave. Follow the rails, smash the boards and jump over the ledges to the gold paper.

I could not find 2 more items and 1 collectible.

The Bid

Another competition is unlocked. As before, buy all the garages to win. All items are in a conspicuous place. I could not find the gold paper.

Crash Zone

Stand by the toilet and wait. Soon, uncle will open it. Go inside and interact with toilet paper to move to the M.IK.K.O.. lab. Listen to Steve Gray. Go to the lever on the right, lower it and take the first-aid kit. Go to the doors, crack them and lower the first knife switch out of three, which will free Gray. Take the elevator to the floor above (press “1”).

Enter the room on the left with the lever down. There is a frog and a red key card on the table. You can find the device and the alien flask on the left side of the rack. There is also a poster hanging on the wall. Look for a tablet in one of the cabinets. Exit the room and smash objects on the table on the left. Take away the device. There is a lever a little further behind the boxes. Lower it. Follow the circle and find another lever, though it is useless (because there is nothing on the shelves). Enter another room. Open the far door (after taking the vacuum cleaner) and break the blue stand. Move through the ventilation to an adjacent room and pick up the comic book page.

Go upstairs and go into the room on the left. Take a couple of items. Exit the room and go to the electric floor. Climb the stairs to the side and get through the wires to the shield. With the power turned off, go down and lower the lever to release Steve Gray. Find a large item to his left. There are niches on the right. Open their levers and take the bottle. Open another passage by lowering the lever. But there are no items.

Go down to the middle floor and look at the platform in the center. There is gold paper. Jump to it. There is a staircase here. Climb up and find the cylinder and another item. Insert the red key card, open the doors and lower the lever to free Gray. Go down to the first tier, go down to the basement, and free Steve. Number the levers from “1” to “5” from left to right. Pull in the following order: 4, 1, 3.

Talk to Steve to find out about the loss of moonshine. He asks to visit the Moon Base. Take the subject from the chair. Take an improvement for the walls. Go to the middle floor and pull the lever inside the room where the alien and moonshine was. Two objects will fall down from above. There is an invisible bust on the same floor, in the niches in the wall that are unlocked by a lever. Pick it up (from the left). Go up the middle floor stairs again and smash the drawers on the left to get an improvement for the floor. Finally, return to the alien room, the basement, and examine the niches in the wall on the left. Find a tablet in one of them. It remains to find another 1 item (update the article).

The Moon

Have a look around. Find 3 helmets and a wheelbarrow. Then jump over the stones onto the container, and from it onto the ledge in the center. Find the lever and lower it. Use the switch to light up the green up arrow. Enter the booth and rise higher.

Take a look around. Find a room with a spacesuit. Look in the lockers and take the key. Open the door in the adjacent building with the key and lower the lever on the wall in front. Go back and take the spacesuit. Search the rooms left and right, because now there is no energy barrier. There is a card reader on the table in the room on the left, with monitors. On the same table, you find a key card. Insert it into the terminal. Take a poster on the same table.

Get out of here and go through the door on the side, after turning on the green arrow. You will be at the top. Enter the apartment on the left. There are many useful items here, including an improvement for the floor. Return to the corridor and enter the apartment opposite, where there are several more items. Now crack the door that leads to the control room of the water system. You need to use the levers on the right so that all the lights are green. Number from left to right and click on the following levers: 3, 4, 5.

Go out into the corridor, switch the toggle switch to the red arrow and go down. You will find yourself in the ingredients room. There are three cars and racks with three ingredients. Throw 3 suitable bags into each machine (look at the pictures). Go back up to turn on the green arrow. You can fly even higher to find yourself in the gardens of the Moon Base. There are several items here, a comic book page under the bench and two places for a shovel.

Return to the hall below where you found the key card. Now the passage is open further. Follow there and inspect the panel. Click on start. Use the lever to keep the arrow in the green zone. At the same time, press the desired button to add the specified ingredient. Take moonshine and leave the base.

Lumber Mill Barn

You have to pay about $ 10,000. Enter the building and crack the door on the right. Find the keys in this room. Go to the back yard and in one of the containers find an improvement for the walls. Return to the barn and climb the stairs in the corner. Take the first item. Use the box, jump onto the railing and from them onto the beams above. So you can get to the gold paper.

Open the door in the corner of the barn and break the crates to find the descent down. Go down below, take the picture and enter the teleport of aliens.

Remove the weapon from the cabinet on the right, and then move through the door. In the far corner there is a floor improvement. Collect the remaining items and climb the stairs in the far left corner. Enter the new teleport. Pass the moonshine to Bobby Gray. The party will begin. Go through the teleport on the right to return to the main hall.

So, now you can open the door to the right and left. Go through the door to the right and enter the teleport. He will return you to the beginning of the location. Go through the door to the left in the main alien hall, follow the cameras and take the vacuum cleaner from the far rack. Enter the new room and grab the laptop from the table on the left. Go down, collect a lot of objects and climb the other metal stairs. Take the desired item from the table – a cutter.

The Bid

This is the last auction in the game.

Knuckles Barn

Go to the barn. Find the comic book page in the dressing room on the right. You can break the snow and get a helmet to the right. There is a well behind the house. If you go down, you can find a chest with three locks. Three keys are needed. There is gold paper in the chest. Enter the barn and inspect the first floor. Collect all the items. To get into a closed stall, you need to jump over the wood to the snowman and crawl through a hole in the wall. There will be a pig with a key in another barn.

Take it and open the door nearby. Climb up the stairs and interact with the thief. He will turn into an alien. Take your tickets and exit the barn. There is a passage to the lake near the toilet stalls. Go there, jump over the ice and break the last one, where the boat is to find the item.

There is an alien with the first key on one of the ice floes. Look for the second key on the roof of the barn. First climb the stairs to the thief, bend down and climb into the main room. Break the boards in the roof and go up there. Interact with the alien. The third key is in the snowman. Take the toilet paper and leave the level. The game is completed.

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    Jun 17, 2020 9:06 pm

    how do you fix stuff?

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      Jun 17, 2020 11:06 pm

      Hi, Buy Repair Station in Garage. Then use axe in missions to get details. Take broken item to repair station, use q&E for turn it and click on broken parts.

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    Jun 22, 2020 3:52 am

    At crash site I think the item you missed was the digging spot in the trees behind the driver’s side of the truck.
    I have enjoyed this walkthrough, thankyou

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    yonah rotthier
    Jun 22, 2020 12:19 pm

    how can i use te gun or te axe

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