GodFall Open World : Is It Open World?


Godfall is the newest RPG that everybody has been talking about. Looking at the gameplay and the trailers, one might assume that this game is most likely an open world game. But is it?

We have set out to find that out. Nevertheless, we have found that many worlds in games might give you the impression that they’re open world, but on the contrary they aren’t.

Godfall – Is it Open World?

Godfall is online, which means that open world, even more difficult, can be an unbelievable feature in the game.

However, sadly, Godfall is not an open world game. Like I said, it does give you the impression that it is. But this can be a good thing.

The world is split up into realms. There are five realms in total:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Spirit

Hence why the game can appear to be so big. It has a similar architecture to Destiny. You have your own base where you can move around, customize your character, and other basic stuff.

From there you can start different missions, like story ones, hunt, and Tower of Trials. The story missions are self-explanatory, you will uncover the story of the game while progressing.

Hunt missions are different. They’re missions at which you can hunt down powerful bosses. These ones are usually one on one fights. Also, these bosses can’t be found in the story missions.

Now, the most important one is probably Tower of Trials. At this mode, you can fight unbelievably strong enemies, which will give you the greatest loot.

After you finish the story, the Tower of Trials is your end-game content.

The co-op element of this game, is probably the biggest reason that Godfall isn’t an open world game. Nevertheless, the world is beautifully made, and will give you the impression that it is endless.

Unfortunately, it has some linear gameplay elements to its story and the missions. It does have some missed potential, but you can respect why the developers felt that this was the best option.

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