Walkthrough Barn Finders
Walkthrough 5

Walkthrough Barn Finders


Exit the building, turn around the corner and pass the pickup truck. Use LMB to remove excess items. Interact with the trunk of the pickup truck and click LMB on the battery to get it. Walk along the building and insert the battery into the generator. Now enter the main hall of the house and interact with the computer. Check your email to take the job.

A Naughty Stag for a Friend

Take the first quest. You need to find a deer in a red barn. Any movement on the world map (Barnhub.com on the computer) takes away gasoline. You need to buy it. You earn money by collecting different trash. But at the starting location it is not enough, so go to the garage (canopy on the side of the house) and find there a full canister of fuel. Now go back to the computer and move to the red barn.

Red Barn

First, look around the outside of the building. So, you need to find a deer carcass, however in this game you need to collect absolutely all useful items. For example, you can pick up any garbage, cans and packs of cigarettes to instantly receive money. But there are also collectibles, like a cart to the right of the barn or the carcass of a wolf behind it. Such things need to be sent to the pickup truck by pressing the T key. But first you can click LMB to study the thing and find out its cost. You can also find collection cards. Selecting them, you will get new improvements for the floor and walls (wallpaper). Finally, behind the barn you will find a flask rack. Drink it to watch a funny video and get a poster.

Go inside and start selling trash. There are a TV and a locked door in the room on the right. There is a cabinet in the room on the left, inside of which, in a drawer, a key is hidden. Pick it up. Also remove the rag from the wall and pick up the poster. Go to the back room with the key on the door. There is another poster under a rag on the left wall. Find the spanner of a Yamaha motorcycle in the far corner. Climb up the stairs, turn around and jump to the stuffed deer. Take it, take the doll out of bed. A poster is lying on the floor. If you have collected all the items, you will find out about it from the message on the screen.

Walkthrough Barn Finders
Walkthrough Barn Finders

Please note that you can always visit previously searched barns, as new collection items will now appear in them.

Return to the base, interact with the device on the right to automatically unload the pickup, and not carry each item separately. Enter the trading floor, open the computer and the current order. Pack and ship the deer. The task is completed. Go to the back room (where you started) and go to bed.

Bit Event at Bridge Storage

The next day, read the new letter on the computer. You can also go to different shelves and place goods on them (click RMB). Some shelves will need to be repaired, so now you can buy an improvement gun from a vending machine to the right of the computer. But money is also needed to improve, so first you have to complete another order.

How to Sell Things

Before you sell something, arrange the goods on the shelves. Take a walk around the store and click RMB while inspecting the shelves. Then go outside and look at the red Closed sign on the right side. Click on it to turn it into Opened. Enter the store and wait. Periodically, customers will appear here. Come and chat with them. You can haggle using the T key. Moreover, with each client you can haggle from 1 to 3 times. During trading, press T when the slider is in the green area.

Go to a new place. You could find one can of gasoline in the Red Barn, but you will have to buy the second for $ 50.

Walkthrough Barn Finders
Walkthrough Barn Finders

The Bridge Storage

Search the whole place first. There are several trash bins here. At the very end, is a you find rag behind the two containers on the wall. Sell ​​it and see the boards. If you buy an ax, you can smash the boards and pick up the gold paper. This paper will appear on the wall shelf in the back room of the cleaner.

Go to the For Sale sign to start the auction. Uncle will give you $ 600. I don’t know if auctions happen randomly, but I just waited until the price rises to $ 400, and then raised the bid to $ 450. For this price I bought a garage.

Inside the garage, there is a Yamaha engine on the table. Find a fuse on the table. This is a plot thing, and it will appear at the bottom of the screen, next to the image of the backpack. Go down, open the flap on the right and insert a fuse in it. Lower the toggle switch to open the passage further.

There is transport at the bottom of the garage. Collect different items. In the farthest corner, there is a barrel and boxes behind the machine. Move them back and find the front wheel of a Yamaha. The rear wheel is in your garage! There is a poster at the bottom, at the top one more, before going down. One of the items is a bank in the middle of the street. I forgot to pick it up. You must also have $ 150 to pick up a car from the garage. Go down under the car and find the engine you need on a mission.

Note. The next day, visit the red barn or bridge again. Provided, that you collected all items. Find new things that the mysterious stranger has scattered. Do you remember the agent who comes to your store and asks if you have any special things? He is just interested in this stranger.

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    Jun 17, 2020 9:06 pm

    how do you fix stuff?

    • Reply
      Jun 17, 2020 11:06 pm

      Hi, Buy Repair Station in Garage. Then use axe in missions to get details. Take broken item to repair station, use q&E for turn it and click on broken parts.

  • Reply
    Jun 22, 2020 3:52 am

    At crash site I think the item you missed was the digging spot in the trees behind the driver’s side of the truck.
    I have enjoyed this walkthrough, thankyou

  • Reply
    yonah rotthier
    Jun 22, 2020 12:19 pm

    how can i use te gun or te axe

  • Reply
    Dec 31, 2020 10:23 pm

    How do you “buy repair station”?

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