Full walkthrough Iron Danger - 100% (All Secrets)

Iron Danger – Full walkthrough (All Secrets)


Chapter 3. Antheor’s Orders

Talk to Antheor. He will say that you need to visit four more points in order to find the four remaining Shards. Then talk with Ilmaren standing nearby. Topi will receive new heavy armor. Leave the council room.

Port of Departure

Get to the ship on the pier, where you will meet the Healer. The woman decided to help the Kupina in search of the Shards.

The Furrowfells

In this quest, you will need to kill zombies. These dead men try to attack you with two attacks at once. Throw a ball of fire into their clusters, making sure that the explosion does not touch Topi. Use Topi to attack with a sweeping blow (key “2”). If you do not have time to inflict it and the enemy does damage to you, then rewind time and perform this move a turn earlier. Activate the two light columns and enter the cave.

The Old Inhabitans

Activate the platform inside, but you need immediately run away to the side. The automaton will break through the wall, and to fight with it is suicide. You have to hide behind the columns on the right. When he passes by, run into a new opening. Ahead will be the desired door, but the area is patrolled by a few more automatons. To open the door, you need to apply energy to two levers.

First go left, cross the bridge to the left and activate the light column. Go back a little across the bridge, kill the enemies, and open the door on the left, activate the lever. Switch to trance mode, then Kupina go down and activate the light column at the moment when both automatons turn away. The first lever is activated.

Return to the central room and go to the right side. The room has an automaton. It does not work yet. Go into the room behind automaton, break the barrels and burn the grass. Now activate the platform near the automaton (you can pre-create tall grass so that it doesn’t exactly notice you). Then run away to the dead end room and hide in the corner. Automaton will pass by melting ice (blocking the exit to the corridor). Wait for the automaton to go left to the central room, and then go to the far room where you need to activate the light column. After doing this, you clean the place about two levers from enemies, and then activate both levers. Take the third Shard related to ice magic.

Dreaming of Ice

Move forward, put out the fire on the ground. Then defeat the two northerners. Healer will not help, but the northerners have a minimum of health. Freeze them, and then hit them once with your sword. After that, go to the field where the enemies are located. Healer will say that you need to run. Just run past the enemies until the Healer is defeated. At this level will end.

Ice Halls of Ice

Go around one automaton and get out. Fortunately, the exit point will be closer.

Escape from the Furrowfells

The first enemies should be killed. But after the ballista, you cannot touch anyone. Just run around opponents. Hold down the CTRL key to issue an order to move two characters at once. Run away from the huge monster and soon find yourself at the ship. To sail away on it, finish off all the pursuers (this should be 1-2 enemies, nothing more).

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