Walkthrough Romance Club - Dracula A Love Story

Walkthrough Romance Club – Dracula A Love Story


Season 1, Episode 2 – The New Heir to the Throne

Read a detailed Walkthrough Romance Club. Dracula A Love Story. Episode 2 – The New Heir to the Throne.

Present day, Romania, The Cold Village

Laia will start asking Leo what happened in the forest. You will control Millie. Leo got a flat tire in the middle of the forest. He was changing the wheel and the girl decided to take a walk. Choose an option:

  • Along the acacias.
  • Along the hazel bushes.

Regardless of the option chosen, Millie will get to the wall with the dragon. The girl will be attacked by a vampire who will be attracted by a phone call. Then he will throw Millie away and hide in the grass. And Leo will find her unconscious in a ravine. Apparently, the vampire recognized Laia after seeing her on the phone screen. Then everyone will go to bed.

The next morning, Laia will go to the balcony to continue cleaning the Hasan’s portrait. Leo will appear, who will invite her to get dressed. You can tell him:

  • I’m not your sister.
  • I can handle myself.
  • I can get used to it.

Then Leo asks about Hasan, and you can decide how to present the information to him:

Tell everything as it was. + 1 to Luck. Leo will appreciate your trust.

Tell him I saw a dream. – No effect on stats.

Then you with Le will go to the cafe. Choose any food. Laia will notice that Leo is sitting on the side where the sun shines brightly. There will be two options to choose from:

  • Sit next to me. Relations with Leo have improved.
  • We should go.

Next will be a paid solution:

  • Stroke him (23 diamonds). Kiss scene, but soon the photographer will distract them.
  • Remove my hand.

In the store for artists, Leo’s phone rings. He will apologize, saying that he was called to work. Laia will be left alone. Then an unknown person comes in. Bloom wants to buy out the paintings. But Laia will ignore him.

When the girl walks along a city street, stranger will stop her. Choose what to do:

  • Fight back. +1 to Bravery.
  • Call for help.
  • Talk.

Then Alexandra runs out to help Laia. After she remembers the girl. If you take her taxi in the first series, then she will accuse you of this. Alexandra will remember you as a thief. Alexandra will accompany Laia to the hotel, and then offer to visit one interesting place in the evening:

  • See you again. Relations with Sandra improved.
  • Relax and have some fun. Doesn’t affect anything.

In the room, after Millie falls asleep, Laia will continue to deal with the Hasan’s portrait, after which she will again move to the past.

Osmanian Court, 1444. The Palace School.

Lale in the lesson. You will meet a girl named Nuray. The teacher will ask you to be more careful and work more:

  • I am ready to study. The teacher will count on you.
  • It is not for me. The teacher is upset. He will not count on you.

During the next lesson, two boys will arrive at school. The older one will be introduced by the teacher himself. This is Vlad Dracula. Lale will begin to draw Hasan. In the Ottoman Empire, depicting people is forbidden, so the painting teacher Dimitris will come up and take the picture. You can:

  • Tear it from his hands. +1 to Bravery.
  • Persuade him to give it back. +1 to Luck.

The girl will run away to an abandoned house where Damet and Safie will come. Returning to school, Lale will see how the soldiers drag the Hound of Hasan to the kennel. You can:

  • Will take her! (26 diamonds). The soldiers silently give Lale a dog. Vlad liked that you stood up for the dog. You can also choose a nickname for her.
  • Will visit her. No effect on stats.
  • Think it’s right. Vlad thinks you’re heartless!

Lale decides to take the dog to an abandoned house. Vlad will offer to give her a nickname. Drive in any name. On the way back, Lale and Vlad will be at the mosque and the family tomb for the sultans and their loved ones. This is where Hasan’s body rests. Choose an option:

  • Come inside. +1 to Bravery. Uncle will appreciate the act and will be kinder to you.
  • Leave. +1 to Luck. Your uncle the sultan will respect you less for this.

If you select the first option, then Vlad will offer to create a company for Lale:

  • I do. If you let Vlad go inside, then he will show sympathy, the heroes will hug.
  • If you want to. Vlad will not go inside.
  • There is no need. Vlad will not go inside.

Uncle Murad will appear inside the tomb. The Sultan praised that you visited Hasan! For this reason, he will be kinder to you.

In the evening, Murad will call Lale to his conversation. He will blame himself for the death of his son. You will have to say something:

  • The thunderstorm is. You failed to support the sultan!
  • The guards are. You failed to support the sultan!
  • No one is. You picked the right words.

The sultan will give Lale the jewelry that Hasan ordered for her. You can choose a decoration. You earned the respect of the Sultan and therefore received a valuable gift.

Present day Bucharest, Romania

Soon, Mehmed, another son of Murad, will enter the room. But this will conclude the vision, as Millie will wake Laia. Laia will tell Millie that they will go to the place with Sandra. Millie will go call Leo. Leo’s reaction will be different:

  • If the level of relationship is not good enough, then he will say that Millie called him together and now she is his couple.
  • If your relationship with Leo is good, he will take your hand when going out to meet Sandra.

Consider the first option. In the cafe, Sandra will approach Laia and say that Millie is well done, she could find a tough guy. You can say:

  • Doing it to spite me.
  • Slightly carried away.
  • Just having fun. Your relationship with your sister improved. At the same time, you made Sandra understand that Leo is indifferent to you.

If the relationship with Leo is good, then when he takes your hand, Sandra will ask how serious your relationship with Leo is:

  • It’s getting serious. – Sandra is upset that you’re infatuated with Leo!
  • It’s too early to tell. – No effect on stats.
  • Nothing serious. – Your relationship with Leo worsened!

Sandra and Laia will go out. The girls will go together to the square. Sandra touches Laya’s finger with her little finger, and you can choose how you feel:

  • I like it. Laia will do the same in return. Your relationship with Sandra improved.
  • Feel tickly. Your relationship with Sandra is getting worse

Then you will see Leo with a beautiful woman who was leaving the hotel. Apparently, he tricked Laia into saying that he had to go to work. Choose how to be:

  • Will let them have it! +1 to Bravery
  • Just want to tolk! +1 to Luck.
  • Want to live! – No effect on stats

If Leo went with you, then, having seen him, you can choose two additional options –

  • I’ll kill him! +1 to Bravery.
  • I’ll kill her! +1 to Bravery.

Laia and Millie will leave for the hotel. Millie goes to bed, and Laia goes to the hotel bar. Here she will meet the guy from the store and boss Vincent. It was a test. Upon learning this, you can tell Vincent:

  • Take your paintings. +1 to Courage.
  • It hurts. +1 to Luck.

Vincent will prove to be a real boor, but then a mysterious stranger will enter the bar, who will say that he is ready to buy paintings for any money. Vincent will name the amount; the stranger will agree and declare that these paintings will be framed in the name of Laia. Now she is their owner.

The end of the series.

To be continued after the release of a new series…

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